GH Update Thursday 9/20/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/20/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita
Proofread By Subha

Nikolas and Lucky are at Kelly’s – they are questioning Maxie and Logan about Lulu. Georgie is there too.

Epiphany is at GH in Kate’s room when Ric comes in. He says Kate will soon be arrested for drunk driving and reckless endangerment.

Trevor goes to the studio to see Amelia. He wants to talk about Kate’s situation. Sam comes in and greets Trevor warmly.

Sonny talks to Diane at the coffeehouse. She says there is no proof that Kate was drugged. Jason and Spinelli come in, upset about Lulu.

At GH, Kate wonders what Ric wants. He says she is “caught between” Sonny and Trevor. Ric compares Kate’s situation to his mother’s.

At the studio, Sam learns of Kate’s situation. Sam thinks they can use the information on a show about drunk driving. Amelia isn’t so sure but Trevor is pleased.

At Kelly’s, Maxie blames Logan for Lulu’s situation. Logan puts the blame on Maxie. Maxie leaves.

At the coffeehouse, Jason says he needs information on Johnny Zacchara. Diane tells Sonny Kate will soon be arrested. Jason says Lulu was on tape getting into Johnny’s car. Sonny says the young Zacchara is “not right in the head.” Diane leaves.

A police officer notices Johnny’s deserted car on the side of the road. There is a broken necklace inside of it. The officer writes out a ticket.

At the studio, Amelia gets the ball rolling on Kate’s story. She wonders why the story is so important to Sam. Maxie comes to see Sam. Amelia leaves the girls alone. Maxie tells Sam that Lulu is missing.

Trevor goes to Sonny’s office. Jason questions him about Johnny. Trevor says the kid is “troubled” because he saw his mother get murdered. Trevor calls Johnny “crazy.” Trevor leaves the office.

At GH, Emily and Liz talk about Lulu. Epiphany comes by and tells Liz to prepare Kate’s release papers.

Ric is still in with Kate. She says she had no idea about Sonny and Trevor’s past connection. Kate says she regrets her previous reckless driving. She tells Ric she was likely drugged by his father. Sonny comes in the room. He tells Ric that Trevor is behind everything.

At Kelly’s, Logan tells Lucky what Lulu was wearing when he last saw her. Lucky leaves but Nikolas stays. Nikolas attacks Logan. Georgie calls him off. Nikolas leaves.

Jason goes to the PCPD and gives Lucky Johnny’s license number. Lucky mistrusts Jason’s information. Sam comes into the station and Jason leaves. Mac and Coop head to GH to arrest Kate.

Diane goes to GH and talks to Liz and Epiphany. Emily is there as well. Diane is worried about the press. She wants the hospital staff “to run interference with the press.”

Sonny is still with Kate and Ric. Sonny brings up how Trevor hurt his mother. He asks for Ric’s help in getting Kate out of trouble. Ric says Sonny is using him for the favor and he leaves. Sonny promises Kate he will help her.

At the PCPD, Sam asks Lucky about Lulu. Lucky blames Maxie but Sam tries to defend her. Sam says Lulu is most likely hurt and humiliated. Lucky thinks she is in trouble.

Logan comes to the coffeehouse and asks Spinelli if he’s heard any news. Logan is tired of being blamed. He throws Spinelli against the wall. Jason comes in and pulls Logan off Spinelli. He tells Logan to leave which he does. Spinelli is able to retrieve information about the parking ticket. He and Jason go to where the car is parked.

Ric goes to his office and finds his father there. Trevor says he “loves” Kate but she made too many bad choices. Ric believes that Trevor “set Kate up.” Trevor laughs and says Ric knows what happens when someone “disappoints” him.

Diane goes to Kate’s room. She says the police will be on their way. Diane tells Sonny to meet Kate at the station. Diane explains the booking process to Kate. Kate is all too familiar. Sonny tries to reassure Kate. Mac and Coop come and arrest Kate. Mac reads Kate her rights. Mac says the press is everywhere. Liz walks by the room.

Emily and Epiphany handle the press. Liz helps them. The staff blocks the reporters from getting near Kate. Mac, Coop, Sonny, and Diane escort Kate onto an elevator.

In his office, Ric calls Trevor “vindictive.” Trevor calls Ric “a fool” with a “pathetic reputation.” He tells Ric to use the case to his own advantage. Ric refuses to help Trevor “bulldoze” Kate. Trevor insists that it will help Sonny if Kate “walks.”

At the PCPD, Diane says there is no proof that Kate was drugged. The tea glass was never found. Sonny asks Diane for “the best case scenario.” Diane advises a plea bargain. She says it depends on Ric.

At GH, Georgie apologizes to Liz and Emily for Maxie’s behavior. Emily puts the blame on Logan. Georgie tells the girls how Nikolas went off on Logan. Emily is concerned.

Nikolas goes to the PCPD. He tells Lucky to look further into Logan.

Jason and Spinelli find Johnny’s abandoned car. Spinelli notices Lulu’s broken necklace inside the car.

Maxie is grabbed by Logan outside of Kelly’s. He yells at her and threatens her. Coop pulls Logan off Maxie.

Sonny goes to see Ric in his office. He tells Ric about the proposed plea bargain. Sonny pleads Kate’s case. Ric tells Sonny that Trevor has “won.”

Trevor goes to the PCPD to see Kate. He brings up her blood alcohol level. Kate calls Trevor an “insecure bastard.” Trevor says that Kate is getting what she “deserves” for choosing Sonny over him. He leaves.

At the studio, Sam tells Amelia that the story on Kate needs to be “stronger.” Amelia questions Sam’s motives. Lucky comes to see Sam. She offers to put a bulletin about Lulu’s disappearance on her show. Amelia says it’s too late for tonight’s show. Sam insists. Amelia still rejects the idea.

Jason examines Johnny’s car. Suddenly he and Spinelli hear a scream. We see Lulu running into a barn. She climbs a ladder and hides. Johnny is close behind her. He calls out for her. Johnny starts to climb the ladder when Jason comes in ready to shoot. Spinelli gets in front of Jason, giving Johnny the opportunity to draw his gun. Jason and Johnny point their guns at each other. Lulu runs between them and tells them not to shoot.

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