GH Update Thursday 9/13/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/13/07


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A frustrated Lucky goes to see Nikolas at home. The brothers discuss infidelity. Nikolas tells Lucky about his affair with Courtney. He tells Lucky “it was easy to be with Courtney.”

Liz and Emily talk at GH. Liz is frustrated because Sam is always around Lucky. Emily wonders if Liz is still attracted to Lucky.

Sam shows Jason her new hot tub at her hotel. She wonders if he’ll be affected when she seduces Lucky. Sam asks if Jason cares if she lives or dies.

Milo and Max bring Jerry in to see Sonny at the coffee house. Sonny demands to know why Jerry is “doing business” with Trevor.

Robin is upset to find Leyla at Patrick’s apartment. Robin accuses Leyla of “hitting on” Patrick. She wonders how Patrick would feel if the shoe was on the other foot.

Lucky and Nikolas continue their conversation. Lucky says Sam tempts him. Nikolas says that Sam’s goal is to “punish” Liz by using Lucky. Nikolas says Lucky needs to make a choice between saving his marriage and having an affair with Sam.

At GH, Liz tells Emily that she doesn’t “connect” with Lucky. She says she hasn’t felt connected to him since before his addiction. Liz seems to have given up on her marriage. She says she still carries a huge amount of “anger” and “mistrust.”

At her hotel, Sam asks Jason if he cares whether she lives or dies. He says he can’t trust anything Sam says. Sam tells Jason she hates him and won’t ask him for anything ever again.

Jerry is still in Sonny’s office. Sonny questions him about the meeting with Zacchara. Jerry refuses to give Sonny any information. Sonny motions for Max and Milo to change Jerry’s mind. Jerry says they can’t beat the information out of him. He tells Sonny that Trevor was “the middle man” for his meeting with Zacchara. He says that he hasn’t been contacted since the car bomb. Jerry reminds Sonny that Carly and the kids are his family as well. He says he will protect them at all costs. Jerry tells Sonny that they are “on the same side.”

Scott and Tracy are at the Quartermaine mansion. Lulu and Logan are there. Tracy tells Alice to make an appointment at GH for Scott and Logan’s DNA test. Monica and Edward enter. Alan’s ghost is there too. Lulu tells the family that Logan is a stand up guy. Monica searches for her medical journal. Edward thinks Logan is looking for a handout. Thanks to Alan, Tracy brings up Edward’s son, Jimmy Lee. Logan gets mad and says he’s not looking for money.

At his apartment, Patrick says Robin can have male friends if she chooses to. Robin can’t believe that Leyla hasn’t left yet. Patrick says that Leyla is his invited guest. Robin accuses Patrick of “hitting on” Leyla, who finally gets the hint and leaves. On her way out, Leyla accuses Robin of being “territorial.” Patrick says Robin should be “embarrassed” by her behavior.

Jason pays an unexpected visit to Kate at her house. He wants information about Trevor.

Sonny has Max and Milo bring Trevor to his office. Sonny sends Max and Milo out of the room. He accuses Trevor of being “involved” in Leticia’s murder. Trevor denies knowing anything.

Robin tells Patrick she didn’t appreciate coming home and finding Leyla at the apartment. Patrick says he did nothing wrong. Robin says that all they do is argue. Patrick says that Robin is “insecure.”

At the Quartermaine mansion, Lulu sticks up for Logan. Tracy calls Logan a “stray.” The family brings up other “strays” from their past like Skye. Monica finally finds her journal. Monica blames Skye for Alan’s death. Urged by Alan, Tracy tells Monica that it’s pointless to “think that way.” Monica wonders where Tracy’s comment came from. Tracy brings up Monica’s baby (Dawn) that she gave up. She also talks about Jason’s biological mom, Susan. Lulu is surprised to learn that Monica isn’t Jason’s real mother.

At her house, Kate tells Jason she already told Sonny everything she knows. She tells Jason that Trevor is Zacchara’s lawyer. Kate says that Trevor is “a great deal more sinister” than she ever realized. She says Trevor would never risk his reputation by “getting involved” in a murder.

Trevor warns Sonny that he has “influential friends who work in law enforcement and government.” Those friends will take care of Sonny if anything happens to him, Trevor promises. Trevor brings up the accident with Sonny’s mother. Sonny says he will “retaliate” if his family is hurt. Trevor calls Sonny “damaged.” He refers to himself as untouchable.

