GH Update Friday 10/12/07

General Hospital Update Friday 10/12/07


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Robin and Patrick discuss her baby plans at GH. Kelly and Leyla watch in silence. Patrick thinks Robin is making a mistake.

Sonny and Max are at the coffee house. Sonny thinks Johnny is the murderer. Sonny wants more security for his family. Max thinks it’s time to send Zacchara a “message.” Kate walks into the office just as Max and Sonny mention killing Trevor.

Trevor is at the hotel on the phone.

At Jason’s, Carly accuses Johnny Z of taking the photos of her and Jax. She gets upset and gives Johnny a shove.

At GH, Robin is angry that Patrick thinks her decision is because of him. He apologizes for hurting her with the breakup. Patrick accuses Robin of “trying to fill a void” in her life. Robin denies the accusation. Patrick reviews Robin’s “father” list. He gives his opinion about everyone on the list. Robin thanks Patrick for making things “clear” for her during their pregnancy scare. She walks away and asks Leo Julian out for a drink.

At the Q mansion, Luke and Scott argue. Luke accuses Scott of using Lulu to get in good with Logan.

Lulu and Logan are at his apartment. She tells him she wouldn’t be giving him another chance if it weren’t for Scott’s deal. She promises to give Logan “an honest second chance.” Lulu says it will take time for her to “trust” Logan.

Kate walks into Sonny’s office. Max leaves. Kate tells Sonny she overheard the comment about killing Trevor.

Back at the penthouse, Jason tries to calm Carly. Johnny is amused. He denies sending the text messages. He also denies killing Leticia. Jason sends Carly out.

At the mansion, Scott says he’s trying to make up for lost time with Logan. Scott insists that Lulu wants to be with Logan. Scott tells Luke to mind his own business and he leaves.

Lulu tells Logan she has difficulty trusting people. She tells him how hurt the bet with Maxie made her feel. Lulu gets nervous and leaves Logan’s apartment.

Lainey goes to the PCPD to see Cody. He tells her he’s off the drugs he was addicted to. She apologizes for not being more help to him. Lainey tells Cody that Jolene’s sister, Nadine, will be working at GH. Cody wonders if they can still blame Jolene for Mr. Winter’s death.

Jax goes to see Jerry at GH to ask him about his attacker. Jax asks if one of Zacchara’s people hurt Jerry. Jerry insists that Nikolas stabbed him in the alley. He tells Jax that Nikolas can’t remember the incident.

Emily and Nikolas are at Wyndemere. She’s worried about his condition. He wants to take his horse for a ride but Emily thinks it’s a bad idea. Nikolas yells at Emily and tells her she’s “treating” him “like a child.”

Leo and Robin have a drink at the Metro Court. Leo thinks Robin is attracted to him but she sets him straight. He’s confused but curious. Then, Leo thinks Robin wants him for sex. Patrick interrupts and tells Leo Robin’s reason for asking him out.

At GH, Jerry tells Jax about his visit from Nikolas. Jax asks if the memory loss could be a side effect from the poison. Jerry says he doesn’t know and calls Nikolas a “loose cannon.”

At Wyndemere, Nikolas apologizes for yelling at Emily. Nikolas worries that he is like his father. Luke comes in and wants to talk about Lulu. Nikolas demands to know where Laura is. Luke demands to know why Nikolas didn’t protect Lulu from Scott and Logan.

Kate and Sonny are still at the coffee house. Sonny reminds Kate that she doesn’t want to be involved in his “business.” Sonny says he’s glad Kate is back in his life. She admits that there’s something between the two of them. Max tells Sonny that Trevor wants to see him. Trevor comes in and says Sonny made “a serious error.”

Jason questions Johnny Z at the penthouse. Lulu interrupts Jason’s interrogation.

At the PCPD, Cody tells Lainey that he “understood” her dad. He compares his Post Traumatic Stress to Mr. Winter’s Alzheimer’s. Lainey says she wants to know more about Cody. She wonders “who” he would want to be.

At the Metro Court, Leo is shocked by Patrick’s news. Robin explains her position to Leo. Leo isn’t sure he believes Robin’s story. He leaves so Robin and Patrick can talk. Robin is furious with Patrick.

Carly and Jax meet at the Metro Court restaurant. She finally tells him about the latest text message.

Johnny tells Lulu that he was “dragged at gunpoint” to the penthouse. Lulu leave and lets Jason get back to his interrogation.

In Sonny’s office, Trevor asks Kate to leave. She goes to take care of her own “business.” Trevor tells Sonny to “return” Johnny “unharmed.”

At Wyndemere, Emily asks Luke to leave. Nikolas says he and Luke should talk. Emily leaves them alone. Nikolas says everyone tried to “warn” Lulu about Logan. Nikolas stands with his back to Luke. He picks up a letter opener.

At the PCPD, Cody tells Lainey he would be a soldier if he had his choice. He says he was happy in the military. He eventually “couldn’t take” all the violence. Cody says he had the “power” to set Mr. Winters “free.” Lainey says she feels guilty for “basically asking” Cody to “kill” her father. She says she may have “exerted undue influence” over Cody. He tells her not to “take’ his “honor” away from him.

At the Metro Court, Patrick tells Robin to take more time before having a baby. She says it’s none of his “concern.” Robin says she blames no one for her situation. She says she doesn’t need Patrick’s approval. Satisfied, Robin walks away.

Carly tells Jax she took her phone to Spinelli. Jax says the killer may not have sent the message. Carly says Johnny is the guilty party but Jax isn’t so sure.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas asks Luke to leave. Luke tells Nikolas that Lulu is back with Logan. Nikolas says Lulu is old enough to make her own decisions. Nikolas again insists that Luke leaves. Luke finally goes. Nikolas has a bloody hand from holding the blade of the letter opener so tightly.

At the coffee house, Trevor says Johnny is innocent of the murder. Trevor says Johnny must be returned immediately or people will pay.

At Jason’s, Johnny denies sending the text messages. He tries to leave but Jason stops him.

Lulu returns to Logan’s apartment. He’s happy but “surprised” to see her. Logan asks if Lulu wants to “work things out.” Luke comes to Logan’s door. He’s not happy to find Lulu there.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Jax wonders if the murder is unrelated to Zacchara. Jax hints that Nikolas may be Leticia’s killer.

Back at Wyndemere, Nikolas bandages his hand. Emily is shocked when she sees Nikolas. He tells her he cut himself on the letter opener. Nikolas tells Emily he wants to throw a “formal ball” at Wyndemere. Emily is surprised.

Jason won’t let Johnny leave the penthouse. Johnny warns that people will get hurt if he isn’t let go.

A man is yelling at an undisclosed location. He says he wants his son “back now.” We don’t see the man’s face but it’s assumed that he is Johnny’s father.

Sonny tells Trevor that Johnny is his “leverage.” Sonny demands to meet “face to face” with Zacchara.

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