GH Update Friday 10/19/07

General Hospital Update Friday 10/19/07


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Carly and Jax are at the Metro Court and he informs her that he would love for them to have a baby of their own.  Jax says he is ready to start trying whenever she is.

At the hospital, Robin and Patrick argue about her motives for wanting to become a mother.  Robin says that she doesn’t have to take his opinion into consideration.  Patrick brings up the possibility of adopting a child instead.

At the cabin, Jason is talking to Johnny.  Johnny tries to reach for his gun and Jason informs him that it wouldn’t be a wise decision.  Jason questions Johnny about what happened to Lulu.  Johnny says he doesn’t know, but Jason thinks he is lying.  Johnny says that Lulu was there when he left and says that was only 20 minutes ago.  Johnny then asks Jason if he passed any cars on the way to the cabin and Jason immediately knows that Johnny thinks that his father’s people have Lulu.

Kate is telling Sonny what she knows about Anthony Zacchara’s house and about his wife’s death.  She says that Trevor told her to forget that she was ever in the house and that she went back to New York.  She looked up any information on a murder in Crimson Pointe, but there was nothing.  Sonny asks her if she remembers anything else about the area.  Kate says that she only told him about it because if Anthony Zacchara killed his wife and covered it up what is to stop him from doing the same thing to Sonny and that it isn’t worth risking his life for a meeting.

Carly explains that she wants to have a child with Jax, someday.  She wonders if his desire to have a child has anything to do with Robin’s proposition, but he tells her that it has been on his mind since he first wanted to marry her.  She questions the timing of the situation.

Robin says that she appreciates Patrick’s input, but she is lying to him.  Patrick asks her if she has considered the alternatives and when she says yes; he again brings up adoption.  Robin explains that she wants to have the experience of carrying a child.  Patrick tries to walk away, but Robin stops him and explains how much it would mean to her if she could have a child.  Robin walks away upset.

Lucky and Elizabeth meet with their lawyers.  Lucky finds out that his petition for emergency custody was denied and that because of his past with substance abuse his visitation has been suspended.  Diane informs him that he will not have any further contact with either of the children until custody and visitation are determined through mediation.

Sonny questions Kate on the rest of the details about Anthony Zacchara’s house.  Sonny claims that he can handle Anthony Zacchara.  Kate says that if he got to Leticia and killed her, that he could get to Sonny’s children.  Sonny says this is why he needs to meet with him.  Kate explains that Trevor was even scared of that house.  Kate reluctantly tells him where Anthony Zacchara’s house is and the details of the surroundings.  Sonny says it should be able to get in, but Kate is worried about him getting back out.

Jason wants to know where Johnny’s father’s people would have taken Lulu, and Johnny says it depends on how desperate they are.  Jason questions why Lulu was with Johnny.  Johnny explains how he came across Lulu and then explains that he had no choice, but to put Lulu in his car and try to lose the other car.  He tells Jason that if he had left her there, his father’s people would have used her as leverage to get him to come back.

Lulu tells Johnny’s “handlers” that she is a close friend of Sonny and Jason and that when they find out that she has been kidnapped, it is going to start a war.  They explain that no one saw them leave and that no one will find her because no one knows that the place is there.  Lulu says that Johnny does, but his “handlers” say that she better hope he gives a damn and decides to come home.

Lucky is angry and says that he is Jake’s father and that Liz cannot cut him out of his son’s life.  Diane steps in and says that they need to go.  Alexis tries to talk to Liz, but Diane interrupts and says that anything said to Liz can go through her.  They wanted to play hardball and now that it has come back to bite them, they decide to appeal to Liz, which is inappropriate.  Alexis goes after Diane when Diane says that she is on the borderline of being unethical.  Lucky steps in and says that he and Liz are the parents and that it is up to them.  Lucky asks her if she wants him to stay away from Cameron and Jake.

