GH Update Tuesday 9/25/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/25/07


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Jax and Carly fly home with the kids.

At Jason’s, Lulu reads Johnny’s text while Spinelli and Jason discuss Sonny’s text.

Lucky and Liz discuss divorce at home.

Ric is at home on the phone with his daughter. He talks to Alexis as well. Trevor comes over.

In the study, Nikolas apologizes for his anger. Emily is concerned about him. Nikolas blames his mood swings on Lulu’s troubles. Emily seems pacified. She tells Nikolas that Lulu is safe.

At home, Liz doesn’t fight Lucky’s decision. She apologizes to him. Lucky blames himself and his addiction for their problems.

Carly and Jax discuss their living arrangements before the plane lands. They decide to go to the house. Jax promises to keep his family “safe.”

At Jason’s, Spinelli talks to Jason about finding the source of the text. Meanwhile, Lulu gets another text message from Johnny. Jason gets a phone call and leaves in a hurry.

At Jason’s, Lulu asks why Jason left in such a hurry. Spinelli says it was business. He tells Lulu she can have his pink room. She says she’ll take the spare room. Lulu answers a call from Logan. He asks her to meet with him.

Maxie and Logan run into each other at Kelly’s. They argue about Lulu. Coop comes in and tells Logan to stop yelling at Maxie.

Nikolas and Emily are still in the study. Nikolas is still worried about Lulu. Emily says Lulu has to learn from her mistakes in life. Emily wonders what is “bothering” Nikolas.

At home, Liz says she acted selfishly when she remarried Lucky. She says her feelings changed for Lucky. She was “afraid” to tell him in case it drove him back to drugs. Lucky apologizes for being a bad husband and father. They both want what’s best for their kids.

Carly gets home with the boys. Jax will be along later, Carly says. They bring new bodyguards, Tony and Chris. Jason is in the house waiting for them. He’s unhappy that they are back in town. Jason says they must live at Sonny’s house but Carly refuses.

In the study, Emily wonders if Nikolas is “hiding something.” He denies that it involves Jerry. Lucky comes in and interrupts with news of the divorce.

Diane shows up at Liz’s house. Diane says she is “on call” for “important” people, Liz included. Liz asks Diane to handle the divorce.

Jason wants to take Carly and the kids to Sonny’s. She tells him they are staying in their house. Carly says she trusts Jax to keep them safe. Jason disagrees with Carly’s decision.

At Ric’s, Trevor flaunts his power. Ric wonders if Trevor’s legitimate connections know about his mob ties. Trevor gets a phone call and leaves.

Coop and Logan argue at Kelly’s. Mike gets between them. Lulu comes in and learns that Coop knows the truth. Lulu walks out but Logan follows her. Maxie tells Coop that Lulu is “stupid” if she listens to Logan. Coop leaves. Lulu and Logan argue outside. He insists that he “cares” about her.

Lucky and Nikolas talk alone in the study. Lucky tells his brother how Liz supported him through his addiction. Lucky says he can’t “fight” for his marriage anymore. Nikolas comforts his brother.

Emily goes to the house to see Liz. Emily says Jason can be there to help Liz. She tells Liz to look for happiness. Liz says Jason’s life is too dangerous for her.

Jason goes home. Spinelli is obsessing over Lulu. Spinelli tells Jason about the call from Logan. Jason says it’s not safe for Lulu to stay with them. He’s mad that Spinelli didn’t ask before he invited Lulu to move in.

At Carly’s, Diane enjoys being frisked by Chris and Tony. Carly wants Diane to tell Sonny that she’s back in town and staying in her house. Diane tells Carly about Liz’s divorce.

Sky goes to Ric’s with a “proposition.” She tells him that Lorenzo’s “assets have been frozen.” Skye needs to “provide for” her child. She offers to pay Ric if he helps her get “control of Lorenzo’s money.”

Outside of Kelly’s, Lulu says it’s “too late” for her and Logan.

At Jason’s, Spinelli is warned that Lulu only wants friendship from him. Jason says Lulu may “forgive” Logan.

Jax gets home and Carly rushes out on an “errand.” Trevor comes to see Jax. Jax says he can “ruin” Anthony Zacchara if he doesn’t keep his distance.

At home, Ric promises to try and help Skye. Ric blames Skye for not being more helpful during the trial. She says there is no “proof” that Lorenzo is dead. Skye says revenge is a waste of time. She leaves.

At home, Jax threatens to use Zacchara’s companies to destroy him. He tells Trevor he’ll buy Zacchara’s companies, which will alert the IRS. Jax tells Trevor to leave.

Outside of Kelly’s, Spinelli comes to Lulu’s rescue. She asks Logan to leave her alone. Logan leaves, to Spinelli’s delight. Lulu gets another text from Johnny.

Emily goes home to find Nikolas alone. They talk about the divorce. Nikolas wonders how Liz is handling it. Nikolas says he’s grateful to have Emily in his life.

Lucky comes home. Liz tells him about Emily’s visit. She also tells him she hired Diane. Lucky is hurt that Liz moved so fast. Liz says she’s taking the kids and moving to her grandmother’s.

Carly bangs on Jason’s door. She says she will “protect” Jason from Liz and her marital problems.

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