GH Update Monday 10/15/07

General Hospital Update Monday 10/15/07


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Logan opens the door to his apartment and Luke is standing outside.  Luke immediately starts questioning Lulu about her deal with Scott Baldwin.  Luke is upset that Lulu would trust Scott enough to make a deal with him.  Luke asks her if she would have given Logan another chance if it hadn’t been for Scott’s deal and she replies that she isn’t sure.  Luke reminds Lulu about Logan’s bet with Maxie and tries to get Lulu to walk out on Logan again. 

Jax and Carly are having dinner at the Metro Court.  They are discussing Jerry being stabbed.  According to Jerry, Nikolas is guilty.  Carly is unsure if she should believe Jerry, but there are witnesses who say that Nikolas has been having violent outbursts and seems to be out of control.  According to Nikolas, he doesn’t remember anything because he has been having black outs.  Carly looks up and says, “Do you think he might have killed Leticia?”

At Wyndemere, Nikolas and Emily are discussing the black and white ball that he has planned.  He announces the date of the ball, October 31st.  Emily is worried about his health and she asks him if he is up to it.  Nikolas says that Emily worries about him too much and that if he didn’t feel he was up for it he wouldn’t go through with it.  She tries to talk him into postponing the ball, but he refuses. 

At the Penthouse, Jason is in the process of questioning Johnny Zacchara about the murder of Leticia.  Johnny insists he had nothing to do with her murder, but Jason remains suspicious.  While Jason is warning Johnny to stay away from Lulu, Sonny calls and says he has a plan for Johnny.

Sonny meets with Trevor at the Coffeehouse.  They are arguing about Anthony Zacchara.  Sonny tells Trevor to set up a face-to-face meeting for him with Anthony Zacchara.  Trevor says that Anthony Zacchara does not negotiate and that making demands will not help him get what he wants.  Trevor insists that Johnny had nothing to do with Leticia’s murder and tells Sonny that if Anthony Zacchara finds out that Sonny has his son, then people close to Sonny will suffer the consequences because Anthony Zacchara hires people to kill on command. 

At the PCPD, Lainey meets with Cody.  Cody tells her that he would rather spend time in jail than be declared incompetent.  He explains to her that he killed her father because he would want someone to do that for him if he was in that situation.  He says that she shouldn’t be so hard on herself about her first ideas of him because he was trying to score pills.  She offers to hire him an attorney because she doesn’t think he should go to jail for murder when he was only doing what her father wanted.  He asks her to let it go, but she insists.

At the Metro Court, Carly and Jax are still discussing the possibility that Nikolas killed Leticia.  Carly offers the idea that maybe he didn’t know what he was doing because maybe he developed another personality that takes over during his blackouts.  She said that it might explain the way he has been acting, but it wouldn’t explain the text messages that Sonny has been receiving about the murder or the pictures that were taken of them with her camera phone.

Nikolas and Emily are discussing the tests that he should get done before the ball, when Alexis walks in and asks about the tests.  She explains that she is just worried about him and doesn’t want him to end up in serious trouble.

Sonny wants to know why Trevor would work for someone like Anthony Zacchara and determines that it must be about the power.

Logan stands up to Luke.  Luke compares Logan to a stray cat and tells him that he is not worthy to breathe the same air as Lulu.  Logan admits that Lulu is the best thing to ever happen to him.  Luke tells Lulu not to fight his battles.  She agrees not to fight his battles, but reminds him that he cannot fight her battles either.

Robin and Lainey are at the Hospital talking about Robin wanting to become a mother.  Lainey congratulates Robin.  Robin admits that all she has left to do is find the right father for her child.  She tells Lainey that she was thinking that Leo has great genes to pass on to a child and that she almost asked him, but they ran into Patrick and Leyla and Patrick explained Robin’s motives for asking Leo out for a drink.  Robin admits that the father has to be someone that she respects.  Robin asks Lainey what she wanted to talk to her about and Lainey responds by asking her for an attorney referral.

Jason is sitting at the Penthouse alone and Carly walks in.  Carly fills Jason in on the details of Nikolas’ blackouts and the fact that he stabbed Jerry.  Carly then voices her opinion that Nikolas might have killed Leticia, but Jason quickly tells her that Nikolas had nothing to do with it.

Lainey explains the situation with Cody to Robin.  Robin wonders if Lainey could be so invested in helping him because she is attracted to him.  Lainey explains her true reasons for being so involved.  Lainey asks about Alexis, but Robin suggests Diane and tells Lainey that maybe Sonny could recommend that Diane help Cody.

Carly tries to explain to Jason how it’s possible that Nikolas killed Leticia.  Especially if he is having blackouts and remembers nothing.

Nikolas denies Jax’s accusations about Jerry’s stabbing.  Jax tells Nikolas that if he is truly blacking out, he should see a specialist.

At the Q Mansion, Luke tells Tracy that if he gets rid of Logan than Scott will have to come after him directly.  Tracy tries to tell Luke that no one will stand in Lulu’s way when she wants something, but he doesn’t agree.  Lulu walks in and asks her father why he doesn’t think she knows what she’s doing with Logan.

Carly shows up to see Nikolas.  Nikolas repeats himself saying that he had nothing to do with Jerry getting stabbed.  Carly asks Nikolas what he was doing the night Leticia died.

Sonny fills Jason in on his meeting with Trevor.  Sonny explains to Jason that if he doesn’t get his meeting with Anthony Zacchara then they will grab Johnny and use him as leverage.

Lulu tells her father that she thinks that Logan deserves a second chance.  When Luke asks her why, she compares her forgiving Logan to Laura forgiving Luke.

Emily and Alexis have dinner at the Metro Court and discuss Nikolas’ condition.  They believe he is in denial about his blackouts.  Emily tells Alexis that she doesn’t think the girls should be around Nikolas right now because he is so irritable.

Carly asks Nikolas where he was and he has a flashback of being pulled over.  He doesn’t answer, so Carly confronts him with stabbing Jerry.  Nikolas grabs her throat and tells her that if he was going to stab anyone it would be her because she took his son.

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