GH Update Tuesday 9/18/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/18/07


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Nikolas goes to see Sam. She tells him she already had her way with Lucky.

Lucky comes home to Liz – she tries to make small talk with him about the kids.

Emily tells Jason (in Sonny’s office) that Liz loves him. She thinks Jason should make a life with Liz. Jason says it’s not possible.

Sonny sees Kate at GH. He’s grateful that she’s ok. Trevor interrupts a kiss between Sonny and Kate. He says Kate’s blood alcohol level was very high. Trevor says only he can get Kate out of the trouble she’s in. He says Kate may go to jail.

At Sam’s, she resents that Nikolas is interfering in her life.

At the Spencer’s, Liz is in no mood to argue. Lucky tells her that he was with Sam. He fails to mention that they had sex.

In Sonny’s office, Emily tells Jason he can protect and love Liz.

Georgie and Spinelli are also at the coffeehouse. They are talking about Logan and Lulu.

Logan and Lulu are at his (their) apartment. They talk about their new arrangement. They are interrupted when Maxie comes to the door.

At GH, Trevor assures Kate than he can help her. Trevor blames Sonny for Kate’s situation. Sonny accuses Trevor of blackmailing Kate out of jealousy. He says that Trevor “drugged” Kate so she would turn to him for help. Trevor doesn’t confirm or deny the accusation. He badmouths Sonny to Kate. Kate tells Sonny that Trevor is using the magazine to threaten her job.

At Sam’s, Nikolas says an affair with Sam won’t solve Lucky’s problems. Sam says Lucky is a great guy. Nikolas says Sam slept with Lucky to get attention from Jason.

At home, Liz isn’t interested in Lucky’s friendship with Sam. She says she wants no part of it. Liz is burned out and has no interest in fighting with Lucky.

Emily tells Jason that Liz can’t continue to be with Lucky. Jason asks Emily to support Liz emotionally. She tells her brother that Liz needs his support.

At the coffeehouse, Georgie tries to comfort Spinelli. Georgie says Lulu’s relationship with Logan will be short lived. Spinelli leaves.

At Logan’s, Lulu tells Maxie the two are roommates. Maxie spills all about the bet. Logan doesn’t deny that he slept with Maxie.

At Sam’s, she tells Nikolas that Liz is hurting Lucky. Nikolas says an affair is only a temporary fix for Sam and Lucky. Nikolas tells Sam to respect Lucky’s family.

At home, Liz and Lucky talk about her friendship with Jason. She says it’s too dangerous to be Jason’s friend. Lucky is insulted by that comment. Lucky thinks their marriage (not Jason’s dangerous life) should be Liz’s reason to end her friendship with Jason.

Jason goes home and finds Spinelli drinking Vodka and orange soda. Jason takes the drink away from Spinelli. Spinelli’s heart is broken over Lulu. Jason says Spinelli must accept and live with the situation.

At Logan’s, Maxie says she watched as Logan seduced Lulu. When Lulu realizes that Maxie and Logan had sex, she bolts out the door.

At GH, Trevor brings up Sonny’s mother. Trevor threatens to take everything away from Kate. Kate says she will fight Trevor. He says she’s going to jail. Trevor leaves and gets a call that Johnny Zacchara is coming to town. He is not happy with the news.

At the apartment, Logan is furious with Maxie. Maxie says it’s not her fault. Logan praises Lulu and calls Maxie a loser. Logan pushes Maxie out the door.

Nikolas comes home to Emily. Nikolas tells Emily about his conversation with Sam. He tells Emily that Sam and Lucky had sex. Emily tells Nikolas about her conversation with Jason.

At Jason’s, Spinelli says he can’t get over Lulu’s rejection. He looks to Jason for guidance.

At home, Liz says she wants to be honest with Lucky. Lucky is angry. Liz tells Lucky that things have changed between them. She’s says her love for Lucky has changed but she’s willing to work to get things back to the way they were. She wonders if it’s too late.

At GH, Sonny stops Kate from leaving her room. He says he will protect Kate from Trevor while she recovers.

Still on the phone, Trevor tells the caller to find Johnny Zacchara and send him back home.

At GH, Kate says the police need to retrieve her tea glass and analyze it for drugs. Sonny says Max went to Kate’s and the glass was missing. Sonny wants to prove that Kate was drugged.

At home, Nikolas is frustrated about his brother’s situation. He hopes that Liz and Lucky can find happiness. Emily goes up to bed, leaving Nikolas to make some calls.

Sam is at home remembering her night with Lucky. Maxie comes over.

At home, Jason tells Spinelli that Logan will mess things up with Lulu eventually. Spinelli says he will make Logan pay if he hurts Lulu. Jason says that Spinelli must be there to support Lulu, no matter what. Logan comes over looking for Lulu. Spinelli punches Logan. Jason holds Spinelli back.

At GH, Kate tells Sonny she is shocked by Trevor’s ruthlessness. Sonny says that Trevor’s power has gone to his head. Sonny says he will support Kate, no matter what.

At home, Nikolas overreacts while on the phone. He breaks a vase after he ends the call. Emily comes down and asks what happened. Nikolas tells her not to worry and they go upstairs.

At Sam’s, Maxie explains what happened at Logan’s. Maxie says she fells bad about what she did. Sam says revenge is never a good idea. Sam tells Maxie about Lucky.

At home, Lucky says he’s not ready to stop fighting for his family. Liz says they need to get back their trust in each other. Lucky agrees that it will take time.

At Jason’s, Spinelli threatens Logan. Logan tells Spinelli and Jason about him and Maxie. Spinelli is furious. Jason tells Logan to stay away from Lulu.

Lulu is walking down the street. She hitchhikes and gets picked up by a creepy guy who introduces himself as Johnny.

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