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General Hospital Update Friday 9/7/07


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Sam has dropped by Lucky's house to tell that she thinks it is a bad idea for him to be her bodyguard because he may be risking his family. He protests that she needs help, but he tells her that she will find someone else. She puts his hand on his arm when she tells him that she would never forgive herself if something happened to him. Elizabeth enters the room and tells her to get her hands off her husband and get out of her house. They all argue. Sam tells them about Anthony Zacchara. She feels that she is still a target, even though she is no longer with Jason. Sam and Jason argue some more and she leaves. Elizabeth scoffs that this was all an act from Sam. They argue about Sam and about the danger. Elizabeth thinks that Sam is just working to get him into bed. Lucky asks her to trust him. She complains some more about Sam. Lucky asks her if they can get back to just acting like a normal family again and she agrees. 
Trevor is at Jason's place to set up a meeting with his "client". Jason wants to know what his client wants him to do, but Trevor replies that he can ask him that himself at the meeting. When Jason tells him that he doesn't meet with people without knowing who they are, Trevor replies that his client will be very disappointed. It is clearly a veiled threat. Jason warns him to tell Zacchara that if there is any trouble, it's coming back to Trevor. Trevor will not be intimidated. Georgie arrives, looking for Spinelli. Spinelli and Jason tell her that it's not a good time. After seeing the teens, Trevor points out that Jason has a lot to lose. Spinelli takes Georgie up to his room. Trevor keeps issuing veiled threats about Jason's friends. Jason warns him that he'd better not touch them. 
Georgie asks Spinelli not to call her by the nickname any more. He agrees to call her by her name, at least until he can find a better nickname for her. He apologizes for bringing her up there and hopes she doesn't think that he had bad intentions. When he says that he has never had carnal though about her, the expression on her face lets us know that she doesn't quite know how to take that. She asks about Trevor, so he tells her dangerous he is. She still thinks he shouldn't be risking himself by living with Jason. He doesn't think he can be wimpy by leaving Jason now and points out that in the real world, he is "too weird" for most people. Georgie tells him that he's not weird, just different, and he blushes. She leaves. 
At home, Sonny tells Bernie that they need to be ready for anything. Bernie assures him that there are extra guards everywhere. Bernie and Sonny are still annoyed that Logan left his kids unprotected. Kate walks in through the patio door and demands to know why Sonny thinks she's some wilting flower that needs protection. Bernie thinks she should come back later, but Sonny ushers him out so that he can speak with Kate. Kate tells him that she noticed she is being followed around by two of his men, so she wants them called off. He tells her that he can't do that, so she gets more annoyed. He tells her about the threat from Zacchara. He wonders if it wouldn't be best for her to go back to Manhattan for now. She won't leave, and they argue more. Jason arrives, so Kate leaves after making a date with Sonny for dinner. Jason fills him in on Trevor's visit. Max phones Sonny to let him know that Jax, Carly and the kids have checked into the Metro Court. 
Jax tells Carly that they need to stay at the Metro Court for tonight if she doesn't want to leave town because it has better security. They argue about Sonny protecting them. Carly tells the boys to get packed for the Metro Court. They seem happy to go, especially after hearing about video games. Leticia offers to pack for them, so they can run on ahead. They thank her. They all leave. 
At the Metro Court, Jerry still tries to help protect Jax and Carly, but they still don't want to have anything to do with him. Jerry notes that it was wise for them to move the kids there for safety, and then he leaves. Carly apologizes to Jax for once again having her relationship with Sonny messing up his life. He tells her its fine and that marriage is all about give and take. Jax goes to find Jerry again because he thinks he might know more about Zacchara than meets the eye. 
Jax finds Jerry, who is telling someone on the phone that he is meeting Zacchara in an hour. Jax gets annoyed that Jerry seems to be playing both sides. Jerry just wants to meet with him so that he can leave Jax and his family alone. Jax wants to go with him. Jerry doesn't think it's a good idea. Jax slugs him. 
Carly is not happy to find out that Jax is going to take Jerry's meeting with Zacchara. Jax ignores her because he is determined to protect his family, without Sonny's help. Sonny arrives with Jason and insists that Carly and the boys stay with him for now. Carly agrees to let him take the boys, but she's staying there to wait for Jax. Carly complains to Jason about Sonny. He is not thrilled, as Sonny wasn't, to hear about Jax meeting with Zacchara. 
At Ric's place, Alexis is suspicious about why Ric wants to give her back Molly. Ric protests that he has always put his daughter's needs first. He informs her that his father wants to take custody of Molly away from them if he doesn't go after Sonny for him. They discuss it, but then Trevor arrives to see if Ric has thought about his offer. Ric introduces Alexis. Trevor compliments her beauty. He is very charming and knows all about her legal history. They chat about her former employer, Judge Barnes. He is surprised that Ric had described Alexis as "a basket case at death's door" and says she is too good for Ric. He apologizes to her for how Ric was brought up. Alexis tells him that she thinks Ric has had a change of heart where Molly is concerned. They discuss his threat for getting custody. Trevor leaves, pretending to be thrilled that Alexis is going to get Molly back. Ric tells her that what Trevor said was a lie and that he won't really back off. Alexis wonders if Ric is the one lying, since he has a history of it. 
At the Metro Court, Emily is a little miffed that Nikolas won't discuss his big project with her, even though he will confide in Alfred. He just tells her that it's best if she doesn't know the details until he's made the final arrangements.

