GH Update Thursday 10/25/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/25/07


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At GH, Robin and Kelly discuss Spinelli’s “appointment” to leave his “sample.” Patrick listens in. Leyla walks over to Patrick as Robin and Kelly walk away. Patrick tells Leyla that Robin found a donor.

Jason is at the penthouse. Spinelli comes downstairs, wondering if he looks buff. He says he’s “been lifting weights.” Lulu comes down the stairs and hears Spinelli say he’s about to be a “patriarch.”

Trevor is at the Metro Court talking to a man about “eliminating” Sonny. He fears Sonny will “expose” him as the head of Zacchara’s operation. Carly comes over to Trevor’s table.

Sonny is in his office – Ric stops by. Sonny tells Ric about Trevor’s starring role in the Zacchara organization.

Nadine shows up for her first day of work at the hospital. She checks in with Epiphany.

Still at GH, Kelly questions Robin about choosing Spinelli as her donor. Robin plays up Spinelli’s intelligence. Patrick asks Leyla to get Kelly’s schedule for the day. He’s “obsessing,” according to Leyla. Patrick says he’s just curious. Looking at the schedule, Patrick finds out that Spinelli is Robin’s donor. Patrick can’t believe that Robin made such an unusual choice.

At the penthouse, Spinelli tells Lulu about fathering Robin’s baby. She’s shocked and surprised by the news. Spinelli says he was chosen because of his “superior” genes. The conversation makes Lulu uncomfortable so she leaves the penthouse. Spinelli asks Jason if he was “insensitive” to Lulu. Jason wonders if Spinelli made the right decision.

At the hotel, Trevor’s associate leaves him alone with Carly. Carly says she knows what Trevor is up to. Carly says she knows Trevor is “running the Zacchara organization in Anthony’s name.” She suggests that Trevor leave town. She leaves Trevor at the table and Luke walks in and introduces himself to Trevor.

At Sonny’s office, Ric says Trevor would never risk his precious “reputation” and run Zacchara’s business. Sonny tells Ric about Zacchara’s mental health. He says Trevor has been “covering up” Zacchara’s condition. Sonny says things will go from bad to worse if Trevor “loses control” of Zacchara.

At the penthouse, Spinelli assures Jason that his decision to be Robin’s donor is a good one. Spinelli says he will only father the child biologically. Jason says Spinelli will want to be involved in the child’s life. Spinelli disagrees. Jason says no one should have to miss someone like he misses Jake.

Lulu goes to Carly’s house to apologize. The two make amends. Lulu insists she knows what she’s doing as far as Logan is concerned. Carly still doesn’t trust Logan. They agree not to discuss it any further. Carly wonders if Lulu “trusts Logan.”

At the Metro Court, Luke talks to Trevor about Zacchara’s business in Port Charles. Luke wonders if Trevor and Zacchara are interested in access to the waterfront. Luke says he is the “middleman” as far as purchasing the available waterfront piers in town are concerned. Trevor says he’ll get back to Luke. Luke leaves the table.

Sonny tells Ric that Zacchara is possessive of Johnny. He says Trevor is hiding the fact that Zacchara is mentally ill by keeping Johnny close to home. Sonny suggests that Ric “bust” Trevor for his illegal activities. He tells Ric to “put Trevor away for life.”

Emily goes to the penthouse to see Jason. She delivers his invite to the ball. Jason wonders about Nikolas and his health issues. Emily asks if Jason has heard from Liz. She fills Jason in on the divorce.

Sam comes to GH to get her stitches removed. Liz and her get into it at the desk. They argue over Lucky. Nikolas interrupts the disagreement.

Carly and Lulu talk more about Logan in her living room. Carly asks Lulu about her time with Johnny. She wonders if Lulu has feelings for Johnny. Lulu denies she has feelings for Johnny.

At the Zacchara house, Johnny goes to see his father. Anthony accuses Johnny of wanting to leave home again. He tells Johnny that no woman will ever treat him bad.