Emily comes into Wyndemere and tells Nikolas that he needs to have a talk with his brother.  Nikolas tells Emily that he already tried to talk Lucky out of petitioning for emergency custody of Baby Jake.  They discuss the divorce case. 

Jax explains that Carly’s outburst when he was talking to Robin gave him the opportunity to tell her how he feels about wanting his own children and that it had nothing to do with Robin.  Jax says one of the reasons he fell in love with her is because she is an incredible mother.

Ric meets with his father at the Metro Court.  Trevor wants Ric to find Johnny Zacchara by having the police pick him up and keep it off the record. 

Sonny explains to Kate why he needs to meet with Anthony Zacchara in person.  Sonny said the only thing that matters is the risk he is taking falls on him and not on the people he cares about.  Sonny wants to meet with Anthony Zacchara, and it has to been tonight.

Jason and Johnny find Lulu’s bracelet and realize that Anthony Zacchara’s people have her.  Jason tells him to call them and tell them to let her go, but Johnny says the only way to get her back is for him to go home.

Lulu is talking too much and one of the “guards” tells her to give her mouth a rest.  She says that Johnny wouldn’t want him talking to her like that and pretends she sees him behind the guard.  The guard turns around and Lulu smashes a vase over his head and runs.

Patrick tells Robin she is an amazing woman and that he respects her for the way she lives her life on her own terms.  He tells her that he knows she will make the right decision and he would never stand in her way.  He says he is sticking to the adoption idea because she is single.  He wants her to slow down and think before she fills the void he left with a child.

Diane tells Liz that it is in her (and her children’s) best interest to end the discussion immediately.  Alexis tells Lucky to wait until mediation because he might settle for something that he will regret later.  Liz says that she needs to talk to Lucky privately, but both lawyers try to encourage their clients to wait until mediation.  Liz sends both lawyers away so they can talk.  Liz wonders if Lucky would have taken Jake away from her if his petition would have been granted and he admits he would. Liz says the “private discussion” is over, but Lucky explains that he thought he was going to lose his son.  Logan knocks on the door and tells Lucky he needs his help finding Lulu.

Nikolas and Emily argue whether Liz was unfaithful to Lucky or not.  The discussion turns to Lucky’s relationship with Sam.

Carly explains to Jax what could be involved with trying for a child.  She says it is very hard for her to get pregnant and Morgan was a miracle child because of her miscarriage with her first child with Sonny, but she admits that it could happen.  Jax says that he understands that and that he wants to see her pregnant with their child and that he wants to be there from day 1 and watch his child grow up.  They share a funny memory of when Jax first changed Spencer (Courtney’s son) and ended up with powder all over him.  Jax suspects there are more reasons to Carly wanting to wait to have a baby than her complicated previous pregnancies.

Ric questions Trevor’s motives for trying to keep Anthony Zacchara away from Port Charles now, when he was trying to pave the way for him to do business there from the first time he stepped into town.

Sonny tells Max to bring the car around.  Jason walks in to talk to Sonny.  Jason explains that he found Johnny, but says there is a problem.  Jason tells Sonny that he let Johnny go so that he could surrender himself to his father so that they would let Lulu go.

Lulu is running from where she hit the guard over the head and she hears screaming, crashing and crying.  She stops at a door and asks if someone is there.  We see a shadow of someone on the other side of the door.  Lulu reaches for the door handle.

Lucky and Logan are discussing Lulu.  Lucky says he thought she was through with him, but Logan says they patched things up and Liz asks why he doesn’t know where she is.  Liz tells Logan that she and Lucky are in the middle of something and that he needs to go.  Logan says what if something has happened to her.  Lucky says that something did, and it was Logan.  Lucky says that whatever Logan had with Lulu is over and that Logan refuses to see it, and that is the same mistake Lucky made with Liz.  Liz says she has to get to work and that they shouldn’t say anything else until mediation.  Lucky leaves.

Lulu tries to open the door, but it is locked.  The guards come up and grab her from behind and yell at her and pull her away.

