GH Update Friday 9/21/07

General Hospital Update Friday 9/21/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures By Suzanne
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Jax surprises Carly by visiting the island.

Outside of Kelly’s, Coop tells Logan to stay away from Maxie.

At the PCPD, Trevor is with Kate. Ric and Sonny come in.

Inside the barn, Lulu tries to stop Jason and Johnny from shooting each other. Johnny backs down and dares Jason to kill him. Lulu tells Jason and Spinelli that she’s not hurt. Two of Zacchara’s men come to get Johnny.

At Kelly’s, Mike comes outside and asks what’s going on between Maxie, Coop and Logan. Everyone goes inside to talk. Logan tells Coop about the bet. He blames everything on Maxie.

At GH, Epiphany corrects Emily. Epiphany tells Emily to “start thinking like a doctor.” Liz gets off the elevator and she’s worried about Lulu. Emily says she’s worried about Nikolas’s temper. Nikolas gets off the elevator. Emily asks him about the confrontation with Logan. Nikolas brushes the question off. Nikolas goes to a board meeting.

On the island, Carly questions Jax about Port Charles. Jax tells Carly about Kate.

At the PCPD, Trevor says that Ric will “throw the book at Kate.” Kate tells Ric that Trevor is “framing” her. Sonny says Kate now sees the real Trevor. Trevor calls Sonny “paranoid.” Sonny tells Ric that Trevor “framed Kate” like he “lied” about Sonny. Sonny says his and Ric’s bad relationship is Trevor’s fault. Sonny calls Trevor a “soulless, selfish bastard.” Sonny says Ric’s “vendetta” has been based on Trevor’s lies.

On the island, Jax tells Carly Kate may have been drugged. Carly believes Trevor drugged Kate. She’s worried that all of the old feelings about Trevor will affect Sonny’s judgment.

At Kelly’s, Logan continues to blame everything on Maxie. Coop says that Maxie’s behavior doesn’t excuse Logan’s violence.

At the barn, Johnny finally leaves with his guards. Before he goes, he pulls his gun and pretends to shoot Jason.

At GH, Emily orders more tests for her patient. Emily sees Georgie and tells her she spoke to Nikolas about Logan. Liz and Emily are concerned that Nikolas denied that anything really happened. Nikolas comes over to Georgie to apologize.

At Kelly’s, Logan says he will protect Lulu. Mike comes over and asks about Lulu. Logan plays victim and blames Maxie. Mike goes back to work. Coop says Logan is a user. Maxie seems satisfied.

Spinelli and Jason take Lulu to the apartment. Spinelli tells Lulu that Logan told them everything. She’s embarrassed that everyone knows she’s “an idiot.”

On the island, Carly says she wants to come home. Michael and Morgan interrupt Carly’s reunion with Jax.

At the PCPD, Ric says he was “a fool” for believing Trevor’s stories about his mom. Ric says he “threw away” most of his life because of Trevor’s manipulative lies.

On the island, Michael and Morgan are homesick. The kids go get ready for the beach. Someone is lurking around outside and they have a gun.

At the PCPD, Ric questions what his father is really up to. He and Sonny think Trevor is trying to keep them busy so Zacchara can move in. Ric tells Sonny he will pay him back for the “hell” Sonny has caused him.

Nikolas comes home to find Alexis in the study. She’s on the phone with Jerry, which upsets Nikolas. Alexis says that Jerry is her client. Nikolas gets angry.

At Kelly’s, Maxie thanks Coop for helping her. Maxie tells Coop about the bet. Coop is disappointed and hurt. He tells Maxie to “stay away from Logan.” Maxie blames herself for losing Coop. He leaves.

At Jason’s, Lulu is upset that everyone knows what happened. She blames Spinelli. He apologizes. Jason tells Lulu that she was “stupid” to hitchhike. Logan comes to the door and forces his way in. Jason stands between Logan and Lulu. She asks Logan to leave. Jason orders Logan to go. Logan says he’s “not giving up.” He finally leaves. Jason wants all the details on Johnny. Lulu says she and Johnny were “just playing around.” Jason leaves to look for clues in the barn. Spinelli tells Lulu she was “in serious danger.”

At GH, Liz gets a voice message from Lulu. She goes to the barn to pick Lulu up.

In his study, Nikolas says he’s on edge over his sister. Nikolas insults Alexis’s “taste in men.” He is upset over her relationship with Jerry.

At the PCPD, Sonny compares Ric to Trevor. A satisfied Trevor leaves the station. Ric says Kate “benefited” from her relationship with Trevor. Sonny asks Ric to “help Kate,” instead of being like Trevor. Sonny says he understands why Ric is the way he is. Ric leaves. Kate says she’s afraid. She acknowledges that Sonny and Ric have “been through” a lot, thanks to Trevor.

Nikolas and Alexis continue to disagree in the study. Nikolas calls Alexis “arrogant.” He’s very upset, so Alexis walks out. Nikolas throws a glass at her and it hits the wall.

On the island, Carly and Jax are enjoying their time together. Someone holding a gun comes into the room.

Lulu and Spinelli are at the apartment. She apologizes to him. Lulu is upset that she was so naive about Maxie and Logan. Lulu says she’s “ashamed.”

At the PCPD, Kate tries to collect herself. Sonny promises to help her. Sonny gets a text message. It says, “your kid’s nanny was just a start.”

Johnny is walking with his guards – he’s holding a cell phone. He’s on a 12th floor balcony. Johnny stands on the ledge and jumps off backwards.

Jason goes to the barn to look around. Liz arrives. Jason tells her Lulu is ok. He apologizes for coming to the Spender house. Liz tells Jason about Lucky and Sam. Jason tells Liz that Sam knows he’s Jake’s father.

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