GH Update Monday 9/24/07

General Hospital Update Monday 9/24/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread by Subha

In his study, Nikolas throws a glass at Alexis, which scares her.  Alfred comes in to mediate and clean up.

At the barn, Liz is astonished to learn that Sam and Amelia know who Jake’s father is. 

In his study, Nikolas denies trying to hurt Alexis.

On the island, Jerry is revealed to be the gunman.  He claims to be there to check on security – which doesn’t seem to be so great.  He tells Jax and Carly they need better protection.  An angry Jax punches his brother to Carly’s delight.

At the PCPD, Sonny is concerned about the text message.  Kate wants him to tell the police but he refuses.  Kate is upset about her possible charges.  Trevor comes in and tells Sonny about the incident with Johnny and Jason.  Trevor tells Sonny to leave Johnny alone, no matter what.

At Jason’s, Spinelli asks Lulu about a necklace she keeps playing with.  She says it’s from “a friend.”  Lucky comes over to check on his sister.  He asks her to move into the Spencer house.  She refuses.  Spinelli says that Lulu is moving into the apartment with Jason and him. 

At the barn, Jason tells Liz about all the people who know about Jake’s paternity.  Liz is afraid of what Sam will tell Lucky.  Jason tells Liz that Sam watched the kidnapping of Jake.  He also tells her that Sam was behind the incident in the park.

At GH, Robin is paged to assist Patrick in the OR.  She tells Epiphany to get another doctor.  Epiphany tells Robin to take care of the patient.  She also tells her to remember not to “get personally involved” with coworkers.  Robin goes to prepare for surgery. 

On the island, Carly and Jax want no part of Jerry’s help.  He wants them to leave the country for their safety.  Jax wonders why Jerry is so concerned about them.

At Jason’s, Lucky is against Lulu moving in.  Spinelli says she will be protected.  Lulu says she can’t be around Liz and Lucky’s personal problems.

At the barn, Liz is upset that Jason didn’t tell her about Sam’s involvement sooner.  Jason says if he turned Sam in, the truth about Jake’s paternity would have come out.  Liz tells Jason she misses him.  He says he looks at her and Jake’s photo often.  Jason says he wants their relationship to be based on the truth.  He kisses Liz and tells her he loves her.  She says she loves him and walks out of the barn.

In the study, Alexis presses Nikolas about his violent behavior.  He claims to love her.  He won’t apologize for his behavior but says he sorry for getting mad.  Alexis wonders what the problem is.

On the island, Jerry is upset that nobody will “listen” to him.  He says Jax’s family is in danger.  He suggests they leave the island right away.

Trevor is in the barn and on the phone talking about Johnny when Ric comes in.

At GH, Liz arrives for her shift.  Robin and Epiphany discuss the surgery.  Epiphany is sarcastic.  Liz and Robin talk about Robin’s breakup with Patrick.  Liz admits that her own relationship is in trouble.  Robin is sympathetic.

Emily goes to the Spencer house to drop off clothes for Jake.  She visits with Lucky.  Emily asks Lucky if he’s still “sleeping with Sam.”  He says it happened one time and that he felt “appreciated.”

Tracy and Edward show up at Jason’s to take Lulu home.  She refuses.  Edward calls Spinelli “riff-raff.”  Spinelli tells Tracy and Edward about Johnny.  Tracy warns Lulu about the Zaccharas.  Jason comes home.  He’s not so happy to see his relatives.

In the study, Nikolas says Alexis is “overreacting.”  He rehashes her “attraction to dangerous men.”  Alexis wonders if Nikolas has been drinking.  He laughs and says he’s ok.  Emily comes in and Alexis fills her in.

At GH, Robin and Liz discuss their relationships with Jason.  They agree he lives a dangerous life.  Robin says Jason is “amazing with children.”  She says being a father scares Patrick.

At Jason’s, Spinelli says Lulu is moving in.  Jason is surprised but says nothing.  Edward accepts Lulu’s decision.  Jason tells Spinelli to go to the PCPD to see Sonny.  Spinelli leaves.  Jason tells Tracy that Lulu is welcome to move in.  Lulu thanks Edward and Tracy for their concern.

At the barn, Ric says he recently learned how dangerous and “violent” Anthony Zacchara is.  He wonders how involved Trevor is with the mobster.  Trevor admits nothing.  He tells Ric to shut his mouth if he wants to be “protected.”

At the PCPD, Kate urges Sonny to share his text with the police.  Diane comes in to see Kate.  She “lectures” Sonny about what he’s done to Kate’s life.   Diane says it’s time for Kate’s mug shot.  Kate tells Diane that she had her picture taken when she was teen with her “special guy” on Coney Island.  Kate says she’ll be thinking of that when they take her mug shot.  Kate leaves to get her mug shot taken.

In the study, Emily apologizes for Nikolas’s behavior.  Alexis says she has no personal “relationship” with Jerry.  Alexis leaves.  Emily is concerned about Nikolas.

Spinelli arrives at the PCPD.  Sonny asks him to track the sender of the text message. 

At Jason’s, Tracy urges Lulu to move in with Lucky.  Edward suggests Kelly’s.  Admitting defeat, Edward warns Jason to look out for Lulu.  He and Tracy finally leave.  Lulu asks Jason if he minds her moving in. 

Liz comes home with the kids.  Lucky tells her he wants to “talk.”  She takes the kids upstairs first.

In the study, Nikolas blames Alexis for their argument.  Emily brings up the incident with Logan.  Nikolas gets really angry with Emily for not believing his side of the story.

At the PCPD, Mac asks Sonny if he’s heard from Zacchara.  Sonny says he hasn’t, so Mac walks away.  Diane tells Sonny to be honest with the police.

On the island, Jax and Carly discuss their next move.  They decide to return home. 

At home, Liz and Lucky finally have the “talk.”  He admits to sleeping with Sam.  Liz tells him she already knew.  Lucky says they should divorce.  He puts his wedding ring on the table. 

Spinelli comes home and fills Jason in on the text message.  Meanwhile Lulu gets a text message from Johnny that says, “Last night was just the start.”

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