Sonny tells Jason they cannot count on Johnny to keep Lulu safe.  Jason says that Johnny gave him Anthony Zacchara’s address and Sonny says he knows where it is, but Jason gives him the address anyways.  Sonny says that he thinks it is good if he shows up unexpectedly and the thing with Lulu is a great excuse.  Jason offers to go, but Sonny says that if he shows up it will be viewed as a threat because he is Sonny’s enforcer.

Trevor tells Ric that Anthony Zacchara rose to power because he made a list of international casualties on both sides of the law and warns Ric that even though he is Trevor’s son he won’t get any sort of protection.

Carly says she wants to have a baby with Jax, but she wants him to know what could be involved.  Jax tries to make it seem less serious by telling her that it would only take long romantic weekends, but Carly goes back to a serious note telling what would have to constantly happen and that they might have to look into fertility options.  She feels it will be a roller coaster of hope and disappointment and she doesn’t want him to turn around and wonder what happened to the fun and spontaneity, but he assures her he will not do that.  She explains that things have been stressful since they got married and she doesn’t know if the time is right to have a baby.  Jax agrees that she is making a good argument.  She feels they should wait right now, and Jax says that he is fine with it.

Robin tells Patrick she has a life outside of him, so he needs to stop telling her what to do.  Patrick is still trying to get her to take some time to think before she jumps into motherhood.  Patrick says he is saying this because he still cares about her.

Nikolas says that Emily is bitter toward Sam, but Emily explains that she has been hateful towards Liz and she didn’t do Lucky any favors by seducing him.  Nikolas says Emily liked her just fine when she was with Jason, but Emily says that Sam seemed like a different person when she was with Jason.  They agree that they should just listen and support Lucky and Liz and not take sides in their divorce. 

Carly talks to Michael on the phone and tells him that he and Morgan can spend the night with Grandma Bobbie.  Carly gets off the phone and Logan knocks on her door.  Carly tells him that he should take a hint and leave her alone.

Jason brings Trevor to the coffeehouse and holds him there.  Jason tells Trevor that he is free to go as soon as he finds out how Sonny’s meeting.  Trevor says that they can go ahead and make Anthony angry, but they better not blame the bloodshed on him.

Sonny arrives at Anthony Zacchara’s house with Max and Milo and is informed that he is on private property.  The guards think Sonny is making a threat.  Johnny comes out and meets Sonny for the first time.  Sonny says he is there to see Anthony Zacchara.  Johnny tells the guards to let Sonny go to see his father.  Johnny warns Sonny that he might not like the outcome of his “meeting” with Johnny’s father.  Sonny warns Johnny that if Lulu isn’t fine there will be hell to pay.

Lucky is at the Metro Court.  He calls Alexis.  He says that when they leave mediation, he wants joint custody.  Robin walks in and apologizes to Lucky for being late.  Robin asks Lucky if he would be interested in being her baby’s father.

Patrick asks Liz if Robin has talked to Lucky yet.  Patrick fills Liz in on the details of Robin’s idea.

Lucky admits he didn’t expect it, but he agrees to let her explain.  Lucky tells her she is still young she could wait, but she doesn’t want to wait.  They compare it to an adventure like their parents had.

Carly yells at Logan for his bet with Maxie.

Trevor says that Anthony is unpredictable.  Ric comes to see Sonny and walks in on Jason and Trevor.

A guard escorts Lulu outside.  Johnny makes sure she is okay and then tells her she is leaving.  Milo steps closer to help her get out of there, but she says the place is like a prison.  She wants to know if it is to keep people out or to keep him in.

Another guard shows Sonny and Max inside.  Sonny tells Max to wait outside while he meets with Zacchara.  Sonny walks into the room that Lulu was trying to get into and sees nothing at first.  Then he sees Anthony Zacchara standing by the window.  Anthony Zacchara asks Sonny if he gardens.

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