GH Update Wednesday 9/5/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/5/07


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Nikolas asks Emily if she is ready to be an intern again when she has to go off to work. He asks her if she can slip away to join him later. They kiss as she tells him that he makes a lot of excuses to see her.

At Kelly’s, Logan tells Maxie that she better keep her mouth shut about their sleeping together. She scoffs at him. Right then, Coop comes down the stairs and tells the two of them why they don’t just get a room. He seems to know what has been going on and wants to break it off with her.

Jason calls Emily telling her that she is the person with whom he must discuss his concerns about Sam and Lucky’s new “relationship”. He leaves a message for her explaining that he cannot contact Elizabeth and needs her help instead. Spinelli asks him if Logan is still working for Sonny. He seems worried about Lulu never speaking to him again. Jason tells Spinelli he must forget about Logan. Hearing that, Spinelli asks Jason if that means that Logan “sleeps with the fish.” Jason tells Spinelli that nothing has happened to Logan. Hearing that, Spinelli is elated to learn that he won’t be responsible for Logan’s death and cause Lulu to never speak to him again. But Jason wants Spinelli to focus on other things. He needs his help in protecting Carly and the kids from the most recent threat.

Jax is currently on the phone when Carly is getting ready to send the kids off with Leticia.

Trevor goes to see Sonny. He knows that Sonny has a trick up his sleeve. He tells him he either backs off or he will have Ric file charges. Sonny then tells his stepfather he better not threaten him with Ric because Ric is a waste of his time. Just like his father. Trevor then tells Sonny he better back off and calls him a psychotic son of a bitch. But right then, Kate/Connie enters, confronts Trevor and asks him what on earth is wrong with him.

Nikolas tells Emily that she is the main reason why he is moving closer to the hospital and the metro court. That way they can meet for coffee on her break time. She laughs and asks Alfred if he feels abandoned. Nikolas tells her that Alfred is probably relieved to no longer have to be his appointment secretary as well as his butler. She leaves and Nikolas tells Alfred he may cheer up. It will be a lot less work for him and a lot more fun for Nikolas.

In response to Coop’s observation of seeing her with Logan, Maxie protests that she cannot stand Logan. He tells her he can tell that she cannot tear herself away from him. He knows that something is going on. Right then, Maxie overhears Logan on the phone talking to Sonny’s agent about how he does not want the responsibility of playing “babysitter” looking out for Sonny’s “spoiled brats” but grudgingly agrees to do what he’s asked to do. She can tell that he wants to be with Lulu. He tells her that he is not responsible for ruining her relationship with Coop. She did that all on her own. Right then, he gets another call. It’s Ric who demands that he meet him at Kelly’s now.

Spinelli tells Jason that he realizes that “the unworthy one” is not his main priority. He admits that maybe his anger for Logan is caused by his strong but unrequited feelings for Lulu. Jason tells Spinelli he understands. He tells Spinelli that he does not intend to kill Logan but wants him fired. Sonny disagrees. And it’s a long story. He’s not as concerned about that right now as he is on finding Anthony Zacchara. Spinelli then informs Jason that he has found some things of dark and grave nature. But he seems like he might have other things on his mind.

Carly tells Jax that her rule is that Morgan does not get a lap top, no matter how much he begs. But Michael informs Jax that he needs to keep his own lap top for school projects and doesn’t want Morgan messing with his. Carly then agrees that maybe Morgan should get his own lap top. The kids go off with Leticia. Carly instructs the kids to stay close to the body guards at all time. That is an order from their father. When they are alone, Jax tells Carly they have some making up to do.

After Kate/Connie confronts him about his confrontation with Sonny, Trevor tells her there is nothing to worry about. She tries but does not seem to succeed in breaking up the two men’s very hostile confrontation. She tells Trevor that she and Sonny are neighbors. They visit each other from time to time. Sonny reminds Trevor that Kate/Connie is welcome in his home but Trevor is not. Trevor tells Sonny he is a sick loser and a criminal. Sonny tells Trevor he’s old and feeble and worthless and he can make him go away. And she can sense that they are both forcing her to choose between their two friendships with her.

