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General Hospital Update Monday 10/29/07


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Scott runs into Luke at Kelly’s (literally).  They argue about Lulu’s relationship with Logan and Scott’s involvement in it. 

Jax yells up the stairs at Carly.  Jax tells Carly that Nikolas is dangerous and she is not going to the ball.  Carly informs him that Jason is going to be her date so she will be safe.

Spinelli begs Jason to go to the ball because otherwise he will have no date.

Lucky shows up at Sam’s and they start kissing, leaving the door wide open. Nikolas walks in and interrupts them.

Nadine meets Georgie when she goes into Kelly’s for something to eat.  Luke and Scott are still arguing.  They begin arguing about Laura, and then it shifts to Lulu.

Ric tells Logan that no one has seen Sonny since the previous night.  Ric reminds Logan of their agreement.  Logan says he held up his end of the deal, but Ric thinks otherwise.  They argue about Sonny and why Logan got fired.

Lucky yells at Nikolas for showing up without calling.  Nikolas says he came to apologize to Sam for blowing up at her at the hospital the previous day.  Sam brings up the ball and Nikolas asks if they are going as a couple and Lucky snaps at him again.

Carly explains to Jax that he doesn’t have to worry about her because Jason will protect her while he is out of town.  Jax wants to know what is going on with Carly and why she is so determined to go to the ball.

Spinelli wants Jason to get a date for the ball so he could tag along and “take over” for Jason after they get there.  Kate shows up asking if Jason has heard from Sonny.

Spinelli tells Kate that if “the Godfather” wants to speak to her he will call, and informs her that he and “Stone Cold” were having a very important conversation.  Jason tells him that if he wants to find a date to this party, he will have to do it on his own, but Spinelli begs Jason to help him because he can’t do it on his own.  Jason gives in and tells him that if he tries to go find a date and can’t then they can talk about it, Spinelli is happy and hugs Jason.  He then leaves.  Kate asks Jason what is so terrible about attending a ball.  She said even Sonny was looking forward to it before he vanished.

Trevor is on the phone asking someone if they recovered the body.  He wants proof that Sonny died in the explosion and if he didn’t he wants them to track him down and finish him off.  Trevor says that Johnny is his only guarantee that Anthony Zacchara will come back home again.

Johnny is escorted into a room and told to stay there.  Johnny wants to know how much his father knows about Lulu and the guard tells him that his father knows her name.  Johnny throws a vase and tells the guard that his father is going to kill Lulu.

Lucky and Scott are at Kelly’s talking about getting Logan out of town.  Lulu walks in and Scott tells her what Luke is trying to do to Logan.  Lulu tells them both that whatever happens between her and Logan is between them and it is not about their parents.  Scott insults Luke and leaves.  Lulu tells Luke that it means a lot to her that he is back in town and that he wants to protect her, but she isn’t giving up on Logan.  Luke tells her he thinks she is making a mistake, but he gives in and says that it makes him sad to think she is going to waste all her determination on the “Logan’s” of the world.

Logan tells Ric to go ahead and call the cops because he is sick of waiting around for “it” to happen.  Logan tells Ric that he isn’t scared of going to prison, but Ric reminds him that he will be leaving Lulu behind.  Ric wants Logan to dig up something “useful” that he can use against his brother, but Logan wants to know how he is going to do that now that Sonny doesn’t trust him anymore.  Ric tells him to dig up something that he can use, on Anthony Zacchara or his own father or anyone else.  Ric tells Logan to remember that he owns him.  Logan leaves.

Georgie asks Luke if Lulu mentioned who she is going to the ball with and Luke tells her that he doesn’t even know if she is going.  Tracy meets Luke at Kelly’s and complains about the place.  Luke wants Tracy to dig up dirt on Scott so he can force him out of town.  Tracy tells Luke the only leverage she could come up with was that he had a son and that she should have burned the report before she read it.  Luke says someone has to have incriminating evidence about Scott that is just waiting to be used.

Ric goes to Carly and Jax’s home.  Ric questions Carly about Sonny and where he went.  She claims that he doesn’t tell her anything because she is not his wife.  She tells Ric to ask Sonny’s lawyer where he is.  Jax tells Ric that if he shows up there again without a warrant he will be talking to Jax’s lawyer.  Ric leaves.  Jax asks Carly where Sonny is.

Jason is on the phone with someone while Kate is walking around his apartment.  He wants to know who put the bomb in Sonny’s car.  Kate wants to know what is going on and Jason tells her that he is out of town on business.  Kate wants to talk to Sonny and Jason tells her that if he checks in he will tell Sonny that she needs to speak to him.  She accuses him of stonewalling and wants to know what is really going on, Jason says he has told her all he can.  She wants to know if it is time for her to start worrying.

Sam and Lucky are holding hands and kissing at her home.  He realizes that his shift starts in 20 minutes and tells her he needs to get going.  She tries to persuade him to stay.  Lucky apologizes for making it sound like he is ashamed to be with her when he snapped at Nikolas.  Lucky admits that he doesn’t want to leave.  He tells her that he snapped at Nikolas because he ruined his surprise.  He tells Sam that he came over because he wanted to invite her to the ball and he asks her.

