GH Update Thursday 10/18/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/18/07


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At the Metro Court restaurant, Robin talks to Jax about fathering her child while Patrick looks on. Carly is upset by the request.

Luke goes to the coffee house to see Sonny. Luke asks Sonny about the Zacchara family.

At the cabin, Lulu tries to talk Johnny out of shooting the stranger.

At home, Jason and Spinelli try to locate Johnny via Spinelli’s computer. Spinelli tells Jason Lulu didn’t come home last night. Kate comes to Jason’s to warn him about Sonny’s safety.

Diane meets with Liz at her new house. Emily is there. Emily warns Liz to get what she wants, not what her attorney wants. She calls Diane “combative.” Emily goes outside to retrieve a box from Audrey. Diane says Liz should admit Jake’s paternity. Diane gets a call alerting her that Lucky has filed for “emergency guardianship” of Jake.

At the penthouse, Jason sends Spinelli upstairs. Jason warns Kate to stay out of “Sonny’s business.” Kate tells Jason that those who meet with Zacchara ends up dead.

At the coffee house, Sonny promises to alert Luke if he hears anything about Lulu. Luke tells Sonny about Lulu’s deal with Scott.

At the cabin, Lulu threatens to call the police if Johnny kills the stranger. Johnny lets the man go free. The man says he owns the cabin.

At the hotel, Jax supports Robin’s decision to have a baby. Carly says she’ll divorce Jax if he fathers the baby. Robin and Carly argue. Jax apologizes to Robin, saying he’s unable to help her. Jax says he would want to be a “hands on father.” Satisfied, Patrick gets up and leaves the restaurant. Robin sees Patrick leave and she leaves in a hurry.

Skye goes to see Ric in his office. She asks him if their kids can have a “play date.” Ric seems suspicious of Skye’s offer. Skye says her intentions are good.

At the cabin, the man refuses to leave. Johnny makes him apologize to Lulu. Johnny offers the man money to keep quiet. The man takes the money and leaves. Lulu demands to know “what the hell is wrong” with Johnny.

At the coffee house, Sonny tells Luke that Johnny is a bit on the crazy side. Luke seems nervous. Sonny talks about using Johnny against his father. Sonny promises to return Lulu safely if his men find her with Johnny.

At the penthouse, Kate says Jason should keep Sonny from meeting with Zacchara. Jason grills Kate for information on Trevor. Kate remembers something that could help Jason.

At Wyndemere, Alfred brings Nikolas his mail. Nikolas tells Alfred to get rid of the letter opener and all other “sharp objects” in the house. Alfred advises Nikolas to postpone the ball. Nikolas refuses. Lucky comes over. He tells Nikolas about the “emergency custody” he filed for. Nikolas warns Lucky of the consequences of his actions.

Still at her house, Liz talks to Emily about Lucky’s latest move. Liz says Lucky is trying to “punish” her. She’s shocked at how “far” things have gone.

At the cabin, Lulu is angry about Johnny’s behavior. She tells him life isn’t a “game.”

At the coffee house, Sonny talks to Max about the meeting with Zacchara. Max has been unable to find Zacchara’s address. Sonny wonders who might know “where to find” Zacchara.

At the penthouse, Kate tells Jason about a trip she took with Trevor. She says she remembers them going to a client’s house. Kate is sure the house belonged to Zacchara.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas listens as Lucky talks about his latest move in the divorce. Nikolas thinks Lucky should stop the petition. Nikolas warns that the repercussions might be severe.

At home, Liz continues to confide in Emily. Emily thinks Lucky may reconsider his position. Liz promises to “fight” for her kids.

Ric and Skye continue their discussion in his office. They talk about Ric’s fight with Alexis at the Metro Court. Ric says he’s frustrated with his situation. He wants to ensure his daughter’s happiness. Ric tells Skye about his unhappy childhood. Skye can relate. Ric brings up Alexis’ crazy and unconventional childhood.

At the penthouse, Spinelli finds information on Johnny’s credit cards. He finds Johnny’s car on a surveillance camera. Spinelli says Lulu appears to be traveling with Johnny. Jason flies out the door.

Sonny is still in his office. He places some men outside Zacchara’s townhouse. Kate comes by. Sonny says he’s still set on having the meeting with the elder Zacchara. Kate says she knows where Zacchara lives. Sonny presses Kate for the information. Kate caves in and tells Sonny what she knows.

In his office, Ric tells Skye that he and Alexis treated each other badly. Skye tells Ric about her parents. She says that young girls tend to “worship their fathers.” Skye says Ric should be a part of his child’s life. Ric is appreciative of Skye’s opinions. After they make plans to meet one Saturday with the kids, Skye leaves Ric’s office.

At the cabin, Johnny changes the subject when Lulu brings up his dad. Johnny leaves the cabin without talking about his father.

Carly returns to the restaurant and a waiting Jax. She’s mad that he “wanted to help” Robin. Jax says the situation “had nothing to do with” Carly but she disagrees.

Robin approaches Patrick at GH. She tells him to stop “interfering” in her life. Robin is angry because Patrick told Carly about her “plan.” Patrick says having a baby “with a social acquaintance is a bad idea.” Robin asks Patrick if he would have rather she asked him to father her child. Patrick says he would have “refused” Robin’s request. Patrick claims to be happy with his life. He suggests that Robin adopt a child instead.

At the hotel restaurant, Carly says Jax has changed since they returned from Turkey. She thinks the two of them should be closer than they are. Jax says he turned Robin down because he wants to have a child with Carly.

Lucky goes to see Liz at her house. He calls the petition a “negotiation tactic.” Alexis shows up, as does Diane. They’ve both come to tell Liz and Lucky about the judge’s decision regarding Jake.

Johnny returns to the cabin to find Jason waiting for him. Lulu isn’t there. As Lulu is buying a pizza at a food stand, Johnny’s bodyguards approach her. They demand to know where Johnny is. Lulu says she has no idea so the men grab her.

Kate tells Sonny about her trip with Trevor. She tells Sonny about going to what she thinks was Zacchara’s house. All she knows is the house belonged to a client of Trevor’s. At the house, Kate overheard Trevor and another man talking about “Mr. Z.” Kate says the man’s wife had died and that was the reason for Trevor’s visit. Kate says she “got the impression that someone had killed” the woman.

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