GH Update Tuesday 10/23/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 10/23/07


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Lulu and Logan are talking on the docks.  She is wondering why he is giving up on them after weeks of begging her to take him back.  She thinks that he is being forced to give up, but he claims that he is doing the “noble thing”.

Carly is talking to Michael on the phone.  Carly and Jason are remembering when he told her that she might not always be safe from his business.  She feels like her choice made her sons trapped in that life and wonders if she made the right choice.

Johnny and Anthony are talking.  Anthony wants to know where Johnny has been going.

Sonny tells Trevor that Port Charles is his and he doesn’t share with anyone.  Trevor asks Sonny why he thinks he has a choice.

Sam comes home and explains that she loved being in the mountains, but it is great to be home.  Lucky shows up with flowers and welcomes her home.

Lulu is still questioning Logan and he is trying to explain his reasons.  He explains the situation with Carly.  Logan says he always falls into the same pattern over and over.  Lulu asks if he would ever do anything to hurt her.

Anthony questions Johnny about where he went and why he left.  Anthony says that Johnny is the only thing he has left and that he is a handsome boy, just like his mother.  Anthony asks Johnny “why couldn’t you have died instead?”

Carly wonders if Anthony’s obsession with his son is about his wrong choices more than his son.  Carly says that she wishes that Nikolas killed Leticia because she doesn’t want everything connected to Sonny’s business.  She said the kids have paid enough for Sonny’s choices by being kidnapped.  Carly wonders if she is wrong about Sonny’s love being the only thing that matters with the boys.

Sonny says that others have tried to move in on Sonny before, but they are all gone now and he is still there.  Trevor tells Sonny that Anthony Zacchara has better resources than Sonny does and he could get a war that he doesn’t have a chance of winning.  Sonny says he believed that once.  Sonny confronts Trevor about running Zacchara’s business and says that he should stay out of it because Sonny will take him down.  Kate walks in, happy that Sonny made it back and sees Trevor.  Trevor says that she will now get a chance to see Sonny do business.

Sam brings her flowers back out after putting them in a vase and thanks Lucky for them.  Lucky tells her what happened this morning and explains the problem with not seeing the boys.  Lucky says he doesn’t want to think about Liz because he is sick of thinking about what went wrong.  Sam admits that she missed Lucky and is happy when he says he missed her too.  They end up kissing.

Logan says he made the bet with Maxie before he really knew her and doesn’t want to take the chance of it happening again.  Logan says that it isn’t fair that he has been pressuring for her to forgive him.  He says he is done making excuses and it is better if he just lets her go.  He gives her concert tickets he got for her and says at least he did one thing to make her happy.

Anthony is yelling at Johnny.  Anthony says he could kill Johnny, but then he would have nothing left of “her”.  Johnny, reluctantly, says he will never leave again and Anthony says that he will never let “some bitch” betray him.

Jason says that now that Sonny knows Trevor is running Zacchara’s business maybe Trevor will back off and if not they might be able to get him disbarred or blackmail him into backing off.  Carly questions Jason about Liz.  Carly lectures him on the women he chooses.  Jason says that he came over to warn her about Zacchara, not to get another lecture.  Carly goes on lecturing, and uses the excuse that she cares about him and wants him to be happy.  Jason agrees to listen to what she said, but she has to focus on her and the boys because what would make him happy is their safety.

Trevor lectures Kate on her relationship with Sonny and reminds her of what she lost because of it.  Trevor tries to explain Sonny to her and asks her to enlighten Sonny to the danger he may be in.  Kate wants to know what Trevor was talking about and Sonny explains that Trevor is running the business for Zacchara.  Sonny tells her the details of his meeting with Zacchara and his suspicions about Trevor.  Kate doesn’t believe it, but Sonny tells her that Trevor is going to take everyone down.

Sam and Lucky discuss what has happened while she was away.  Sam tells Lucky that she is on his side.  They discuss their feelings.  Lucky says they really do need each other and she tells him that if he needs to talk to call her no matter where she is.  Lucky’s beeper goes off and he has to go because there has been an explosion.  He agrees to be careful.

Lulu shows up at Carly’s wanting to talk about her night.  Lulu tells Carly about her conversation with Logan.  Carly warns her that Logan is playing her.