Nikolas gets home and finds Liz sitting on the couch.  She explains that she came to thank him for the invitation to the ball.  She thinks that Nikolas and Emily are trying to get her and Lucky back together by inviting them to the ball.  Nikolas tells Liz that she is too selfish to go back to Lucky.  Nikolas is getting closer and closer to Liz and still yelling at her when Emily walks in and stops him.  Nikolas apologizes to Liz and she tells Emily that she didn’t realize he felt that way about her.  Liz thinks that Nikolas resents her for going through with the divorce.  Emily explains that the mood swings that he has been having are causing him to lash out and that he is getting treatment.  Liz leaves and Emily tells Nikolas that it isn’t too late to cancel.  Nikolas asks Emily if she thinks he is going to hurt someone.

Sam tells Lucky that with Nikolas being so moody lately, she doesn’t want to set him off by showing up at the ball with Lucky as her date.  Lucky says that Nikolas invited them both and cannot choose who they take as their dates, but she insists that she doesn’t want to start another fight.  Sam agrees to go to the ball with Lucky, but she wants to make sure it is okay with Nikolas and Emily because it is their ball and she doesn’t want to ruin it for them.  She thinks that everyone expects Lucky and Liz to show up together, but Lucky tells her they are getting a divorce and he is trying to start “moving on” by taking her to the ball. 

Tracy gives Luke the invitation to the ball at Wyndemere.  Tracy says that she hates everything to do with the Cassadines, but Nikolas is making an endowment in Alan’s name.  And she is sure that Lulu is going to go with Logan and they can spy on them.

Carly tries to convince Jax that there is nothing to worry about.  Jax asks her if she knows where Sonny is and she says that he is in Puerto Rico for a meeting at one of his casinos.  Jax wants to know why she didn’t tell Ric where Sonny was.  Lulu shows up asking if Carly is going to the ball and Carly says yes while Jax says no.  Lulu tells Carly that she is taking Logan to the ball.  Lulu tells Carly that she wants her to get the lecture out of her system now so she doesn’t make a scene at the ball.  Carly says she is not going to be anywhere near Lulu and Logan because she has some plans of her own.

Kate wants answers from Jason.  Ric knocks on Jason’s door and tells him that he has some questions for him.  Ric wants to know where Sonny is.  Ric then turns to Kate and asks her if Sonny mentioned going to Puerto Rico.  Ric claims that he is concerned because no one in Puerto Rico has heard from or seen him and because of the limo explosion on the private airstrip.  He asks Kate where his brother is and she looks at Jason.

At the hospital, Epiphany questions Nadine about a blood panel and Nadine tells her that she just got back from the lab with the results.  Epiphany gives her charts to do and she already had done one of them on the way back from the lab.  Epiphany tells her that she has what it takes to be a great nurse and compares Nadine to her sister Jolene.  Epiphany yells at an orderly who is just trying to help.  Spinelli goes to the hospital and asks Nadine to go to the ball with him.

Lulu shows up at Kelly’s to work and Georgie asks her who she is going to the ball with.  Lulu admits she is going with Logan and Georgie is excited because she wants to ask Spinelli to be her date for the ball.  Georgie almost ran into Logan on her way out.  Lulu tells Logan there is something important she wants to talk to him about, but he tells her that he wants to tell her something important first.

Luke is in the progress of picking the lock on Ric’s office door and Lucky walks up.  Lucky is suspicious, but Luke tells Lucky to just keep walking.  Luke gets the door open.

Jason shows up at Carly’s and she tells him that Ric was there asking about Sonny and Jason tells her that Ric was at his place asking the same questions.  Carly asks if Sonny’s okay, and Jason tells her there are problems.  Jason tells her that he cannot tell her and that he just went through the same thing with Kate, which Carly takes the wrong way.  Carly tells him that since he put her in the same category as Kate, he can make it up to her by being her date to the ball.  He says okay, but immediately asks, “what the hell are you up to?”

Emily tells Nikolas that the house looks beautiful, but then brings up postponing the ball for a couple of weeks.  Nikolas refuses to let the illness change their plans.  Nikolas tells Emily that once his illness has been diagnosed and hopefully treated, he is going to need to rest and recuperate and asked her to think of a place they can take Spencer and get away for a while.

At the hospital, Nadine is unsure of what to say to Spinelli’s invitation.  Nadine tells him that going to the ball at the castle sounds amazing and Georgie walks up just in time to hear Nadine say that she would love to be his date for the ball.

Carly wants to know why Jason always thinks she is up to something.  Carly tries to tell Jason that she thought he might want to go because Emily is hosting the ball and Nikolas is giving a large endowment to the hospital in Alan’s name.  Jason is still suspicious and tells Carly if she really wanted to go to the ball she would just have Jax take her.  Jason wants to know why she needs him to take her.

Luke is going through the file cabinet and folders in the D.A.’s office.  He comes across Logan’s military records and starts taking pictures of the contents and Ric walks in.  Luke manages to move the file and sit up straight before Ric realizes what is going on.  Luke asks if he makes everyone wait around “like this”.  Ric threatens to have Lucky arrest Luke again.

Trevor gets to Anthony Zacchara’s house and sees it trashed and Johnny wants to know why Trevor doubled the guards around the house instead of sending them out to look for his father.  Trevor tells Johnny that his father can’t bear to be away from Johnny for any length of time and he wanted to make sure Johnny would still be there when his father returned.  Trevor turns around to close the doors and Johnny grabs a gun.  He demands his keys, but Trevor tells him to put the gun down.

Logan tells Lulu that Ric is pushing him for details on Sonny.  She tells him to bring up Ric’s harassment to Scott.  Logan tells Lulu that Ric has nothing on him.  Lulu asks Logan to be her date to the ball.  Anthony Zacchara is standing outside Kelly’s looking at Lulu.

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