GH Update Thursday 10/4/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 10/4/07


Written By Laurie
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Lulu, Johnny, and Logan are in the park. Johnny has his gun pointed at Logan. Johnny is angry because Logan upset Lulu. Lulu tries to calm Johnny down. Logan tries to get the gun from Johnny and the two begin to fight.

Coop meets Maxie at the Metro Court restaurant. He seems happy to see her. She tells him that she wants to reconnect with him.

Ric and Skye are together in the restaurant as well. They are talking about Lorenzo. Skye hints that she may want an “alliance” with Ric.

Scott, Emily and Nikolas are in the Metro Court lobby talking about Nikolas’s attack on Logan. Scott wants to file charges against Nikolas. Emily and Nikolas leave the hotel.

Georgie goes to the penthouse to see Spinelli. He thinks she wants to talk about the Europe trip. Georgie says she’s been dishonest with Spinelli.

Johnny and Logan continue to fight in the park. Johnny drops his gun. Lulu picks up the gun and points it at Logan and Johnny. She tells them to stop fighting.

Trevor goes to see Carly at home. He tells her to keep Lulu away from Johnny. Jason comes over in the middle of the conversation.

In the Metro Court restaurant, Skye says an “alliance” can happen only if Ric gets over his obsession with “revenge.” She tells Ric his “hatred of Sonny and Jason” is holding him back.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Maxie tells Coop she wants him back. He tells her things have changed.

At the penthouse, Georgie tells Spinelli she came over because she’s “worried” about the situation with Lulu and Johnny. She really came over to see Spinelli. Spinelli says he “trusts” Georgie. He also tells her to be careful.

In the park, Logan tells Lulu not to give the gun to Johnny. She removes the clip from the gun and hands the gun to Johnny. Lulu tells Johnny to leave the park and he finally does. Logan asks Lulu about her connection to Johnny.

At Carly’s house, Trevor warns that Johnny has to be off limits. Trevor leaves. Jason wonders what Carly did to get Trevor to pay her a visit.

Emily and Nikolas get home from the Metro Court. She apologizes for slapping Scott. Nikolas says he is afraid of losing control again.

At the Metro Court, Coop says it’s a bad idea for him and Maxie to start over. Upset, Maxie walks out of the restaurant.

Still in the restaurant, Ric and Skye talk about his resentment of Sonny. Ric says he finds the Sonny, Kate, Trevor triangle “educational.” He says he’s not interested in taking sides.

Logan questions Lulu in the park. She says Johnny is none of his business. Logan thinks Johnny is dangerous. Lulu defends Johnny.

Johnny goes to the Metro Court and runs into Trevor. Trevor wants Johnny to leave town right away.

At home, Carly is angry that Jason let Lulu move in with him. Carly tells Jason she was trying to find out if Johnny killed Leticia. Jason wants to know everything about Carly’s meeting with Johnny.

Alexis meets with her client, Jerry, in the Metro Court restaurant.

Ric notices Alexis and Jerry together so he approaches them. He tells Alexis she’s endangering Molly by associating with Jerry. Ric says he wants Jerry far away from Molly. Ric threatens to take Alexis back to court if she lets Jerry near Molly. Ric leaves. Alexis tells Jerry she will continue to represent him to spite Ric. Jerry is clearly amused by Alexis.

Ric goes back to Skye. He tells Skye that he will go to great lengths to protect his child from Jerry.

Emily and Nikolas are still at home discussing his violent behavior. Nikolas says most of the incidents are a “blank” to him.

At home, Carly tells Jason that Johnny pulled a gun on her. Carly says Johnny is way too interested in Lulu for comfort.

Maxie goes to see Logan but he’s not home.

Logan is still in the park with Lulu. She tells him about hitching a ride with Johnny. Lulu says Johnny has nothing to do with her former relationship with Logan. She says she can’t get past Logan’s betrayal. Logan thinks Lulu still cares about him. Lulu says Logan is way off base and she leaves him in the park.

Logan comes home and finds Maxie outside his door. She spills her guts about her evening with Coop. Logan has no sympathy for Maxie. Logan tells Maxie about his lousy day. He calls Maxie a “bitch” and says she “ruined” his life.

Lulu goes to Carly’s house. She’s angry about Carly meeting Johnny. Carly tells Lulu she texted Johnny in Lulu’s name.

Jason gets home to a frantic Spinelli, who tells him about the new text message Sonny received.

Alexis and Jerry go to her office in the Metro Court. He tells her to “calm down.” Jerry says he doesn’t want Alexis to lose custody of Molly because of him. Jerry wonders why Alexis “got involved with a soulless creep” like Ric.

In the Metro Court restaurant, Skye advises Ric against taking Alexis to family court again. She tells Ric to come to a “truce” about the custody issue. Skye assures Ric that Alexis will refrain from getting personally “involved” with Jerry. Ric says Alexis will get involved with Jerry just to spite him. Trevor interrupts Skye and Ric. Skye leaves the table to make a phone call. Trevor tells Ric to “close down the investigation into” Leticia’s murder.

At home, Emily tries to reassure Nikolas. He’s afraid he will get violent with her. Emily thinks Nikolas suffers from some sort of “chemical imbalance.” Nikolas apologizes for “yelling at” Emily at the Metro Court.

At his apartment, Logan tells Maxie that he despises her.

At the Metro Court, Trevor tells Ric to “frame” someone unrelated for Leticia’s murder. Trevor says it’s in Ric’s best interest to close the case.

In her office, Alexis doesn’t want to get “personal” with Jerry. Jerry asks if Alexis got involved with Ric because he’s Sonny’s brother. He wonders why he and Alexis can’t at least “have dinner.” After all, he’s the brother of Alexis’s other ex. Alexis says she will give Jerry “the benefit of the doubt,” even though she thinks he’s guilty of many things. She says she won’t let their “professional relationship turn personal.” “That’s too bad,” Jerry says, disappointed. He kisses Alexis on the hand and leaves her office. Alexis is very clearly affected by Jerry (and the kiss).

At the penthouse, Spinelli asks if Carly is going to back off Johnny. Jason says Carly thinks Johnny is innocent of Leticia’s murder. Jason says he’s not so sure Carly is right.

At home, Carly continues her conversation with Lulu. Carly says her motivation was to “protect” her cousin. Lulu resents that Carly is trying “to run” her life. Lulu says Johnny was justified in pulling a gun on Carl because she “set him up.” Carly wants Lulu to “stay away from” Johnny. Lulu leaves and promises to be cautious. She gets a text message from Johnny.

Meanwhile, Johnny gets a text message that reads “when and where?”

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