GH Update Thursday 10/11/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/11/07


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Carly goes to Jason’s to show him her latest text message.

Jax talks to Jerry in his hospital room about his attacker. Jerry admits Nikolas stabbed him.

At Wyndemere, Emily tells Nikolas Jerry fingered him for the stabbing. He denies it.

At GH, Kelly warns Robin about having a baby. Robin is sure she wants to be a single mom.

Leyla is at Patrick’s. She attempts to leave before things go too far.

At GH, Kelly warns Robin about the difficulty of having a child alone and with HIV. Robin says she “still loves” Patrick but she must “move on.” Kelly wonders if the baby is supposed to “fill a void” in Robin’s life. Robin says Patrick will never want to be a father.

At Patrick’s, Leyla wonders if she is his rebound girl. Patrick says he and Robin want different things out of life. Patrick tells Leyla he “likes” her. Leyla wants to keep her professional reputation intact.

At Jason’s, Carly and Jason disagree about her visit with Trevor. Carly tells Jason about the photos of her and Jax. She hands him the photos but he refuses to look at them. Jason worries that Carly is the “next” target.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Logan about Scott’s offer. Logan isn’t happy with the news.

At the Q mansion, Tracey is angry that Luke has returned in a sneaky way.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas says he’s afraid of hurting Emily during a “blackout.” She tries to reassure him. Nikolas thinks Jerry is lying about the attack. He wonders who Emily believes. Nikolas leaves the house in search of “answers.”

At GH, Jax asks why Jerry is “covering” for Nikolas. He says he owes it to Nikolas for everything that’s happened. Jerry says telling the truth will upset too many people. Jax wonders if Jerry attacked himself for his own agenda. Jerry denies the accusation. They talk about the photos from Carly’s phone. Jerry says it could be “blackmail or stalking.”

Jason continues to question Carly at the penthouse. Carly is determined to figure out who killed Leticia. She doesn’t think Johnny sent the “I’m watching you” message.

At Kelly’s, Logan wants no part of Scott or his plan. He says he doesn’t want anyone’s “pity.” He wants Lulu to trust him and try again because it’s her idea, not Scott’s. Lulu says Scott is trying to help Logan, but he disagrees. Logan leaves Kelly’s, angry.

At the mansion, Tracy tries to fill Luke in on what he missed. Tracy tells Luke about her time in Shady Brook. Tracy tells Luke that Scott has a grown son, Logan. She tells Luke about Logan and Lulu. Luke is upset, as expected.

Jason tells Carly she can’t go after the killer. He tells her to “go home.” Jason says Spinelli will try to track down the sender of the text message. Jason is worried Carly will be the killer’s next target.

Nikolas goes to GH to see Jerry. He accuses Jerry of lying about the stabbing. Jerry tells Nikolas he gave a false description of the attacker to the police. Nikolas asks Jerry to reenact the incident. Jerry is amused when he figures out that Nikolas is having memory lapses.

Robin tells Kelly all the reasons why she is ready to be a single mother. She says “all the pieces are in place.”

Leyla is still at Patrick’s apartment. He asks her what she “wants.” Leyla says she wants no complications. Patrick says he’s “uncomplicated.” Patrick kisses Leyla and takes her to the sofa.

Back at the mansion, Tracy and Luke discuss Logan and Lulu. She tells him about the deal Scott offered to Lulu. Luke blames Tracy for not stepping in. Tracy says Lulu is Luke’s responsibility.

Spinelli goes to Kelly’s to see Lulu. She tells him about her meeting with Logan. Spinelli says Lulu isn’t obligated to Logan. Lulu worries that Scott will go back on his word if she doesn’t get back with Logan. Spinelli observes that Lulu may really want Logan back.

Scott goes to Logan’s. Logan tells him to stay “out of” his life. Logan confronts Scott about his deal with Lulu. Scott tells Logan to leave his “pride” out of the equation. Logan says he doesn’t want to “owe’ Scott for getting Lulu back. Logan says he doesn’t “want Lulu back” on Scott’s terms. Scott calls Logan an “idiot.”

Leyla and Patrick have an intimate conversation after sex on the sofa. They’re interrupted when Patrick gets paged.

At GH, Robin continues to confide in Kelly about having a baby. Kelly suggests a “sperm bank,” but Robin wants to use someone she knows. Kelly tells Robin to make a list. They come up with some suggestions like Leo, Andy, Nikolas, Jax, and Lucky. Robin takes Andy off the list because she knows Kelly still has feelings for him. Kelly suggests Eli Love and Sonny but Robin vetoes them. Robin brings up Jason but changes her mind. Kelly suggests Spinelli and Max so Robin adds them to the list.

Spinelli goes home. Carly comes over to see Jason but he’s not home. Spinelli tells Carly about Lulu and Logan. Carly asks Spinelli to trace the text message. Carly sends Spinelli out so she can wait for Jason.

Nikolas goes home to Emily. He tells her about his visit with Jerry. Nikolas still doesn’t believe that he stabbed Jerry. Emily says Nikolas needs “some help” as soon as possible.

Scott goes to Kelly’s and tells Lulu about his visit with Logan. Scott says he will still keep his end of the deal. Scott isn’t happy that Lulu told Logan about their deal. She says she wants to be “honest” about everything.

Patrick and Leyla hold hands in the hospital elevator. They drop hands before the elevator door opens. Robin is at the desk when they get off the elevator. Robin gives Patrick a patient’s file. As Robin walks away with Patrick, she drops her “list.” Leyla picks it up.

Scott goes to the Q mansion to see Tracy. He runs into Luke’s fist instead. Scott tells Luke that Lulu “has feelings” for Logan. Luke warns Scott that Logan better stay away from Lulu.

Lulu goes to Logan’s apartment. She offers him another chance at a relationship. He tells her he’s willing to try again.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas agrees to go into the hospital for tests. Emily tries to reassure him. She tells him he’s a “kind and loving man.” Nikolas wonders if his blackouts are unrelated to Jerry’s poison.

Leyla shares Robin’s list with Patrick. Neither of them knows what it means. Patrick gives the list to Robin. He wonders why he’s not getting an “invitation” to Robin’s party. Kelly tells Patrick he already “got an invitation” but chose to “turn it down.” Robin is forced to tell Patrick what the list means.

Jason comes home with Johnny Z. Carly is there. Carly asks Johnny if he killed Leticia.

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