GH Update Friday 10/19/07

General Hospital Update Friday 10/19/07


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Jax and Carly discuss having a baby. They are still in the Metro Court restaurant.

Robin sets Patrick straight at GH. She tells him his opinion about her having a child doesn’t matter. Patrick wonders why Robin won’t consider adoption.

At the cabin, Jason grills Johnny about Lulu’s whereabouts. Johnny thinks his father’s people may have her.

At the coffee house, Kate tells Sonny more about her visit to the Zacchara house. She tells Sonny not to meet with Zacchara.

At the Metro Court, Carly says she wants to have a child with Jax “someday,” but she is uncomfortable with “the timing.” Carly thinks Jax’s interest in having a child is because of Robin’s proposition.

At GH, Robin basically tells Patrick to mind his own business. She says she wants to experience childbirth. They discuss the risks of her being HIV positive. Robin walks away from Patrick.

At Liz’s house, Alexis tells Liz and Lucky that his petition was denied. Diane takes great pleasure in telling Lucky his visitation has been “suspended” as well. Lucky is not allowed to have “contact” with either of the kids.

Kate keeps trying to discourage Sonny from his plan. She thinks Zacchara is extremely dangerous. Sonny insists that he can handle it. Kate says even Trevor seemed afraid of Zacchara. Kate finally gives up and tells Sonny exactly where the house is located.

At the cabin, Jason wonders why Lulu was with Johnny in the first place. Johnny fills Jason in.

Zacchara’s men take Lulu to Anthony’s house.

The discussion gets heated back at Liz’s house. Diane tells Lucky and Alexis to leave.

Emily is at Wyndemere with Nikolas. She tells Nikolas about Lucky’s petition. Emily says Nikolas should talk to his brother. Emily and Nikolas take sides. He sides with Lucky while she sides with Liz. Nikolas says Liz loves Jason.

At the hotel, Jax says he’s been thinking about having a child with Carly.

Ric comes into the Metro Court restaurant to meet with his dad. Trevor tells Ric to use the PCPD to track down Johnny.

At the coffee house, Sonny tells Kate a meeting with Zacchara is unavoidable. He’s not afraid of Zacchara. Kate fears for Sonny’s safety. Sonny won’t give Kate any details about the meeting.

Johnny and Jason go to the roadside stand to look for Lulu. Johnny finds her watch on the ground. Johnny is sure his people took Lulu. He says he must return home in order to save her.

At the Zacchara mansion, Lulu hits Zacchara’s men on the head and tries to escape.

Robin and Patrick continue to disagree at GH. He won’t let up on her. He insists that adoption is a better option for Robin. Patrick thinks Robin is acting on impulse.

Liz and Lucky want to talk without their lawyers. Alexis and Diane leave them alone at Liz’s house. Liz can’t believe that Lucky filed the custody petition. She asks Lucky if he would really have taken Jake away from her. Lucky says he would have. Logan comes to Liz’s door looking for Lulu.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asks Emily about Liz’s feelings for Jason. Nikolas says Liz was “emotionally unfaithful” to Lucky. Nikolas thinks Liz should “back down” and meet Lucky half way. Emily wonders if Lucky will get custody of Jake then move in with Sam.

At the Metro Court, Jax says he enjoys being a father to Michael and Morgan. Carly says she wants to have a child with Jax. She reminds him that it’s difficult for her to conceive.

Still at the hotel restaurant, Ric wonders why Trevor is trying to keep Zacchara out of town.

At the coffee house, Sonny tells Max to get the car. Jason comes in and tells Sonny about Lulu and Johnny.

Lulu runs through the Zacchara mansion looking for help. She hears a man crying and carrying on behind a closed door. Lulu puts her hand on the doorknob.

Back at Liz’s house, Logan says he’s looking for Lulu. He says he’s worried. Lucky and Liz don’t seem concerned. Logan leaves. Liz tells Lucky to leave.

At the Zacchara house, Lulu tries to get into the room. Zacchara’s men grab her. Inside the dark room, things are strewn about and there’s a lot of broken glass.

At the coffee house, Jason is worried. Sonny tells Jason about Luke’s visit. Jason gives Sonny Zacchara’s address. Jason wants to go along but Sonny vetoes the suggestion.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Trevor warns Ric about Zacchara’s “tendency towards violence.” Trevor leaves Ric sitting in the restaurant.

Still in the restaurant, Carly warns Jax that it could be a long road to conception. She thinks they should put the idea on hold for a while. Jax respects Carly’s decision.

At GH, Patrick insists that Robin take time before making a final decision about having a child. He claims to “care about” Robin. She says she won’t change her mind about having a child. An angry Robin finally walks away from Patrick.

Emily and Nikolas continue to disagree at Wyndemere. Emily isn’t too keen on Sam’s role in the breakup of Liz and Lucky. Nikolas blames Jason too. Emily suggests they halt their discussion. She says they can’t continue to “take sides.” Nikolas agrees.

Carly comes home. Logan comes over looking for Lulu. Carly tells him to leave Lulu alone.

Jason has Trevor brought into the office. He tells Trevor about Sonny’s meeting with Zacchara. Trevor warns Jason that something bad will happen.

Sonny arrives at the Zacchara house with Max and Milo. The guards won’t let him in. Johnny comes along and tells the guards to let Sonny in. Sonny says that Milo will take Lulu home. Johnny tells the guards to take Sonny to see Mr. Zacchara.

Lucky meets Robin at the Metro court. Robin asks Lucky if he’s “interested’ in fathering her child. Although he is shocked, Lucky listens to Robin’s proposal. Robin says she will be self sufficient as far as caring for the child.

At GH, Patrick tells Liz that Robin wants Lucky to father her child.

Logan pushes his way into Carly’s house and looks for Lulu. Carly says she won’t let Logan near Lulu. Logan gets angry and grabs Carly.

At the coffee house, Trevor warns Jason that Zacchara is nothing if not “unpredictable.” Trevor says Sonny will “pay” for going to see Zacchara. Ric walks into the office at that point.

Lulu comes out of the Zacchara mansion, unharmed. Milo is waiting there to take her home. Johnny is concerned that Lulu is ok. Lulu asks Johnny if he’s held at the mansion against his will. Meanwhile, the guards take Sonny to a room to see Zacchara. A man in a white outfit comes out of the room as Sonny goes in. The room is very dark and quiet. Anthony Zacchara is in the room looking out the window.

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