Spinelli asks Jason if he is certain that Zacchara, the mob boss, is in Port Charles and that Trevor is bringing him. Jason says yes. Spinelli suggests that maybe Trevor is just there to see the “fashionista” and his son, the evil DA. But Jason knows that Trevor Lansing would not be making himself known in town unless he was ready to do something dastardly. He does not care about Ric or Kate. He’s just using them as an excuse. Right then, Jason gets a call from a contact and knows he better intervene in something. It sounds like somebody is warning him about the kids being endangered in the mall. And he tells them he will be on his way.

Kate tells Trevor that he does not own her and cannot tell her whom she can be friends with. Trevor responds to that, telling her that she must know that Sonny is trash. Sonny asks Trevor if he is aware that Kate has been his friend for a long time. At that point, Kate tells the two of them that she does not respond to ultimatums and has no intention of choosing between Trevor and Sonny. In response to that, Trevor tells her she just did.

Jerry Jax goes to the metro court and finds Nikolas. He asks him how Emily and his child are. Nikolas tells Jerry he better stay away from his family. But Jerry tells Nikolas that it might not be in his best interest to push him out. And Nikolas is very suspicious to find out that Jax lets his brother live in this place.

At Kelly’s, Georgie tells Maxie that she can tell that she is in pain over losing Coop. She asks her sister what happened. Maxie tells Georgie that she cannot stand Logan. But she also cannot stay away from him. She admits that she slept with Logan. Georgie asks her why it is that Logan would sleep with her when he is supposedly in love with Lulu. Maxie answers that it’s because Logan is a lying pig who cannot be faithful and they deserve each other. Right then, Spinelli enters and asks them if they have seen Logan. Maxie asks him why he’d like to know. He tells her he wants to apologize to him.

Ric finds Logan and tells him he is in serious trouble. He is very close to being court marshaled and forced back into the military. He better find out what Zacchara is going to do or he’s had it.

Trevor meets with Jerry Jax at the metro court. Jerry tells him that he doesn’t plan to do business with Zacchara unless Zacchara wants to meet him in person.

Alone at Sonny’s, he asks Kate/Connie about her previous relationship with Trevor. She tells him that she used to sleep with Trevor many years ago. She was a young entry level editor for the fashion magazine. Trevor helped her learn everything. He was an amazing mentor and a dear friend. He helped her to get in with Warren and other famous publishers. And Trevor has always remained a dear friend to her. She admits that she saw a very dark side of Trevor today that shocked her. And she has never seen that side of him before. Sonny then tells her that she worked hard to develop her outward image. But deep down inside, you never lose who you really are. He tells her that she will always be Connie Falconeri. She must always remember all the times they have had together. She tells him she always will. He tells her that Trevor will always be a cold selfish man who expects his woman to give up her 6 year old son. And the man whom he works for, Anthony Zacchara is much, much worse. So she might want to do herself a favor and get out while she still can.

Jason goes to Carly’s and tells her that she cannot leave her kids unguarded even when they go the mall. It does not matter if there are tons of people around. She and the boys need to be guarded all the time. They are not safe. He just heard something. Somebody screwed up and failed to guard them.

Jax goes to meet Nikolas at the metro court. Nikolas tells him that he is concerned that somebody has taken his office space that he bid for at the metro court. He knows that Jax’s brother has taken it and Jax has helped him. Jax tells Nikolas that he did not intend to do that. He tells him he will find out what happened to Nikolas’ office space. And he finds out that somebody else took Nikolas’ office space from him. It was somebody from Nikolas’ own office.

At Kelly’s, Georgie serves Spinelli a pie while he tells her that he believes he owes Logan an apology. She asks him why. He tells her that maybe it would help him get into Lulu’s good graces. But she tells him that Logan has really been mean to him and maybe he should not be so concerned about Lulu when she does not return his feelings. He tells her that maybe Logan appears nasty and hostile. But it’s entirely possible that underneath it all, he’s not such a bad person. But she tells him that she does not trust nor see any good in Logan.

