GH Update Wednesday 10/17/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 10/17/07


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At the hospital, Patrick and Robin argue about her motives for being a mother.  She wishes they were doing it together and Patrick says to think it through, but Robin tells him to stay out of it.

Alexis meets with Jax at the Metro Court.  Alexis informs him of her moving back to the lake house.  Jax lets Alexis in on what he knows about Jerry’s stabbing.

Carly yells at Max for following her the previous night.  She accuses Sonny of ordering Max to follow her.  Diane walks in and tells Carly to stop badgering Max.   Carly and Diane start arguing.  Sonny tells Max that he wants to know the details of the previous night.  Max explains Nikolas’ attacking Carly and Carly freaks out because she says it wasn’t as dangerous as Max says and that he was overreacting.

At the Quartermaine Mansion, Luke and Tracy tell Logan that Lulu doesn’t want to see him, but he just wants information about where she is.  Logan asks when the last time they saw her was and they all just stand there.

Meanwhile, Lulu is sleeping in Johnny’s car.  He wakes her up when he gets back with some coffee.

Alexis asks Jax if there is a chance that Jerry is lying and he agrees that his brother might lie, but the evidence indicates that Jerry is telling the truth.  Alexis fills Jax in on her argument with Nikolas and admits that he threw a glass at her head.

Johnny tells Lulu that they are only 20 miles from Port Charles.  He tells her that his “handlers” will be looking for her.

At the PCPD, Logan asks Lucky if he has seen Lulu.  Lucky assumes that Logan did something to make Lulu run away from him.  Ric questions Lucky about his divorce.

Emily helps Liz pack up and move the rest of her stuff out of Lucky’s house.  Emily confides Nikolas’ condition in Liz.  Liz admits that she should have moved out on her own months ago.

Carly tells Sonny that although Nikolas was waving a letter opener at her, he was not going to stab her.  Carly wonders why Sonny can have privacy and she cannot.  Sonny explains his meeting with Jax to Carly.  Carly freaks out about her husband and her ex-husband having a meeting about her behind her back.  Sonny wonders if there are problems in Carly’s marriage to Jax.  Carly admits that they have had a difficult summer, but she doesn’t want to explain the details to Sonny because they are trying to work past it.  Sonny thinks that Carly is returning to her old habits.  Carly denies lying to Jax, but admits that she doesn’t tell him everything.

Alexis and Diane meet at the Metro Court.  They begin talking about the divorce case.  Diane brings up Lucky’s affair with Sam.  Diane questions Lucky’s motives for wanting full custody.  Alexis says that either Liz agree to shared custody or she will admit evidence of every time Jason has held Baby Jake and medical records from Sam being shot while Jason was holding her and that she has a great case for child endangerment if she chooses to use it.

Lulu tells Johnny that she can pay her own bus fare when she decides that she wants to leave.  Johnny says that his plan now is to maybe drive up to Canada.  Lulu realizes that Johnny is not answering any of her questions and she doesn’t know why she isn’t leaving.

Patrick apologizes to Leyla for her getting caught between him and Robin.  Leyla says that people shouldn’t get involved with the others they work with because it gets complicated.  She explains her reasons for saying this and states that there is a lot of tension between Patrick and Robin.  She admits that she wants to keep their professional relationship the way it is and tells him that she doesn’t think they should see each other again.

Robin calls Jax and asks him to meet her for lunch because she has a proposition for him.

Sonny wants Carly to take the boys back to the island.  Sonny says that Carly put herself in a dangerous situation and could end up making herself a target or end up dead.  Carly agrees to let Max follow her because she doesn’t want him following Kate.

Diane says that Lucky has no rights to Cameron (Liz’s oldest son).  Diane says that she can prove that Lucky presents a danger to Baby Jake.  Alexis says that they are wasting their time and their clients’ money by having the meeting.

Lucky and Ric argue.  Ric says it’s not right that Jason took Elizabeth away from both him and Lucky.  Lucky sees right through Ric and realizes that he is trying to get Lucky to go after Jason.  Lucky tells Ric that he was wrong to drag Elizabeth through the mud during Jason’s trial because the only person who benefited from it was Ric.

Liz is happy that Emily found a place for her.  Liz admits that she finally feels independent again and calls herself a three-time failure, but Emily says she’s not a failure.  Liz admits that she needs to get settled and get herself and the boys on a routine so they can feel like a family.

Robin runs through the hospital and gets on the elevator.  Patrick says that he is signing out and taking the rest of the afternoon off because he is wondering what Robin is up to.  He makes a phone call after yelling at Epiphany for getting involved in his business.

Tracy argues with Alan’s ghost about Logan.  Tracy tells Luke about Lulu’s actions the night she found out about Logan cheating on her.

Lulu picks a lock to get her and Johnny into a cottage explaining that her father taught her how to do it.  They discuss why she isn’t in a hurry to get back to Port Charles.  While they are talking, a person with a gun is standing outside the window looking at them.

Robin meets Jax at the Metro Court.  Jax admits there are some rough patches in his marriage, but they are working through them.  Robin questions him about how he feels about being a step-dad.  She is happy when he says that he is thrilled with being a second father to the boys.

Carly meets Patrick at the hospital.  Epiphany tells Leyla that she needs to put her personal feelings for Patrick off to the side while she is at work.  Carly doesn’t understand why Robin would want to meet with Jax, but Patrick informs her that Robin has decided to enter parenthood and that she wants Jax to be the father of her baby.

Jax tells Robin a story about the boys making a bet at who could make breakfast in bed the best and the result was whoever won got custody of the video game for a week.  Jax wonders why Robin is so interested in his marital bliss and she explains that she has been thinking of becoming a mother.  Jax congratulates her and offers advice.  Robin asks him if he would donate some of his DNA and asks him to think about being her baby’s father.  Carly walks over and says that it is never going to happen.  Patrick sits at the bar looking at Robin and he is obviously satisfied.

Emily and Liz are sitting on the couch enjoying a glass of wine and Diane walks in.  Diane fills Liz in on the details of the meeting and says they are no closer to an agreement than when they started.

Alexis meets with Lucky at the PCPD and admits that the meeting with Diane was unsuccessful.  Lucky assumes that Jason is paying Diane, but Alexis isn’t sure they can prove it.  She says they plan to use Jason’s involvement with Liz to their benefit.  Lucky isn’t happy about taking custody away from Liz.  Alexis says that Lucky should file for Emergency Guardianship, so that he can be in a position of strength when they discuss custody.  He is worried about it being permanent and wants to make sure that it is only temporary.  Alexis says this will give Liz incentive to compromise.  Lucky says that he will do it if it will protect his son.

Sonny wants Spinelli to hurry up and get something on Johnny or Anthony Zacchara so that he can get his meeting.  Luke shows up to see Sonny asking about the Zacchara family.  Luke wants information on Johnny because he is afraid that Lulu is with him.

Lulu confides in Johnny.  She tells him her problems with Logan.  A man with a gun breaks in and tells them they are trespassing and shoots at Lulu.  Lulu moves and the shot hits the wall.  Johnny takes the gun away from the man and Lulu tells him not to kill the man.  Johnny thinks that he should kill him because he almost blew Lulu’s head off.

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