Sam comes home to find an armed Jerry waiting for her. Jerry comments on Sam’s sexy outfit. Sam promises to shoot Jerry the next time he breaks in. Jerry points the gun on Sam but she seems unaffected. Jerry hands Sam the gun and tells her to “fire away.” Jerry says Sam will go to prison if she kills him. He taunts her by saying she can tape her TV show from her prison cell. Jerry advises Sam to sleep with Trevor, as it will be “easier.” Sam puts the gun down. Jerry asks about Sam’s meeting with Trevor.

Patrick and Robin continue their discussion at the apartment. Patrick says Robin is too controlling. Robin brings up Patrick’s reaction to the pregnancy scare. Robin hints that she wants to have a child.

Tracy, Scott, and Logan and Lulu go to GH for the DNA test. Tracy tells Epiphany they need to be taken care of right away. Tracy thinks she is a priority because she is a Quartermaine. Epiphany isn’t impressed. She says since there is no emergency, they need to wait their turn. Tracy silently walks away from the desk. Logan and Lulu are in the waiting area. She hopes that Scott isn’t Logan’s dad. Lulu says that Luke will accept Logan quicker if he isn’t a Baldwin. The doctor comes out to get Scott and Logan.

At her hotel, Sam threatens to tell Jason about Jerry’s plan to kill her if she doesn’t cooperate. Jerry says that Jason wouldn’t care if he killed Sam. Jerry reiterates that he will kill Sam if she doesn’t get Trevor into bed and get information about Zacchara. He says her “body will never be found.” Jerry says nobody would miss Sam or even look for her if she vanished. Jerry tells Sam not to make things “personal” when she says she loathes him. Sam calls Jerry a “liar.” Suddenly Jerry turns into James Craig. He violently grabs Sam’s throat and wonders what it will take to get her to cooperate. Jerry tells Sam he’s getting a “rush” out of the situation. A panicked Sam agrees to cooperate and Jerry releases his grip on her. Knowing that Jerry means business, Sam tells him about her meeting with Trevor. Jerry tells Sam not to “appear too eager” with Trevor. He says she better know what she’s doing.

Jason goes to the office to meet with Sonny. Jason isn’t convinced that Zacchara killed Leticia. He wonders why they haven’t heard any word from Zacchara. Sonny tells Jason to kill Trevor.

Robin and Patrick are still talking. Robin says that they want different things out of life. Patrick says that he doesn’t “want to be a father.” He tells Robin he loves her and their life together. Patrick says he doesn’t “want to settle down.” He says that he never wants to have kids. Robin thanks Patrick for “being honest” and says she’ll make arrangements to collect her belongings soon. Patrick looks away as Robin leaves the apartment.

Liz comes home to find wine and candles waiting for her. Lucky wants to spend the evening alone but Liz is less than thrilled.

Trevor goes to see Kate at her house. Trevor talks about his past with Kate. Trevor says he took Kate’s “loyalty and gratitude for granted.” Kate reminds Trevor that her career is now “well established.” She says she’s “worked very hard” to get where she is. Kate says she will always be “loyal” to Trevor. She appreciates “the doors” he “opened” for her. Trevor says Kate “chose Sonny” rather than him. Kate gets a phone call that upsets her. Trevor seems amused.

In the office, Jason says killing Trevor will draw too much “attention.” He says it will give Zacchara “a reason to strike back.” Sonny won’t change his mind. Sonny says Trevor must also pay for hurting his mother. Jason asks if Sonny also wants Trevor out of Kate’s life.

Tracy brings Logan, Scott, and Lulu back to the mansion. Alan’s ghost is still there. Scott asks Alice for a drink. Everyone notices as Tracy talks to Alan’s ghost. They family wants to call Shady Brook. The banter between Tracy and Alan continues. Tracy forbids Lulu from “seeing Logan.” Lulu surprises everyone (especially Logan) when she announces she is moving in with Logan.

At home, Liz thanks Lucky for his thoughtfulness. She basically tells him, thanks but no thanks. He asks her why he should remain “faithful” to her.

Nikolas goes to see Sam at her hotel. He tells Sam to stay away from Lucky.

Jason is in the office. He’s interrupted by an unexpected visit from Jerry. Jerry tells Jason not to “kill Trevor.”

Back at her house, Kate shares that her magazine’s “third largest advertiser just pulled out.” Trevor isn’t surprised, as he arranged the whole thing. He threatens to ruin Kate’s career if she doesn’t choose him over Sonny. Trevor says he can fix it so many of the magazine’s advertisers will “pull out” as well. Sonny walks in and Trevor tells Kate to share her choice with him.

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