Jason comes home and Spinelli says that Lulu hasn’t come back yet.  Jason explains what happened to Lulu the previous night.  Spinelli is happy to hear that Lulu is safe.  Jason gets a phone call and he becomes upset.  Jason calls Sonny to tell him about the explosion.  He thinks it was a “first move”.

Jerry comes to see Sam.  Sam stands up to Jerry and tells him that she is not going to let him bully her into seducing Trevor.  She orders him out of her house.

Lulu tells Carly that the break-up wasn’t a ploy and that it was real.  She explains what Logan said about the concert tickets.  Carly thinks that he is trying to be noble to pull him back in.  Lulu says that she is not naïve.  Lulu thanks Carly for her advice, but says she can think for herself.

Spinelli hacks into the security cameras so that he and Jason can see the “aftermath” of the explosion.  Jason realizes that the fire department has it under control.  Spinelli wonders why someone would want that warehouse to explode since there is nothing but coffee beans in it.  Jason thinks that Trevor did it to tell Sonny that he shouldn’t have gone to see Zacchara. 

Sonny voices his suspicion that he figured out that Trevor is running Zacchara’s business and 20 minutes later his warehouse is in flames.  He thinks it is more than a coincidence.  Kate doesn’t understand what would be favorable about being in a situation where you are almost always in danger and you could face years in prison, but Sonny tells her it was probably the money and choosing whether people lived or died.  Kate wonders why Sonny became a criminal, but he says he didn’t finish school and he wanted to wear a suit and have money, but most of all he wanted power because he was helpless before and he would rather die.  Kate explains she understands ambition.  Sonny tries to explain the other aspects of his business.  He said sometimes you lose your mind, Kate says “like Anthony Zacchara” and he looks at her and says “or like me”.

Jason wants Spinelli to bring up the surveillance at the other warehouses because the cops are at them.  Carly walks in and tells Jason that he needs to go talk to Lulu because she might have pushed her into something she will regret.

Sam thinks Jerry blew up the warehouse and he does not deny it.

Sonny knows that Ric told Kate that he is bi-polar and she suggested that she could make it public.  She tells him that she was lying because she was trying to tell him what he wanted to hear because she was trying to get him to drop the charges against her.  He explains his “problem” to her and how it progressed after a friend of his died because he couldn’t feel anything.  He tells her about his breakdowns and how Jason helped him through them.  She explained to him that she knows his “disease” because a friend of hers has the same “chemical imbalance”.  He said that if he wants something, he goes after it and that can drive you crazy in a different way.

Trevor is on the docks on the phone asking about Anthony.  He says that they have to do “something” with Sonny before he goes public with Anthony’s condition.  He tells someone to lure him to a place he is vulnerable and then to put “that animal” down permanently.

Kate explains what he thought when he went to meet with Zacchara.  Then explains what happened at the meeting.  Sonny tells Kate the only two things going through his head were that he didn’t want to die and “that” could be him in 20 years.  Kate assures Sonny that she doesn’t think he is anything like Anthony Zacchara.  Kate says she will not justify his business, but she knew him before he got into that business and she knows he has a conscience. 

Anthony is looking out the window and ranting about making something look like an accident.  He then tricks one of the guards into telling him the name of the girl Johnny has been “seeing”.  Anthony orders the guard to find out everything about Lulu Spencer.

Lulu meets with Logan because she wants to talk to him.  She tells him Carly’s advice.  He tells her that he is not good at doing the noble thing and tells her she should leave.  Lulu explains that she knows “this guy” who likes the band as much as she does (obviously describing him) and tells him that he is the only person she wants to invite to the concert.  She tells him that he should just say yes.  She is happy when he says that he cannot say no when she is smiling at him like that.

Lucky comes to question Jason about the explosion and asks if he knows who planted the device.

Jerry explains that police work can be very dangerous in “this town” and says that it would hardly be surprising if Lucky lost his life in the line of duty.  Jerry says that Lucky’s chances of living would greatly improve if Sam cooperated.  Sam asks Jerry what he wants and Jerry responds by saying that he doesn’t want anything at the moment, but in the future he expects her to comply “for Lucky’s sake.

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