GH Update Wednesday 9/26/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/26/07


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Liz goes to the house to collect the rest of her things. Lucky is there. They sadly rehash their problems. Liz wants help explaining things to Cam.

Jason gets home to find Spinelli waiting to serve breakfast to Lulu. Lulu comes downstairs.

Carly sends the boys off to school. She asks Jax if they should have moved back to the house. Jax tells her Zacchara is no longer a threat.

Diane and Sonny discuss Kate’s case in his office. Diane tells Sonny not to come to Kate’s hearing.

Nikolas and Emily are having coffee in the study. He’s on edge. Nikolas is disappointed that Emily can’t spend her day off with him. She has to help Liz with the move. Nikolas lies and says he’s ok with Emily’s plans. He kicks the coffee table when she leaves.

At the house, Liz and Lucky discuss his visits with the kids. Liz says she plans on getting her own place soon. She tells Lucky she wants no child support or alimony.

At Jason’s, Spinelli offers Lulu the breakfast he prepared for her. She opts for coffee only and goes to get it. Jason asks if Spinelli tracked down the sender of the text. Lulu overhears the conversation.

At home, Jax tells Carly that he threatened to put the IRS on Zacchara by bidding on one of his companies. Carly says Jax is “brilliant.”

In his office, Sonny tells Diane that he wants to be there to support Kate. Diane says he must “stay away” from the hearing. Diane leaves and Jerry appears. Sonny warns Jerry that he better have a good reason for the visit.

At Jason’s, Lulu asks about the text from the killer. Jason says it’s not her concern. She’s not permitted to “ask questions about business.” Spinelli explains the ground rules of “living with Stone Cold.”

Lucky and Liz explain their new arrangement to Cam. They try to reassure him.

Nikolas talks to Alfred in the study when Jerry interrupts. Jerry is looking for Alexis. Nikolas offers to get Alexis but instead he attacks Jerry. Nikolas throws Jerry on the floor and kicks him continuously. Alfred tries to intervene.

Diane comes to court and is disappointed to find Sonny there. Kate comes in and talks to Sonny. He offers her his support. Trevor comes in the courtroom. Ric is close behind. Sonny tells Ric to grow up and do the right thing.

Carly and Jax collect their messages at the Metro Court. Carly wants to kick Trevor out of the hotel. Jax says Carly should let Sonny “fight his own battles.”

At the courthouse, Ric says he must use the evidence against Kate. Sonny says Trevor “set her up.” Sonny leaves before the judge arrives. Trevor blames Sonny for Kate’s predicament.

At Jason’s, Lulu says she will remain mum if she hears any secrets. She leaves the room. Spinelli says the text came from Mike’s phone. He says someone “piggybacked” on Mike’s phone. Lulu comes back into the room. She gets another message from Johnny. Spinelli sees the message on her phone and gets upset.

Emily goes to the house to help Liz. She also lends a sympathetic ear.

Alexis comes in as Nikolas is beating Jerry. She asks Alfred who started the fight. He and Nikolas say it was Jerry. Jerry tells Alexis that Nikolas “attacked” him. Alexis tells Jerry to leave and he does. Nikolas goes on a rampage about Jerry. He threatens to evict Alexis if she “continues to defend” Jerry. Alexis denies defending Jerry. Nikolas says Jerry is forbidden to come to the house. Alexis thinks that Nikolas started the fight with Jerry. He and Alfred deny the accusation. Nikolas dismisses Alfred. Alexis wonders if Nikolas will “kill” Jerry if he returns to the house.

At the Spencer house, Emily tells Liz about Nikolas’s temper. Liz tells Emily she won’t accept alimony or child support from Lucky. A generous Emily offers Liz money to buy a house. Liz declines.

At Jason’s, Lulu tries to talk Spinelli out of telling Jason about Johnny’s messages. Spinelli finds Lulu and her request hard to resist. She says she’ll move out of the apartment if Spinelli tells Jason about the messages.

Jason goes to Sonny’s office and shares what he knows about the text message. Sonny wonders if Trevor sent the message.

At the courthouse, Trevor continues to warn Kate about Sonny. She calls him a “bully.” Diane tells Kate how to answer the judge’s questions. The judge appears. Ric asks the court for “the maximum jail sentence.”

Nikolas and Alexis continue to disagree in the study. Nikolas says he’s insulted that Alexis has taken Jerry’s “side.” Alexis wonders what is “wrong” with her nephew. She again accuses Nikolas of throwing “the first punch.” Upset and disappointed, Alexis leaves.

At the hotel, Jerry wonders why Jax brought the family home. Jax questions Jerry about his bruises. Jerry claims he “cut himself shaving.” Jax tells Jerry about his IRS threat. Jerry warns his brother that it won’t be so easy to get rid of the Zacchara threat.

Carly goes to see Sonny at his office. She’s mad that Sonny took the kids out of school and sent them to his house. Sonny tells Carly not to bother Diane, as she’s busy defending Kate. Carly accuses Sonny of being more concerned with Kate than with his own family.

Jason gets home and finds Spinelli distracted. Lulu is eavesdropping on their conversation. Jason insists that Spinelli finds the real sender of the text. Spinelli refuses and says he’s “cracking under pressure.” Lulu steps forward to talk to Jason.

Kate stands before the judge and says she regrets her bad behavior. The judge says although she seems “sincere,” Kate’s apology is “too little, too late.”

In his office, Sonny blames Carly for choosing to come home. She says she can take care of herself with Jax’s help. Sonny says he doesn’t “trust Jax with the boys.”

Lulu tells Jason that Johnny has been texting her. She tells Jason she made Spinelli keep it a secret. Jason asks Lulu to find out if Johnny sent the message to Sonny.

In the study, Nikolas asks Alfred if Jerry threw the first punch. Alfred admits to his lie. Alfred tells Nikolas that he’s been angry and acting out lately. Nikolas doesn’t seem to remember any details of the incidents.

Lucky comes home – Liz is still packing. Lucky asks Liz to stay.

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