GH Update Friday 10/26/07

General Hospital Update Friday 10/26/07


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Spinelli and Jason are at GH. Robin is there also. Spinelli is not able to donate his DNA for Robin’s baby. He wants Jason to replace him.

Trevor is at the Metro Court. He’s on the phone discussing some “arrangements” for Sonny’s demise.

Sonny and Kate are in his office. She wonders if he’ll be back on time for the ball.

Nikolas is holding Sam over the balcony at Wyndemere. He’s choking her. He stops and pulls Sam back up. Nikolas has no memory of what just happened.

Back at GH, Robin interrupts Spinelli and Jason. She tells Spinelli it’s ok if he can’t help her. Patrick and Leyla watch and listen. Jason pulls Robin aside. She apologizes because Spinelli called him in as a back up. Jason says it’s not such a crazy idea for him to father Robin’s baby.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas asks Sam what happened between them. She tells him what he did. Nikolas demands that Sam leave. He tells Sam he doesn’t remember almost pushing her over the balcony.

Carly is at home reading her text message. Jax comes home as Carly is sending a message to the “texter”. Carly puts her phone in the desk drawer. Jax wonders what she’s up to. Carly shows Jax the invitation to the ball. Jax says he’s due in Paris the week of the ball.

Trevor interrupts Kate and Sonny at the coffee house. Max hesitantly lets him into Sonny’s office. Trevor says Zacchara “received an offer” from one of Sonny’s associates in Puerto Rico.

Anthony watches and listens as Johnny and Lulu talk outside the Zacchara house. Lulu wants Johnny to take back the necklace. Johnny says he doesn’t care either way. Lulu gives Johnny the jewelry and leaves. Anthony seems very angry as both Johnny and Lulu walk away from the gate.

At GH, Jason tells Robin that choosing him would “make sense.” He says he can’t father a child “from a distance.” Epiphany, Kelly, Nadine, and Patrick are at the desk. Spinelli is telling them about Robin and Jason’s past. Leyla is there too. Patrick is angry about the whole topic. Epiphany sends the two girls back to work. Then she sends Spinelli off. Epiphany advises Patrick to take care of his personal issues with Robin on his “own time.”

Nikolas explains his recent health problem to Sam at Wyndemere. She tries to understand, but Sam is skeptical. Sam wonders why Nikolas is holding a charity ball, given his condition.

At home, Carly is disappointed that Jax has a meeting and can’t attend the ball. Carly really wants to go to Wyndemere. Jax doesn’t want Carly near Nikolas. Carly says she’ll go without Jax.

At the coffee house, Trevor wants to speak to Sonny alone. Sonny won’t ask Kate to leave. Sonny dismisses Trevor. Trevor leaves but not before comparing Sonny to Zacchara. Sonny is suspicious of Trevor’s real reason for coming by.

At the penthouse, Spinelli tells Jason he’s sorry. Spinelli feels foolish because he was unable to help Robin. He says “the plastic cup” threw him and made him “nervous.” Jason commends Spinelli for trying to help Robin.

At the coffee house, Kate says Trevor is a “master” at playing “mind games.” Sonny apologizes for being unable to take Kate to the ball. Kate says she can go alone, but Sonny thinks it’s a bad idea. Sonny says he would be jealous if Kate went to the ball alone. He reconsiders and says he’ll come back in time for the ball. Kate says she would be “proud” to have Sonny escort her to the ball.

At home, Jax says it’s a bad idea for Carly to go near Nikolas, considering his mental state. Carly insists that she’s going to the ball. Jax says she’s making a “stupid decision.” Carly says she can take care of herself. Jax leaves for a meeting.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas says he can’t cancel the ball, because of Emily. Sam advises him to reschedule, but Nikolas won’t hear of it. Emily interrupts the conversation. She can sense the tension. Sam leaves. Emily asks Nikolas if he had another episode. He tells her what happened with Sam. Nikolas is clearly affected by what just happened with his cousin.

Patrick interrupts a conversation between Robin and Kelly at GH. Kelly leaves the two of them alone. Patrick asks what Robin would have done if Jason had “said yes.”

At the penthouse, Jason and Spinelli discuss Robin’s quest. Jason changes the subject to Carly’s text messages. Lulu comes home. She tells them she was at the Zacchara house. Jason tells Lulu she must “stay away from the Zaccharas.”

Johnny goes inside his house to see his dad. Anthony asks Johnny who “the blond girl” was. Johnny lies and gives his dad a fake name. Anthony says the girl disrespected Johnny.

Jax meets Kate at the Metro Court. They discuss her new magazine. Jax is preoccupied.

Kate wonders why, so Jax tells her about the fight with Carly.

Sonny goes to the house to see Carly. He tells her about his business trip. Sonny is suspicious because Carly doesn’t grill him about the trip. Sonny advises Carly to “drop” whatever “plan” she’s working on. Carly denies Sonny’s accusation and claims to be preoccupied about the upcoming ball.

At GH, Robin says she would be “ecstatic” if Jason had agreed to father the baby. Patrick says he’s jealous of Robin having a family with someone else. He says he won’t “interfere” in her personal life anymore. Patrick walks away.

Carly comes home and she has a gun. She hides it under the couch when Diane comes to the door. Diane says Carly is on “the list” of important people in Sonny and Jason’s lives. Carly wonders who else is on the list but Diane won’t say. Diane says she charges “double” when asked to “handle” Carly. Diane asks what Carly wants, as she is late for her karate class. Carly asks Diane to explain the difference between murder and self-defense. Diane chuckles and says today’s “rate” will be “triple.” Diane asks Carly for some “details.” Carly asks what would happen if she shot Leticia’s killer. Diane says there must be “evidence” that the person tried to kill Carly first. Otherwise, it would be considered “premeditated murder.” Diane suggests that Carly have Jason do the deed.

Nikolas and Emily discuss his condition at Wyndemere. She tries to reassure him. Nikolas wonders if his condition is “hereditary.” Nikolas thinks it might be “too late” to correct his problem. He fears he may try to hurt Emily “next.”

At Carly’s, Diane advises Carly to skip the ball. Diane offers to take Carly’s place. Carly insists on seeing her plan through. Carly says Diane can’t tell anyone due to her “attorney client privileges.” Diane says “a murder trial” is no picnic. She tells Carly to call on Jason to kill the killer. Carly says she’ll convince Jason to escort her to the ball. Carly plans to get the killer to show himself so Jason can kill him. Diane says Carly’s plan is too dangerous. Jax comes home and interrupts the conversation. He wonders why Diane is at the house.

Jason comes home to the penthouse. Spinelli ask Jason if he’s attending the ball. Jason says he has more important worries.

Johnny tries to go warn Lulu. The guards won’t let him leave but Johnny insists. Meanwhile, an employee discovers that Anthony has left the house.

Sonny arrives in Puerto Rico. He makes a phone call then goes to his car. As Sonny walks toward the car, there is an explosion.

Trevor approaches Kate at the Metro Court. He warns Kate about Sonny. Trevor asks Kate if she’s going to the ball. Trevor gets a phone call. The person says that Sonny’s car just “exploded” and “he’s dead.” Trevor is pleased with the news.

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