GH Update Wednesday 10/24/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/24/07


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Nikolas wonders how things went so wrong with Lucky and Liz’s divorce.

Liz admits the last thing she wanted was to be sitting across the table from Lucky hearing the lawyers rip their lives apart.  She tells Emily she is worried about what kind of hurtful things they might bring up.

Jason wants to see the surveillance on split screens.  Spinelli is preoccupied with Lulu and the danger she might be in.

Epiphany informs Robin that they have a head-trauma coming up and the intern needs a second opinion.  She looks down at the person and it looks just like Robin.  Epiphany comes over asking about the condition and Robin looks back to the patient realizing that it wasn’t her after all.  Robin orders some tests.  Robin freaks out and asks Epiphany to page Dr. Kelly Lee, just as she walks out of the elevator.  Robin confides in Kelly that she is having some bizarre side effects of wanting to become a mother.  When Kelly asks what she means, Robin tells her she has been having flashes of her own death.

Sam is meeting with Alexis at the Metro Court.  Sam tells her about the shoot and Alexis fills her in on what has happened while she was gone.  Alexis asks Sam if Lucky has talked to her about his divorce and Sam admits he has.

Lucky tells Nikolas that he can’t even see the boys until after mediation, if then.  Nikolas asks him if he could back off a little, but Lucky says that he and Liz agreed on almost everything until Liz dragged Jason’s lawyer into it.  Nikolas tries to assure Lucky that Liz wouldn’t allow Diane or Jason to influence any decision she makes about her children.  Nikolas tells Lucky not to go into mediation expecting the worst.

Liz tells Emily that Alexis views the divorce as a competition and that she would even use Jake as a bargaining chip to win.  Liz tells Emily that Lucky admitted he would have taken Jake away from her if his petition had been granted.  Emily tries to “excuse” Lucky’s comment by saying that he didn’t know his marriage to Liz was over as long as she did.  Emily tries to get Liz to help Lucky out with the kids because of all the times that Lucky saved Liz.

Jason tells Lulu about the explosion.  Spinelli is worried about Lulu, but Jason gets him to focus on the surveillance.  Spinelli tries to get Jason to interfere in Lulu’s relationship, but he doesn’t care who she goes out with.  Jason warns her that a war is about to start and maybe she should think about moving out, which Spinelli objects to.

Carly and Jax rush down the stairs.  She tells him that there is something she needs to tell him and she fills him in on the details of Sonny’s meeting with Anthony Zacchara.  Carly thinks that Zacchara could be a threat to her family, but Jax assures her that he and Trevor have an agreement to keep their family safe.

Sam asks Alexis questions about the divorce proceedings and blames everything that went wrong on Liz.  Alexis warns Sam that Diane would have a field day with the fact that Sam and Lucky slept together the previous night.  Alexis tells Sam that her being with Lucky right now is complicating his life and his divorce.

Kelly explains that it is not uncommon for women starting on fertility procedures to be aware of their own mortality.  Kelly thinks that Robin might be having second thoughts.  Epiphany yells at a janitor because he was singing “When the Saints go Marching in”.  He compliments Epiphany and she immediately tells him that sucking up will not get him special treatment.  She starts to leave and then comes back to tell him not to sing that song again.  Robin says that she isn’t having second thoughts.  Robin thinks her anxiety might be about having trouble finding a father. 

Spinelli yells at Jason for “pushing” Lulu out the door.

Lulu goes to the Quartermaine Mansion and gets yelled at by Tracy and Luke for not calling to let them know that she was back and that she was fine.  Luke wants to know where she had been, she said nowhere special and he immediately asks if she was with Zacchara.

Liz shows up at mediation and realizes that everyone else is already there.  Diane brings up the fact that there is no reason Lucky should get custody or visitation of Cameron because he is not Lucky’s child.  Both attorneys say why they think the other parent poses a danger to the children.

Emily and Nikolas discuss how Lucky and Liz seemed before the mediation.  The conversation then turns to Nikolas’ condition and he says that he hasn’t heard from Patrick yet, but he has to go run more tests the following day.  Emily says that Nikolas isn’t that patient, but no matter what the doctors find, she will be there.  He is scared that he will end up hurting someone he cares about.

Carly opens the door and sees Sam standing there.  Carly says she has nothing to say to Sam, but Sam is there to see Jax.  Sam says she will wait until Jax is there, but Carly says no.  Carly calls Sam an “equal opportunity slut”.

Luke tells Lulu the dangers of Zacchara.  Lulu explains what happened the previous night.

Spinelli is worried about where Lulu is going to live, but Jason is more concerned with the surveillance.  Jason hands the computer back to Spinelli as Robin knocks at the door.  Spinelli offers to go upstairs so that Robin and Jason can talk, but Robin tells him that she is there to see him.  Spinelli seems surprised.  Robin says she needs to ask him a favor.  Jason offers to leave, but Robin tells him to stay.  Spinelli thinks that she is trying to search for her mother, but Robin tells him that she wants a child and she needs a man to donate the “necessary genetic material”.  Spinelli is shocked to hear this, and Robin explains why she is asking him.  Robin explains what he would have to do, but she tells him that Dr. Kelly Lee could explain the details to him better.  Spinelli steps outside to think about it and Robin tells Jason “if you think I am crazy, just tell me now.” 

