GH Update Friday 10/5/07

General Hospital Update Friday 10/5/07


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Nikolas is at the PCPD paying a misdemeanor ticket for assaulting Logan. Lucky is there. Lucky promises Nikolas he won’t “whine” about the divorce. Nikolas seems confused as to what Lucky is talking about.

Emily and Liz are at the hospital. Liz is happy to report that she will sign her lease today. Liz announces she has a meeting with Diane later. Emily says she has a plan regarding the Spencer divorce.

Diane and Sonny are meeting at his house. She’s doing telephone research for Liz. Sonny wants to know the plan for getting rid of Trevor.

Spinelli is “summoned” to Carly’s house. Carly offers him orange soda and barbeque chips. Spinelli is hesitant to get involved in Carly’s “plan,” whatever it may be. He says he’s been warned by Jason not to get involved. Carly is offended. Spinelli tries to leave. Carly uses Lulu to get Spinelli to stay and help her. Carly wants help “keeping Lulu safe” from Johnny. Spinelli suggest that Carly ask Jason for help instead. Spinelli worries that Carly’s “plan” will put her in danger. She wants information on Trevor.

At Sonny’s, Diane says she’s on the case. She says Trevor is too smart and “good at covering his tracks.” Sonny tells Diane to find Trevor’s “weakness.”

Cody is in the Port Charles Jail waiting to see Lainey. Also at the station, Nikolas and Lucky discuss the divorce. Nikolas asks Lucky what his ultimate divorce goal is.

At GH, Emily says the lawyers each have “their own agenda.” She warns Liz about the fallout if they have an unfriendly divorce. Epiphany overhears and tells Liz to toughen up.

Robin is at the hospital talking to her mom on the phone. She tells Anna about the breakup. Robin hears an explosion and loses the call. She gets nervous and tries to find Patrick then changes her mind.

Dr. Leo Julian comes to the hospital. He’s still recovering from his gunshot wound. He invites nurse Leyla someplace. She says she has “plans” - she has a “date” with Patrick. Leo says Patrick only goes on “one kind of date.” Robin overhears the conversation.

Epiphany, Liz, and Emily discuss the divorce at the desk. Emily is summoned to x-ray. Robin comes over to talk to Liz. Leyla comes over as well. Robin and Leyla get into it over Patrick. Emily comes over to talk to Robin about Nikolas.

At the PCPD, Lucky resents Liz’s choice in an attorney. Nikolas is starting to get upset. Lainey visits with Cody. She thanks him for ending her dad’s suffering. Cody is up for murder charges. Lainey says she can help him.

Carly and Spinelli continue their conversation. Carly wants “proof” that Johnny killed Leticia. Spinelli agrees to help Carly.

Sonny is still at home with Diane. He’s set on getting rid of Trevor. Diane says only Sonny can prove what Trevor did.

At the PCPD, Cody says it’s too late to change anything. Lainey says Cody should “change” his “plea.” She explains that student nurse, Jolene, was responsible for deaths and injuries at GH. Maybe they could “pin” Rogers’s death on Jolene, Lainey hints. Meanwhile a drugged up man assaults a police officer at the station. Nikolas beats the heck out of the guy until Lucky stops him.

At GH, Emily questions Robin about Nikolas’s blood work. Emily tells Robin about the “episodes” with violence and memory loss. Robin is concerned, but she says Nikolas’s “condition” could be “temporary and treatable.” Emily worries it may not be.

Diane and Sonny are on his terrace. She says Sonny’s “contacts” may be of some help with the Trevor situation. Sonny says he won’t be able to use the information in court. Diane shows Sonny the drawing of her designer dress. She says she won’t get the dress because of Trevor. Diane says she will make Trevor pay if Sonny secures the right “information.” Spinelli interrupts so Diane leaves with “a headache.” Sonny warns that Spinelli better “use words normal people can understand.” Spinelli tells Sonny about Carly’s plan.

Trevor sees Alexis at the Metro Court. He tells Alexis that the girls are safe. Trevor asks to see Molly. Alexis agrees. Trevor thanks her and leaves. Carly asks Alexis for “help” regarding Trevor.

Epiphany is at the desk in the ER when Leyla appears. Epiphany says there is “no drama” in the ER and that makes her happy. She asks Leyla about her relationship with Patrick. Epiphany warns Leyla about Patrick’s reputation. Leyla says they’re “having fun.” Kelly is there. A young couple comes in. Dr. Andy Archer comes to the desk just as Kelly goes off on the couple for kissing. Andy pulls Kelly aside. She’s having a difficult time handling her “sex addiction.” Andy says he is sleep deprived because he’s off the sleep drugs he’s addicted to. Kelly gets a page. Before she goes, Kelly offers to “help” Andy.

At home, Sonny asks Spinelli about Carly’s plan. Spinelli tries to leave, but Sonny won’t let him. Spinelli caves and spills all to Sonny. Sonny is not happy with the information.

At the hotel, Carly grills Alexis about Trevor. Carly says Trevor may be “Zacchara’s Jason.” Alexis says she knows nothing. She gets a call so Carly walks away and calls Trevor’s room.

Liz and Emily meet up in the GH locker room. Liz is on her way to meet Diane. Lainey comes in and suggests, “a girl’s night out.” Liz leaves and Lainey tells Emily about the incident at the PCPD. Emily is horrified.

Nikolas is walking through the park. He looks down and notices his hand is bloody.

Lainey and Robin talk in the break room. Robin tells Lainey about the call from her mom. She confides in Lainey about Patrick and Leyla. Robin thinks she should “stay away Patrick.”

Spinelli goes to GH and tells Epiphany he wants to see Jolene. Epiphany says Jolene is in a coma. Spinelli insists on seeing Jolene. He wants to know why Jolene shielded him from the bullet in the ER shoot out.

Andy and Kelly talk as they walk. They are both trying to overcome their addictions. They have a “sex date” planned for 68 days later. Both of them must “stay clean” and that will be their celebration. Andy goes to a meeting. Kelly runs into Leo. She asks how he is. Leo is off to see his doctor. Kelly is clearly attracted to him.

Diane meets Alexis at the Metro Court. They compliment each other on clothes and hair. Liz shows up for the meeting. Alexis advises Liz not to “contest” Lucky’s terms.

Trevor goes to Carly’s house, on her invitation. She pours him a drink. Carly says she and Trevor can “help each other out.”

Lucky shows up at the hotel for the meeting. Diane suggests he sign her papers. Alexis disagrees. The two women challenge each other.

At GH, Robin tries to reach her mom. Leyla comes to Robin asking for information for Patrick. Robin is rude to Leyla.

Kelly goes into the exam room with Leo. He says he’s getting stronger. Kelly closes the door and makes a move on Leo. He doesn’t resist her advance.

Nikolas goes to GH to tend to his hand. He tells a woman he has “no idea” how he hurt himself.

Sonny shows up at Carly’s to interrupt her and Trevor. Carly tells Sonny to leave.

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