GH Update Monday 10/22/07

General Hospital Update Monday 10/22/07


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Logan holds Carly’s arms down and pushes her into the house demanding to know where Lulu is, but she threatens him into letting go.

Lulu is still questioning Johnny about his father’s house.

Ric is suspicious about Trevor’s reasons for being in Sonny’s office.

Anthony Zacchara tells Sonny about his rose garden.  Sonny brings up Port Charles, but Zacchara is more worried about the frost that is coming.

Patrick is still discussing Robin’s plans with Liz.  Liz tells him if he has a problem with it, he should take it up with her.

Lucky asks why Robin isn’t asking Patrick for help.  Robin explains why she had to let go of Patrick to be able to go after her plans for motherhood.  Lucky wonders why him.  Robin explains that they have known each other forever and that he makes beautiful babies.

Carly threatens to call Jason to kill Logan and he lets go of her.  When she gets free, she calls Jason.

Trevor says that it isn’t going to do any good to press charges against Jason.  Trevor explains that it would be wise of Ric to back off of Jason because it is possible that Jason could shoot them both.  Trevor gets ready to leave, but Ric wants to stay and ask some questions.

Zacchara says there is a simple way to decide who gets the territory of Port Charles.  He then pulls a gun on Sonny, but Sonny says he doesn’t play games.  Zacchara gets angry and says that he will play games with him.

Jax meets with Kate, who is running late and apologizes.  Jax says that he is willing to re-schedule because he really wants to invest in the magazine she is going to create.

Logan explains his reasons for the bet to Carly.  Carly calls him a coward and Logan says that Lulu has agreed to give him another chance.  Carly vows she will never let Lulu near him.

Johnny tries to give Lulu cash, but she refuses it.  Lulu calls Johnny crazy and leaves with Milo.

Ric questions Jason about Johnny Zacchara’s involvement in Leticia's murder.  Jason insists that he has nothing to say without his lawyer’s input, and tells Ric to call Diane.  Ric tells Jason that working on Sonny’s orders makes him a trained guard dog.

Anthony Zacchara tells Sonny to play the game or everyone he loves will pay for it.  Zacchara tells Sonny how he is going to repay him for taking his son.  He gives Sonny explicit details about what he is going to do to Sonny’s children.  Zacchara then goes on about talking to the gardener.  Sonny leaves with Max.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Liz that he doesn’t think Robin is thinking about what she is doing.  Liz explains that sometimes a breakup puts things into perspective.

Lucky tells Robin that he is honored that she would ask him, but explains that he and Liz’s divorce is bad.  He says he cannot help because he cannot father a child and not be involved in the child’s life.

Kate tries to explain to Jax what is going on with Sonny, but she cannot because she can’t tell Sonny’s secrets to anyone.  Jax turns the subject to surfing.  Jax explains his and Carly’s baby problems.

Lulu goes to Carly’s house.  Carly lectures Lulu about Johnny, but Lulu says that she knows how dangerous he is.

Anthony Zacchara throws something across the room at one of his guards.  Trevor comes in and asks what is wrong.  Anthony Zacchara thinks that “they” took his son again, but his son walks in.  Trevor walks out in the hall and tells Johnny that he needs to help his father calm down because when his father gets upset people die.

Sonny gets back to the coffeehouse and tells Jason what happened at the meeting.  Sonny says that Trevor has been running Zacchara’s business and that Trevor is the real threat.

Liz tells Patrick that he isn’t over Robin and that she doubts that Robin is over Patrick.  Patrick explains that it is over because Robin wants a family, and he doesn’t.  He doesn’t think he is father-material. 

Carly wants all the details from Lulu.  Lulu explains her deal with Scott to Carly.  Carly freaks over the deal with Scott, but Lulu says that she has been looking for a reason to give Logan another chance.  Carly explains what Logan did to her.

Trevor yells at Johnny and tells him that he can never see Lulu again.

Sonny and Jason discuss Anthony Zacchara being crazy.  Sonny is scared that he will go after Sonny’s children.

Logan is sitting by the docks waiting for Lulu.  Lulu explains why she took off and tells him that she went up to the mountains for the night to think.  Logan says that he doesn’t think they are going to work after all.

Sonny tells Milo and Max that the threat is Trevor Lansing not Johnny Zacchara.  He orders more guards on Carly and the boys. 

Jason meets with Carly and tells her Zacchara’s threats towards the boys.

Jax explains to Kate the problems with the surrogacy and all of Carly’s possible fertility problems.  Kate tells Jax that if he gives Carly some time she will realize she wants to have a baby with her husband.

Patrick asks Liz if she could do it over, if she would have let of her relationship with Lucky sooner or held on longer and she replies by saying that she never should have re-married Lucky.  She said she wasn’t in love with Lucky and until Patrick can say that about Robin, he will never be able to make a clean break.  At that moment, Robin walked into the hospital and wasn’t happy to see them talking.

Robin explains her list of potential fathers to Liz.  Liz tells Robin, if she wants to have a baby she should.  Liz tells Robin that she should use a sperm-bank because she doesn’t think that any man will be able to walk away from their child after it’s born.

Lulu wants a reason why Logan wants to break up with her. 

Johnny types a text to Lulu, but doesn’t send it.  Anthony listens in on a conversation between Johnny and his guards about Lulu.

Carly fears her boys will end up “hostages” of their father like Johnny Zacchara is for his father.

Sonny is talking to Trevor about Zacchara.  He sends Max and Milo out and continues to question Trevor about running things for Zacchara.

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