GH Update Tuesday 9/11/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/11/07


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Lucky goes to Sam’s to check on her. He finds her in the hot tub in a skimpy swimsuit.

Emily questions Nikolas at his place. She wonders why he failed to meet Lucky at the Metro Court. Nikolas makes excuses but Emily is worried.

Jerry is in Ric’s office being questioned about Leticia’s death. Jerry wonders if Ric murdered Leticia.

Jax gets to Sonny’s after Carly and the kids have left for the island. Jax and Sonny argue over who should protect Carly. Sonny says that the situation with Jerry put Carly in danger. Jax says Sonny’s lifestyle creates danger for Carly. He threatens to kill Sonny. The two of them agree to “be civil” for the sake of the kids. Sonny takes full responsibility for Leticia’s murder. Jax wants to take the family to Australia but Sonny says they are safer on the island.

Kate meets Trevor at the Metro Court. She’s late so he’s annoyed. They discuss Leticia’s murder. Trevor wonders if Sonny is blaming him for the murder. Kate asks Trevor if he was involved. He says she won’t believe him no matter what he says. Trevor denies any involvement in the murder.

In Ric’s office, Jerry continues to accuse Ric of murder. Alexis comes in and offers to represent Jerry. She’s surprised to learn of Leticia’s fate.

Emily continues to question Nikolas. She accuses him of continuing his vendetta against Jerry. Nikolas says his behavior has to do with other business, not Jerry. Emily is concerned for Liz and Lucky. She says that Sam is getting in the way of their happiness.

At her hotel, Sam gets out of the hot tub. Lucky tells her about the murder. Sam is happy that Lucky cares “about her safety” so she hugs him.

At home, Liz hears noises outside so she gets Lucky’s gun and investigates. Hearing someone near the front door, Liz opens it, gun in hand.

Georgie, Spinelli, and Coop are at Kelly’s. Georgie is relieved that Spinelli is ok. He tells her that Trevor is dangerous. Maxie comes in and sits down with Coop. She tells him she wants him back. Coop says that Maxie is bad for him. Lulu comes in and Spinelli is very happy to see her. Logan comes in and greets Lulu.

At Sonny’s, Jax insists on taking Carly and the boys to Australia. Sonny says his way is safer. Jax tells Sonny that his rental car blew up. Sonny says Jax has no idea how to handle the situation. Jax leaves.

In Ric’s office, Alexis demands information from Ric. Jerry says that Trevor could be helpful. Jerry offers his assistance to Alexis. Ric dismisses Jerry so he leaves. Ric tells Alexis that the violence is just beginning. Alexis tells Ric to talk to Trevor, as Jerry suggested.

At the Metro Court, Trevor tells Kate he can’t discuss “his clients.” He tells her he does represent Zacchara. Trevor suggests that Sonny had Leticia killed. Kate thinks that’s absurd.

Lulu talks to Logan at Kelly’s. Maxie watches with disgust when Logan kisses Lulu. Coop asks Maxie what her motives with Logan are. Coop leaves Kelly’s with Maxie close behind. Georgie asks what Spinelli would do with “secrets” about Logan. Spinelli wonders what Georgie knows.

Nikolas goes to see Sam. He asks her to move in with him, but she declines.

Lucky gets home and wonders why Liz is holding a gun. Liz tells him she called him at work and was told he went “to check on Sam.”

Sonny is on the phone ensuring that Alexis and her girls are safe. Mike comes in and questions Sonny. He’s mad that Sonny didn’t tell him what’s happening. Sonny says, “the situation is very volatile.” Mike is concerned about Sonny.

Jax approaches Trevor at the hotel and tells him to keep his distance. Jax gets physical with Trevor. He threatens to “kill” Trevor if Carly and the boys are hurt. Jerry pulls Jax off of Trevor. Trevor says he’ll let Jax’s behavior “pass,” this time. Jerry tells Jax to “get a grip or get killed.” Jax storms off.

At Kelly’s, Georgie denies knowing any dirt on Logan. Spinelli says if Georgie gave him some information, he would use it to “set the blond one free.” Georgie suggests that Spinelli “concentrate on someone else.” Spinelli says his “heart is spoken for.” Lulu presses Logan about what happened with Jason while she was away. Logan says that Jason wanted to fire him because of Spinelli’s lies.

Alexis goes to Sonny’s. He tells her that his people will protect her family. Alexis thinks the guards will “draw attention” to the girls. Alexis wants Sonny to “appeal to Trevor” for assistance. Sonny disagrees with her. Kate interrupts the conversation. Alexis warns Kate about Sonny’s dangerous life. Alexis leaves. Sonny basically agrees with Alexis.

At home, Liz and Lucky argue over his concern for Sam. Liz says that she needs “protection” as well.

Coop and Maxie argue outside of Kelly’s. She asks for another chance. Coop says Maxie is too involved in Logan and Lulu’s relationship. He leaves and Maxie watches Lulu and Logan through the window.

Logan cries to Lulu that Jason wanted to fire him. Lulu says she will take care of it.

At home, Liz tells Lucky that his grandmother left a gift on the porch for the boys. Lucky agrees that Liz should be protected.

Nikolas goes home and tells Emily that Sam won’t be moving in. Alexis comes in and says she’s moving in with the girls. Alexis is frustrated with the situation.

Jerry tells Jax that the car bomb was only “a warning” from Zacchara. Jerry understands Jax’s anger. He suggests that Jax go to the island. Jerry says he is quite capable of handling the situation. Jerry assures Jax that he will protect him, no matter what.

Kate listens as Sonny talks about his dangerous life. She wonders why he doesn’t “get out” of the life. Sonny is upset about Michael’s reaction to Leticia’s murder. He tells Kate that Michael wanted “revenge” against the killers. Sonny says the “violence” in his life is “not normal.” He wonders if the boys would be better off without him. Kate says they wouldn’t be. Kate says that Trevor told her Zacchara had nothing to do with the murder.

At home, Liz tells Lucky that she has faith in him. He wonders how they got where they are. Lucky tells Liz he misses her but she pulls away from him. Liz leaves the room.

Maxie goes to see Sam. Maxie tells Sam she’s going on a “business trip” with her boss. She tells Sam about her situation with Coop. Maxie says she’ll take care of Logan and Lulu when she comes back.

Coop goes to see Ric in his office. Ric is still intent on “busting” Sonny for plotting to murder Zacchara. Ric says he would rather deal with Zacchara than Sonny.

At the hotel, Jerry tells Trevor to give Zacchara a message. He threatens to show Zacchara “the true meaning of all out war” if Jax’s family is hurt. Jerry also says that their “deal will never see the light of day” if Jax’s family is harmed or threatened. Jerry then threatens to kill Trevor and he’s not kidding.

Kate is still at Sonny’s. She believes that Trevor didn’t kill Leticia. Sonny says he needs to “know the truth” in order to “take action.” Sonny asks Kate to help him get the “truth” from Trevor.

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