Alexis explains that Elizabeth poses a threat to her children because she allows them to spend time with Jason.  Diane brings up when Lucky abused Elizabeth, as well as when he almost shot her.  They bring up the affairs.  Elizabeth speaks up and says, “this is not what we want at all.”

Sam accuses Carly of being jealous, but Carly asks why she would be jealous when every guy that Sam has ever been with has dumped her.  Carly wants to know what Sam really wants.  Sam says maybe she just wanted to bring a little insecurity and paranoia into Carly’s day and says “mission accomplished” and leaves.

Luke tells Lulu to trust her instincts because the Spencers have good instincts.  He says he wants to know of anything she thought was interesting.  Lulu says that she likes living at Jason’s and tells her father that if the Zacchara’s wanted to hurt her she would already be dead.  Tracy and Luke try to get Lulu to move back into the Q Mansion.  Lulu says she is happy where she is and leaves.  Tracy admits that she is worried about Lulu.

Skye meets Ric at the Metro Court.  She wants to know if it is a social lunch or if he wants to discuss business, he replies that it is a little of both.  He tells her that he may be able to release Alcazar’s local assets to her soon and she wonders what it will cost her.

Carly goes to see Jax and immediately asks him if Sam has been by to see him.  He doesn’t understand why Sam would come to see him and she tells him what was said when she showed up at their home.  Carly asks Jax what he thinks that Sam wants.

Spinelli shows up at the hospital.  Epiphany tells the orderly that she has never met anyone as confident as him, and informs him that she doesn’t mean it as a compliment.  He says that he is inspired by her to do his best.  Spinelli asks Epiphany to get Dr. Kelly Lee for him.  Kelly comes over and he tells her that he isn’t sure what his participation would include.  She informs him that the procedure doesn’t include sexual contact.

Robin discusses her plans with Jason.  Jason tells her why she would make a good mom.  She brings up a memory about when her, Jason and Michael lived as a family.  She appreciates his support.  He thinks that she should reconsider how she chooses a father for her child.

Elizabeth explains how her children feel about Lucky and says the children need Lucky in their lives.  Diane brings up the petition Lucky filed for emergency custody and he admits he was wrong to file the petition.  He says he doesn’t want to hurt Elizabeth or the boys.  He tells Alexis that he knows he hired her and she has done a good job, but he doesn’t want to end his marriage “this way.”  Lucky tells Liz that she and Diane will come up with a custody arrangement that they think is fair and he will not contest it.  Alexis asks him about custody.  Liz says she wants to retain primary custody, but Lucky should have unlimited visitation and he can see the boys whenever he wants.  Diane interrupts Liz and tells her that she is setting a dangerous precedent.  Liz tells Diane and Alexis that she knows they are doing the jobs they were asked to do, but it’s their marriage and the only way to honor their love is to be generous with each other.  Lucky agrees to be generous with each other from “this point on.” 

Nikolas and Emily give Lulu the first invitation to the black and white ball.  She asks if she has to wear a white dress and Nikolas explains that she can either wear a black or white dress.  Lulu asks if she can bring a date and Nikolas tells her to bring anyone she wants.  Lulu tells him she will if he promises not to try to kill him.

Someone sends a text message saying “see you at the ball”.

Ric explains to Skye that Alcazar left her a fortune including property by the docks.  He says this property is ideally suited for illegal transport.  Ric tells her that Trevor or another representative of the Zacchara family will be contacting her very soon and it would be wise to bring him in on the negotiation.  Carly and Jax are talking and Sam shows up.  Sam asks Jax if she can speak to him privately, but he says that whatever it is, it can be said in front of Carly.  Sam calls him too “handpicked” to think for himself and leaves.

Alan’s ghost tells Tracy that Luke is walking in the middle of a mob war and she needs to steer clear.  He says that he is worried that if Luke gets her killed in the middle of a shoot out, they will be damned to haunt the rest of the Quartermaine’s together.  She tells Alan that he is a stress- related hallucination, not a ghost.  Luke comes in wondering what she and Alan are talking about.  Luke says if he gets rid of Scott Baldwin, the Logan Hayes mess will go away.

Lucky shows up to see Elizabeth.  She tells him the boys are not home.  He tells her that he only stopped to thank her for what she did earlier and that he is sorry he let things get so out of control.  He tries to talk her into taking alimony or child support, but she tells him she doesn’t want his money.  Lucky tells her that no matter what happens he will always be her friend.

Jason tells Robin that the man she chooses to be her child’s father will always know he has a child and will always have a bond to that child.  Robin explains that she doesn’t want the father to be someone from a sperm bank, and that she wants it to be someone she respects.  Spinelli comes back and tells Robin that he went to talk to Dr. Lee.  He tells Robin that he now understands what is required and he is prepared to comply!  Jason covers his eyes.  Spinelli tells Robin “the Jackal will be honored to father your baby” and she smiles!

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