GH Update Thursday 9/27/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/27/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread By Subha

At the Spencer house, Liz tells Lucky the divorce is the right thing. He’s not so sure. Lucky offers to move out so Liz can stay.

At Jason’s, Spinelli tells Jason that Lulu needs him to “look after her.” Jason tells Spinelli to “focus.” Spinelli is trying to track down the sender of the text message.

In court, the judge gets ready to sentence Kate, and begins by saying that “celebrities” think they are “above the law.”

In his office, Sonny tells Carly he wants the kids to live with him until the “danger” is over. Carly wants to live on her terms. Sonny thinks everyone, including Jax, should live at his house. Carly tells Sonny to “protect Kate’ and leave her out of it. Carly leaves the office.

In court, the judge says jail will make Kate a “martyr.” He gives her 6 months of “community service” and an “ankle monitor.”

At Jason’s, Spinelli plays up having Lulu live at the apartment. Jason tells Spinelli to be realistic about “the blonde one.”

Lucky and Liz continue their talk at the house. She apologizes and says it’s time to move on. Liz says Lucky should stay in the house, as it belongs to his family.

Nikolas goes to GH to see Robin. He wants her to check his blood for any sign of Jerry’s poison. Robin asks what Nikolas’s symptoms are. He tells her he feels “healthy.” Nikolas starts to lose his temper with Robin.

In court, Diane objects to Kate’s sentence. She tells the judge he is “clueless about fashion.” Diane says Kate can’t do her job while wearing an ankle monitor. Ric says he is “speechless.” Kate agrees to wear the monitor.

At Jason’s, Spinelli says he won’t “take advantage” of Lulu’s emotional state. He hopes she will grow to love him. Sonny comes in and dismisses Spinelli. Sonny tells Jason to “get Carly under control.”

At the Spencer house, Liz and Lucky agree to remain “friends.” Emily comes to take Liz to her new home.

Spinelli and Georgie meet up at the coffeehouse. Spinelli is helping Georgie plan her year in Europe. He tells Georgie that Lulu is rooming with him. Georgie is surprised and disappointed by the news.

Jerry goes to see Carly at the house. He disagrees with Jax’s form of protection. He tells Carly she’s making a mistake. Jerry tells Carly she needs to take “precautions” if she wants to be safe. Jerry leaves.

In court, Diane and Kate discuss her punishment. Trevor calls it a “slap on the wrist.” He taunts Kate about her “community service” before leaving.

At Jason’s, Sonny vents to Jason about Carly. Jason tries to understand Carly’s side.

Liz gets ready to leave the house for the final time. Lucky puts the kids in the car. Liz and Lucky make plans to spend the holidays together. They reassure each other. Lucky walks Liz out. He waves to the kids then stands on the porch and sadly looks into the empty house.

Kate goes to see Sonny at the coffeehouse. She tells him she won’t be going to jail.

At the courthouse, Trevor questions Ric about Kate’s sentence. Ric says he had nothing to do with it. Ric is satisfied that Trevor is unhappy. Ric leaves the courtroom.

At the coffeehouse, Spinelli and Georgie go over her possible European “destinations.” Georgie asks why Lulu is Spinelli’s roommate. Georgie considers Lulu “lucky” for having Spinelli in her life.

At home alone, Lucky gets a visit from Nikolas. The brothers think that Liz acted too quickly. Lucky is sad and “sorry” about the end of the marriage. He says he feels “free.”

Emily helps Liz settle in at her grandmother’s house. Liz is sadly trying to adjust. Emily tries to reassure Liz. She wonders if Jason will have a place in Liz’s life.

Carly notices that her door open. Jason startles her by appearing in the living room.

At the coffeehouse, Georgie wonders if Jason’s place is “crowded.”

In the office, Kate shows Sonny her ankle monitor. She says she’s ok with her punishment. She says everything is “water under the bridge.” Kate heads to GH to find out her new assignment. Jerry comes into the office after she leaves. Jerry asks Sonny if Kate knows the real reason she “got off so easy.” Sonny credits Jerry for uncovering a personal indiscretion against the judge, which was used to get Kate an easier sentence. Sonny wants to know who drugged Kate. Jerry says it wasn’t him. Sonny seems to believe him.

Carly gets mad because Jason snuck into her house. She tells Jason about Jax’s threat on Zacchara. Jason isn’t impressed. He says he’ll “post additional guards” at Carly’s. Carly wonders if Liz has put in her “claim” on Jason yet.

Spinelli shows Georgie the “legendary home of Juliet” on the Internet. He says he wants to take Lulu there some day. Georgie wonders if Spinelli will ever have feelings for someone other than Lulu.

Trevor goes to see Sonny at the coffeehouse. He asks how Sonny managed to lighten Kate’s sentence. Sonny denies being involved. Trevor says it’s not over for Kate.

Kate goes to GH to inquire about her community service. She asks Epiphany to find her something “acceptable,” like “public relations.” Epiphany breaks into uncontrollable laughter and walks away from Kate.

A newly “free” Lucky goes to see Sam.

Liz sits in her new home with the baby. She talks to him about their new life.

Carly continues to badmouth Liz. Jason gets angry and tells her to “shut up.” He says he would be “happy” to “come home to” Liz and the kids. Jason tells Carly that he won’t ever risk their safety by being with Liz. He tells Carly to refrain from badmouthing Liz in his presence. Carly is surprised by Jason’s reaction.

At the Metro Court, Nikolas leaves a message for Robin about the test results. Jerry comes into the hotel lobby. He wonders if Nikolas plans on giving him another beating. Nikolas asks Jerry if the poison had any “long term affects.” Jerry sarcastically asks if Nikolas is feeling sick.

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