Back in Sonny’s office, Ric says Trevor will “eliminate” him if he makes the wrong move. Ric thinks Sonny will “win” if Trevor kills him. He says Sonny will also win if Trevor is prosecuted. Kate interrupts the conversation when she comes into the office.

At GH, Sam asks why Nikolas is “defending” Liz. Nikolas says Sam should stay out of Lucky and Liz’s business. Sam gets angry and walks away. Liz thanks Nikolas for his help.

Emily and Jason talk about Liz at the penthouse. Emily tells Jason about Liz’s new house. She says Liz is unhappy without Jason. Emily encourages Jason to be with Liz.

Skye meets Luke at the Metro Court for a drink. Skye is skeptical. Luke says Skye has become tougher since he last saw her. He thinks Skye knows something about Lorenzo’s death. Skye wonders what Luke is after. Luke brings up Lorenzo’s waterfront property, saying he and Skye can use it to make money.

In Sonny’s office, Ric asks Kate if she believes Trevor is running Zacchara’s organization. Kate thinks it’s possible. Ric wonders why Sonny is so sure Zacchara is “crazy.” Ric compares Sonny’s illness with Zacchara’s illness. Ric tells Sonny he may soon become like Zacchara. Ric leaves Sonny’s office. Sonny asks Kate if Ric’s words frightened her.

Spinelli goes to the hospital to donate his DNA. Robin thanks him for agreeing to help her. Kelly comes to get Spinelli. Patrick approaches Robin. He asks if she has “second thoughts.”

Still at the Metro Court t, Luke offers his partnership to Skye regarding the waterfront property she’s due to inherit from Lorenzo. He warns her that all interested parties want to use the property for “illegal shipping.” Luke reminds Skye of their history. Skye tells Luke that Ric has offered to “broker the deal” to sell the properties to Zacchara. Luke offers to be Skye’s broker instead. He promises by doing so he will keep Skye safe.

Lulu goes to the Zacchara compound to see Johnny. He tells her he’s not interested but Lulu sees through him. Lulu wonders if Johnny is trying to protect her. She also wonders what Johnny is trying to protect her from.

Kate questions Sonny in his office. She says Ric can’t scare her away from Sonny. Kate says she dislikes Ric. She says Ric wants to use Sonny’s illness against him. Sonny says Ric wants him to suffer because of their childhood. Sonny says he’s not ashamed of his mental illness. Ric still resents Sonny because their mother chose him over Ric. Kate apologizes for trying to make a deal with Ric by using Sonny’s illness to get out of her legal troubles. Sonny kisses Kate.

Max and Jason go to the penthouse. Spinelli calls in a panic. He asks Jason to come to GH. When Jason gets to the hospital, Spinelli says he can’t “perform on demand.” Spinelli asks Jason to replace him as the donor.

Sonny and Kate are still in his office. He says he will depart for a meeting in Puerto Rico soon. Sonny is upset to learn about Kate’s degrading job at GH. He offers to make a call for her. Kate refers to Sonny as her “boyfriend.” Sonny asks if he should call Kate his “girlfriend.” Kate asks Sonny to escort her to the ball at Wyndemere. Sonny says he’ll still be in Puerto Rico when the ball takes place.

Trevor again meets with his associate at the Metro Court. Trevor has arranged the meeting between Sonny and his associates in Puerto Rico. He tells the man to make Sonny disappear during the Puerto Rico trip.

At the Zacchara house, Johnny tells Lulu to go away. She wants to return the necklace of his mother’s that Johnny gave her. Johnny’s dad is watching and listening, unnoticed.

Carly is at home opening her mail. She reads the invitation to the ball. Carly gets a text message that says “see you at the ball.”

Nikolas argues with Sam when she comes to see him at Wyndemere. They are out on the balcony. Nikolas says Sam is the reason for Lucky’s marital problems. He starts to choke Sam and holds her over the balcony wall.

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