GH Update Friday 9/28/07

General Hospital Update Friday 9/28/07


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Diane goes to the PCPD to deliver divorce papers to Lucky.

Emily goes with Liz to look at a house.

Kate comes to the office to see Sonny. She’s on her way to GH.

Spinelli delivers Lulu her breakfast at the apartment. Carly comes over to talk to Lulu.

At the coffeehouse, Sonny thinks Kate is “putting on a good face” about her community service. She says she’s taking a “leave” from the magazine. Sonny tells Kate to be “realistic” about her “troubles.”

At Jason’s, Carly sends Spinelli out so she can talk to Lulu. Lulu tells Carly about the bet.

Liz falls in love with the first house she and Emily see. Liz thinks it’s too good to be true.

At the PCPD, Diane tells Lucky to sign the papers. Lucky asks if Jason asked Diane to handle the divorce for Liz.

Logan comes into the Metro Court. Nikolas and Scott are there. Nikolas starts a fight with Logan. Scott and another man intervene and pull Nikolas off Logan. Logan is a bloody mess. Scott tells Logan that Nikolas is “dangerous.” He suggests that Logan leave town. Logan tells Scott that he “cares about Lulu.”

Emily and Liz scrutinize the entire house. Emily talks to Liz about Nikolas’s “volatile” temper. Liz says she’s hesitant to live alone.

Lucky talks to Alexis at the PCPD. He asks her to look over the divorce papers.

At the coffeehouse, Sonny warns Kate that Trevor’s “threat” isn’t over. Kate says Trevor doesn’t “scare” her. Sonny laughs and calls Kate “delusional,” but it’s clear she amuses him.

At Jason’s, Carly tells Lulu to give herself a break. Carly calls Logan “an idiot.” She tells Lulu not to “forgive” Logan. Lulu lets it slip that she befriended Johnny Zacchara.

Carly is not happy with the news. She tells Lulu about the dangers of hitchhiking. Lulu doesn’t think Johnny killed Leticia. Carly fakes a cough so Lulu will leave the room to get water. Carly retrieves Johnny’s information from Lulu’s phone.

Kate goes to GH for her community service. She checks in with Epiphany. Kate is told to change into scrubs and go clean a room. “I don’t clean,” Kate tells Epiphany, as Liz and Emily listen in. Kate asks for a “position” in public relations. Epiphany tells Kate she will play the role of “orderly.” Liz tries to help and tells Kate where to go and change. Kate leaves. Emily thinks Kate is in “for quite a culture shock.” Liz tells Emily she’s taking the house.

At the PCPD, Alexis tells Lucky that he has no “custody rights.” She wonders why he doesn’t have an attorney. Lucky asks Alexis to represent him. Alexis agrees to represent Lucky. She runs into Trevor on the way out of the station.

Diane gets to Sonny’s office. She gets nervous when Sonny talks about Trevor’s elimination. Diane says she “can’t handle another murder trial.” Sonny tells Diane “to get rid of Trevor.”

At the hotel, Scott gives Logan a towel to wipe his wounds. Logan is suspicious of Scott’s kindness. Carly comes into the lobby and Logan approaches her. She calls Logan “a lowlife.” Carly tells Logan to leave town. Scott steps in and reminds Carly of her own past mistakes. Carly says Luke will make Logan pay for his actions.

Georgie goes to Jason’s to see Spinelli. He’s not there so she makes small talk with Lulu. Georgie apologizes for Maxie’s actions.

Kate tries her best to be an orderly at GH. Epiphany isn’t very warm or helpful. Epiphany says Kate was “rude” when she was a patient. Kate leaves and goes on with her chores.

Liz tells Emily she was able to secure the house.

At the coffeehouse, Sonny tells Diane to take Trevor “down through the legal system.” Sonny wants Trevor disbarred. Diane says Trevor is above the law. Diane says nothing good will come from the battle with Trevor.

At the PCPD, Alexis tells Trevor she’s temporarily staying with Nikolas. Trevor apologizes that Alexis is “living in fear.” He leads her to believe that she and the girls are safe.

Spinelli returns home but Georgie leaves suddenly. Lulu finds it strange that Georgie left in such a hurry. Spinelli inquires about Lulu’s conversation with Carly. Lulu says Carly has made too many mistakes of her own to give “advice.” Lulu says she doubts if there is such a thing as “happily ever after.”

At GH, Emily tells Liz she hasn’t heard from Nikolas. Epiphany tells Kate to take a patient to x-ray. Kate wonders why Epiphany dislikes her.

At the coffeehouse, Sonny wonders if Diane can have Trevor disbarred. Alexis interrupts. Alexis tells Sonny about her conversation with Trevor.

At the hotel, Carly tells Marty to “throw out” Logan if he returns. She also wants Scott to check out of the hotel. Trevor comes in and Carly introduces herself to him. Carly asks Trevor “how nuts” Johnny Zacchara is. Trevor tells Carly she shouldn’t be asking that question.

Nikolas is at home having a drink. Alfred tells him the Metro Court manager called “about the fight.” Nikolas says he doesn’t recall having a fight.

At GH, Emily tries not to worry about Nikolas. Lucky gets off the elevator. Liz tells him about the house. Lucky tells Liz he hired Alexis. Liz isn’t sold on the idea.

At the coffeehouse, Alexis tells Diane she’s representing Lucky. Diane says she has to get the word from Liz. Diane says she will “barbeque Lucky.” Sonny tells Diane to focus on Trevor.

Kate returns to the hotel. In the lobby, Trevor tells Kate she’s “fired’ from the magazine.

At Jason’s, Lulu questions Spinelli about his computer research. Spinelli says he can’t talk about it. Logan comes to the door. He wants to talk to Lulu.

Carly gets home. She sends a text message to Johnny pretending to be Lulu. She tells Johnny that she (Lulu) has a new number. Johnny is happy to get the text.

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