GH Update Tuesday 9/4/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/4/07


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Patrick and Robin come home to Patrick’s place.  They just came from a stock car race.  She enjoyed it as much as he did. 

At the Spencer house, Liz talks to Lucky about their future.  She tells him they’re through if he can’t get over her night with Jason. 

Carly locks herself in the bedroom when Jax wants to talk.  The kids are sleeping.  Carly finally lets Jax in when he says the kids (and neighbors) will hear their conversation.

Kate is at Sonny’s – she tells him that he is in her past.  He says they were brought “back together” by “fate.”  Kate says Trevor is also in her past but Sonny disagrees.

At Patrick’s, Robin asks Patrick if he “regrets” giving up racing to become a doctor.  He says his life changed after his mother died.  Patrick became a doctor to save his “family name” when Noah turned to alcohol.  Robin says that’s part of the reason Patrick “resents” his father.  Robin wonders if Patrick “settled” for being a doctor rather than pursuing his dream of racing.

Lucky isn’t happy with Liz’s ultimatum.  She wants them to stop blaming each other for their mistakes.  Liz wants to move forward and stop the fighting and “bitterness.”  She leaves the decision to Lucky.

At Carly’s, Jax says it’s normal for them to “fight.”  Carly can’t get past Jax cheating on her with Irina.  Carly leaves the bedroom to check on Morgan.

At Sonny’s, Kate doesn’t want to discuss or “explain” her relationship with Trevor.  She does say that they are “just friends.”  Sonny wonders if Kate kisses all of her “friends.” 

Kate resents Sonny insinuating that she needs a man “to function.”  She says Trevor “helped” her out with her career in the beginning.  Sonny says that Trevor is dangerous due to his connection with Zacchara.  Kate says she only has “gratitude and affection” for Trevor. 

At his apartment, Patrick says if he “hadn’t followed” his “medical path,” he never would have met Robin.  He admits that racing had many perks, including women and freedom.  Patrick insists that he’s happy with his life – he says, “it doesn’t get any better than this.”

Georgie goes to Jason’s to see Spinelli.  She asks him to fix a griddle from Kelly’s.  Spinelli says it’s not his area of expertise, but he agrees to try to fix the griddle.  When Georgie asks Spinelli if he ever took the “gun safety” class, he tells her he’s no longer interested in being “the crabby commando type.”  Georgie is glad to hear it.

Liz and Lucky continue to talk at home.  She thinks he’s “punishing” her by “hanging out with Sam.”  Lucky wonders if Liz would turn to Jason if he “slept with Sam.”   Liz insists, “Jason is not an option.”  Lucky doesn’t buy it.  Liz says the incident in the park made it clear to her that Jason should be out of her life.  Lucky thinks Liz took him as her second choice. 

Emily and Nikolas are at his house talking.  He thinks Emily is spending too much time working.  She knows he’s “disappointed” that she can’t travel with him.

At Jason’s, Georgie talks to Spinelli as he fixes the griddle.  Georgie agrees with Spinelli’s opinion of Logan.  She compares Logan with Luke.  Georgie tells Spinelli she wants to be a writer.  Spinelli hints that Logan may be out of the way soon.

Carly and Jax are still at home.  They soothed Morgan after a bad dream.  Jax tells Carly he is committed to her. She still mistrusts him for leaving her.  Jax admits that he “made a mistake” by leaving Carly to save Jerry. 

At Sonny’s, Kate insists that (according to Trevor) Sonny is dangerous.  Sonny insists that Zacchara is dangerous and “dirty” and so is Trevor.  Sonny basically asks Kate to choose whether to “believe” him or Trevor. 

At Jason’s, Georgie asks Spinelli why he thinks Logan is leaving town.  Spinelli tells Georgie what happened at the coffee house with Logan.  He says that he told Jason and Jason might make Logan disappear because of it.  Georgie doubts that Jason will do more than “scare Logan.”  Spinelli is so happy with Georgie’s words that he hugs her.  Georgie is accepting of the hug.  She’s disappointed when Spinelli says he still may have a chance with Lulu.

Nikolas and Emily are having dinner at his place.  He wants to talk about their “future.”  She’s happy with the ways things are.  Emily says she grew when she and Nikolas broke up.  She says she’s “not in a hurry to get to the future.”

Carly and Jax are still at home having their discussion.  She says he resents her having Sonny to protect her.  They go back to the Irina situation again.  Carly blames Jax because he went after Jerry in the first place.  Jax says he had no choice but to give Irina what she wanted.  He says Carly had a choice when she slept with Sonny.  They both agree that things can’t go on they way they are.

At Sonny’s, Kate says she was “romantically involved” with Trevor for five years.  She says that she dated Sonny years ago and for a short time.  Kate says that she is scared because she believes Sonny over Trevor.  Kate says Sonny is bothered by the fact that she was Trevor’s lover. 

Patrick and Robin are still at the apartment.  They are playing with a toy racetrack.  When she wins the race, he says she would do well in a real race. 

Spinelli continues to confide in Georgie.  She tries to boost Spinelli’s confidence by pointing out his good qualities.  She tells him to stop calling her the “loyal little sister.”  Spinelli thanks Georgie for encouraging him.  She asks Spinelli if he “ratted on” Logan out of concern or jealousy. 

Back at Carly’s, the fight with Jax continues.  He understands that she can’t “trust” him.  Carly says she’s the way she is because of her past experiences.  Jax says he loves Carly and is committed to her and her kids.  Carly breaks down.  Jax kisses her – she hesitates at first and then gives in to her feelings for him. 

At Jason’s, Spinelli admits that his “motives are mixed.”  He says he wants Logan out of the way so Lulu will love him.  Georgie says Spinelli can’t force Lulu’s feelings.  She packs up the griddle and leaves in a hurry.  Spinelli is perplexed.

At home, Jax and Carly profess their love for each other.  Jax says he isn’t bothered by Carly’s fears.

Kate is still at Sonny’s house – he’s surprised that she didn’t leave when he took a phone call.  Sonny compliments Kate’s “energy.”  He wants to keep her in his life.  Kate wonders if Sonny is interested in pursuing anything more with her.  He answers her with a smile and a kiss.

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