Logan finds Maxie and tells her that she is just mad that her plan to hurt and humiliate Lulu did not work. All that happened was that she (Maxie) got exposed for the lying slut she is and she lost Coop. But she tells him it’s not over. She knows how to make Lulu find out that they slept together. He tells her if she does that, she will regret it.

Sonny is alone with Kate/Connie. He tells her if she gets in the middle of this thing with himself and Trevor, it’s going to be really, really ugly. She tells him she appreciates his concern. But she has some experience in matters like this and has found out that the best strategy is to remain courteous and neutral. He tells her this is not a fashion show. It’s not a simple case of photo opts and business ventures. In his world, people can get killed. Right then, he gets a phone call from Jason warning him that Michael and Morgan were left without guards this afternoon. At that point, Sonny appears very upset and does not know what to do.

Spinelli asks Georgie just what specific reasons she has to be suspicious of Logan. She tells him that she believes she should stay out of this. He tells her that Jason tends to be protective of many people. She tells him that she does not believe that Jason would be suspicious of Logan unless there is a good reason. He tells her that regardless of all of that, fair Lulu refuses to believe anything bad about ‘the unworthy one.’

Logan tells Maxie that he knows how to get her in trouble. She better leave him and Lulu alone or he will make her life a living hell. He is interrupted by Max, Milo and some guys who tell him that Mr. Corinthos would like to see him. They drag him to Sonny’s office.

Kate/Connie talks to Trevor alone and asks him why he could behave like that at Sonny’s. She never knew him to be an unreasonable man. He asks her why she cares for Sonny. She tells him that Sonny is her friend, as is he (Trevor). He sounds like he won’t accept that. And he tells her that she will regret choosing to be “friends” with Sonny. She tells him she refuses to be blackmailed. He tells her that she has made very poor judgment. And now she will reap the consequences.

Carly tells Jason that she is very concerned about Sonny being “reunited” with Trevor. He tells her that Sonny can take care of himself. But she is very concerned about Sonny’s traumatic memories of what Trevor did to him as a little boy. And she believes that that is why Sonny is overreacting to the whole situation right now.

Ric goes to Sonny’s and asks him what is worse:  that Trevor back in town or the fact that he’s working with Zacchara or the fact that he’s sleeping with Sonny’s would-be girlfriend? Sonny then tells Ric that he needs to worry about Zacchara just as much as Sonny does. He could kill Ric simply because he is Sonny’s brother. He’s just giving Ric a warning.

Nikolas goes home and finds out that Alfred cancelled the lease on his room at the metro court.

At Kelly’s, Spinelli indicates to Georgie that he really admires Jason and wants to possibly follow in his footsteps. She asks Spinelli if he wants to carry a gun. He indicates that maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to learn how to operate a licensed fire arm and do some target practice. He reminds her that Jason does it. She tells him no offense, but why would Spinelli want to be anything like Jason? He kills people for a living. He reminds her that none of the charges have ever been proven and many of Jason’s victims may have deserved it. She tells him even if that is true, that is not the way to live one’s life. She tells Spinelli that he is smart, funny, reads and has a bright future. Spinelli is brilliant. Jason does not have that type of gift. She realizes the guy is brain damaged, so why would Spinelli want to follow in Jason’s footsteps and limit himself.

Jason tells Carly that leaving the kids with no guards is a huge mistake. She tells him that she knows that there is something going on. He tells her that Spinelli did some research and found out what Zacchara is up to. Many people have been killed in his wake.

Max and Milo take Logan to Sonny’s. Sonny rips into Logan for what happened. He tells him he was assigned to guard Sonny’s children. Logan tells Sonny he’s sorry. He had something “come up”. In response to that, Sonny screams at him and demands to know what would be more important that Sonny’s children. He tells Logan that if something had happened to his children, Logan would be dead, and that whole idea does not sound like a bad idea.

Right then, Ric enter his house and is startled to see Trevor with Molly. He asks the maid why she let him in. Having no clue who Trevor really is, she tells Ric she didn’t understand why there would be a problem as he is Ric’s dad. Trevor holds Molly and acts all friendly with her, getting her to trust her grandfather. Ric is not ok with that. Trevor tells his son that he can take Molly from him.

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