Metro Court employee Marty shows office spaces to Emily and Nikolas. Nikolas wants Emily's opinion on the space. Marty apologies for the mix-up in the earlier office space. Emily assures him that it's not his fault and that Nikolas' butler made that decision. She tells Nikolas that she doesn't know where Alfred got the idea that he should manage Nikolas' life. Emily doesn't really have an opinion about the office space, so Nikolas tells Marty that he needs to think about it and get another opinion. Sam sees them and comes over to say hi. She is hesitant, since she broke up with Emily's brother. Emily assures her that she doesn't blame her for anything. She wishes Sam well and hopes she can move on and be happy again. Sam thanks her and walks away. Nikolas tells Emily that was nice of her. Emily is trying to be nice to Sam, since she's his cousin. Nikolas tells her that he has phoned Lucky to get his opinion on the office. They are supposed to meet Lucky and Elizabeth for dinner, so he tells her to go ahead and they will go there after they look at the space. 
Emily goes to Elizabeth and Lucky's house, bringing wine. They chat about Nikolas and Lucky. Emily tells her that Nikolas has been acting mysterious lately. She wonders if Elizabeth can find out from Lucky. Elizabeth tells her about the problems she's been having with Sam. Emily warns her not to let Sam get to her. 
Lucky sees Sam at the Metro Court. He is surprised that he can't find Nikolas or reach him on his cell. Sam apologizes to him for showing up at his house. He is sympathetic to how she is feeling. 
Elizabeth tells Emily about how she and Lucky spent some normal family time together. She still worries about Sam being out for revenge. Lucky arrives and asks if they've seen Nikolas. They wonder where he went. 
Nikolas is driving, but he pulls his car over when he hears a siren and sees flashing lights behind him. 
At the hospital, Patrick helps student nurse Leyla read another doctor's handwriting. They chat and flirt. Patrick praises Leyla's work. When she mentions that he's the neurosurgeon in the hospital, he says confidently that is an insult because he's the best in the world. He is happy to see that she is not intimidated by him. 
Sonny takes his kids back home. Kate arrives for dinner, so he tells her they have company. She is fine with that, but she's not so thrilled to learn that Carly might be moving in. When Kate questions him about Carly moving back in, he wonders if she isn't a bit jealous. She asks if she should be. 
Trevor tells Zacchara on the phone that things are going exactly as he'd instructed, with no complications.

Jason takes Carly back to her house, so she can get ready to go to Sonny's. She still protests about going there, but Jason insists that it's the safest place for her. Jason hears something outside and orders her in the house. Inside, they find Leticia lying dead on the floor. 
Jax is on the way to his meeting, but he stops to phone Marty to see if Jerry is still tied up in his room. Marty tells him that Jax is gone. As Jax uses his remote control to unlock his car, it explodes and he is thrown back against the car garage wall.

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