GH Update Thursday 9/6/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/6/07


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Jax approaches Jerry (who is on the phone with Zacchara) in the Metro Court lobby.  When Jerry accuses Jax of “sneaking up on” him, Jax calls his brother “paranoid.”

Carly is in her living room talking to Jason.  She’s worried about her kid’s safety.

Alexis and Sam meet up at Kelly’s.  Alexis has just returned from Paris.  Sam tells Alexis that Trevor Lansing is in town. 

Ric comes home to find Trevor holding Molly.  Trevor says he wants to spend “more time” with his granddaughter.

Nikolas is at home with Alfred.  Nikolas is upset that Alfred cancelled his lease for office space at the Metro Court.  Alfred says Nikolas is too “private” to have a public office.  Lucky interrupts their conversation and Alfred makes his exit.  Lucky wants Nikolas’s advice on his marriage.

Jax and Jerry continue to disagree at the hotel.  Jax says he thinks Jerry will “turn on” him if it suits him.  He asks Jerry to leave town.  Jerry says he is needed to protect Jax.

At Carly’s, Jason tells her she can leave town if she chooses to.  He tells Carly to “be prepared.”  Carly admits that the “danger” is because of Sonny.

At Kelly’s, Alexis is surprised that Ric hasn’t told her about Trevor’s visit.  She wonders if Trevor is a “nice guy.”

At home, Ric tells the nanny to put Molly down for her nap.  He warns Trevor to stay away from Molly.  Trevor tells Ric to “change” his “attitude” or he will “lose” his child.

Nikolas continues to talk to Lucky.  He says he wants Lucky and Liz to be “happy.”  Nikolas says he will “support” Lucky no matter what happens. 

Emily and Liz run into each other at GH.  They make plans to take the kids to the beach.  Liz tells Emily that she and Lucky are trying to work things out.

Jason tells Carly that Trevor is probably in town to “check on Sonny.”  Jason thinks that Sonny’s family is “safe” but they need to be cautious.

Still at Kelly’s, Sam and Alexis talk about Ric and his dad.  Sam tells Alexis about Trevor. 

At Ric’s, the mood is tense.  Ric accuses Trevor of trying to use Molly for “leverage.”  Trevor calls Ric a “toxic influence” on Molly.  Trevor threatens to take Molly away from Ric if Ric doesn’t put Sonny out of business.  Trevor leaves Ric’s house.

Spinelli comes to Kelly’s to see Georgie.  He gives her candy for her advice about Logan.  Georgie is happy and surprised.  Spinelli also put a travel website in with the candy so Georgie can research Europe. 

Carly sits the boys down at home and explains the guard situation to them.  Leticia is there too.  Logan comes to the door – he apologizes for not picking the kids up.  Leticia takes the kids upstairs.  Carly doesn’t accept Logan’s apology.

Sam runs into Jerry at the Metro Court.  Jerry suggests that they spend some time together and Sam tells him to get lost.  Jerry says Sam is safe with him because everyone can see them.  Sam tells Jerry that Zacchara may target her.  Jerry says she’s using the situation as an excuse to fall back on Jason.

Alexis goes to Jason’s to get his version of the situation.  He doesn’t think Alexis should be worried.  Jason tells Alexis that Trevor is Zacchara’s lawyer.

Carly accuses Logan of using Lulu to get out of his responsibilities to her kids.  He denies the accusation.  Carly wonders if Logan still has a job with Sonny after his mess up.  She tells Logan that she doesn’t “trust” him and that Jason “doesn’t like” him. 

Georgie and Spinelli visit the travel website at Kelly’s.  Georgie is planning to spend her junior year in Rome.  She asks Spinelli why he dropped out of college.  He says he never “fit in there or anywhere. “ Georgie wonders why Spinelli wants to work for Jason.  Spinelli says he is “accepted” and “valued” by Jason.  He seems happy with his life.  Georgie compliments Spinelli for his intelligence and uniqueness.  Spinelli calls Georgie “wise” and he says she is “an old soul.”  Maxie interrupts them and Spinelli leaves.  Georgie is upset by the interruption but Maxie says she needs sympathy.

Back at the hotel, Jerry taunts Sam for playing “victim.”  He says that Jason is too “dull” for Sam.  Jerry says he and Sam are “alike” when it comes to getting what they want.  Trevor comes into the lobby and Sam leaves Jerry to introduce herself.  Trevor tells Sam about his visit with Molly.

Diane goes to see Ric at his house.  Ric is nervous and he wants to hire Diane to keep custody of Molly.  Diane says that family law isn’t her specialty.  She tells Ric that he has no chance of winning if his father is so “connected.”

Jax comes home bearing flowers for Carly.  She tells him about the incident at the mall.  Carly tells Jax that Zacchara “sent a message” to an enemy by killing the man’s family.  Jax is mad and blames Sonny for the situation.  Carly and Jax discuss relocating.

Georgie talks to Maxie at Kelly’s.  Maxie says it’s not her fault that she had sex with Logan.  Georgie disagrees with her sister.  Logan comes in and tells Maxie to shut her mouth.  He pushes her.  Georgie steps in and tells Logan to leave Maxie alone or she’ll call Jason. 

Liz comes home to find Lucky there.  They make plans for the kids to go swimming.

Sam and Trevor talk in the hotel lobby.  Sam tells Trevor about Molly’s custody hearing. 

Trevor says Sam looks familiar, but not from television.  He remembers her from Jason’s trial.  Trevor asks Sam if Jason is really “lethal.”

Jason and Spinelli are at home.  Spinelli is looking up information on the Internet about Zacchara.  Jason warns Spinelli that the situation may get dangerous. 

Alfred brings Nikolas some papers in the study.  He apologizes for his “bad judgment.”

Nikolas refers to the secret “project” that he and Alfred are involved with.  Alfred says Nikolas needs a vacation.

Carly and Jax consider leaving the country with the kids.  Carly worries about taking the boys away from their dad.  Jax says Sonny should have no say in the matter. 

Ric is at home reading with Molly.  He tells her that he will keep her “safe.’  Alexis comes over to see Molly.  She sends Molly out of the room with the nanny.  Alexis and Ric argue over Trevor.  Ric tells Alexis to “check” her “messages.”  She does and is surprised that Ric has left a message saying that Molly should come and live with her.

Trevor comes to Jason’s apartment.  Spinelli answers the door.  Spinelli goes off on Trevor.  Jason sends him upstairs.  Trevor comments on Spinelli’s lack of sanity.  Trevor tells Jason that he “represents a third party who’s interested in doing business” with him.

Lucky runs to answer the front door – he’s shirtless.  Sam is at the door.  Lucky invites her in.  Sam tells Lucky she’s scared of Zacchara.  She tells him she needs a different guard because the situation is so dangerous.   As Lucky tells Sam that she needs protection, Liz comes down the stairs.

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