GH Update Friday 8/31/07

General Hospital Update Friday 8/31/07


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Spinelli convinces Jason that Logan is dangerous to Lulu. And Jason looks like he wants to take matters into his own hands.

Meanwhile, Lulu goes and talks to her cousin Carly about her relationship with Logan. She admits that she has had doubts about him. But she believes that Logan respects her. And she feels comfortable being close to him.

Right then, Maxie kisses Logan. But he pulls away from her. She asks him what is the matter. Is he having second thoughts about cheating on Lulu? He asks her if Coop is not keeping her satisfied. She tells him that Coop has “more to offer” than he does. He implies that he might not be interested in her. But she tells him that maybe she should tell both Coop and Lulu about their little secret. In response to that, Logan lets Maxie kiss him. But he pulls away again.

Trevor is alone with Kate/Connie and doesn’t seem to want to let her go. Sonny appears and looks like he won’t let his step father move in on his “friend”. Trevor tells her that Sonny needs to leave them alone. He is spying and harassing them. Kate/Connie seems to know that Trevor wants to hurt Sonny and defends him, reminding him that Sonny is her neighbor.

Carly tells Lulu that she needs to realize that she does not know everything about Logan. Lulu says she knows that Logan is from the south and has had some trouble with authority in the military. She says that Logan may act cocky and macho. But underneath it all, he is really sweet. Carly then tells Lulu that she realizes that a guy with a rough exterior can have a sensitive soul. There are some examples like Jason. But he is the exception. Usually when somebody appears damaged, they are. She tells Lulu that when she first had sex with Jason, it was very cheap. She did not know his name nor anything about him and did not want to. But right then and there, she found herself wanting a relationship with Jason. Lulu asks Carly what that has to do with Logan. Carly tells her cousin that good sex can cloud somebody’s judgment. Carly then tells Lulu she has to leave and get a prescription filled for Morgan but tells Lulu they will talk again.

Maxie and Logan sleep together. But he looks like he regrets cheating on Lulu.

After Jason has gotten the idea that Logan really has hurt Lulu, Spinelli realizes that he has exaggerated what has happened and is only angry because he’s jealous of Logan. He admits to Jason that he has only been “unloading” to him. And he doesn’t want Jason to actually kill him. He admits that when he had that altercation with Logan and Logan kissed Lulu, maybe he provoked Logan and Logan did not “force himself” upon Lulu. He also realizes that Lulu has forgiven Logan. So maybe they should let it go. All the major damage has been done already.

Sam goes to Elizabeth and Lucky’s home. Elizabeth is alone and asks Sam what she wants. Sam tells Elizabeth that she wanted to talk to her alone about Lucky’s new job as Sam’s bodyguard. Elizabeth avoids Sam and tells her she has nothing to say. Sam tells Elizabeth she knows she’s lying. She rubs Elizabeth’s nose in how she has been driving Lucky away. She knows that Elizabeth has nothing to offer Lucky and gives all she has to give to Jason. In response to that, Elizabeth tells Sam that maybe she (Sam) should go back to Jason and leave Lucky alone. Sam asks Elizabeth if she is “jealous” of Lucky. Elizabeth confirms that he is her husband. But Sam tells Elizabeth that everybody can see that Elizabeth should end her marriage. She does not buy that Elizabeth loves her husband nor has any reason to stay with him. Right then, Lucky enters. Sam tells him that Elizabeth wanted to know if she (Sam) and Jason were getting back together. And she replies that the answer is no. And she leaves their home.

Jason informs Sonny that he is concerned that Logan threatened Spinelli and Lulu. But Sonny tells Jason that he is not as worried about the three of them as he is about Anthony Zacchara and Trevor Lansing.

Kate/Connie tells Trevor that she is concerned about his hatred toward Sonny. He tells her that Sonny tried to kill his mother when she was pregnant with Ric.. And he tells her that he can see that she and Sonny are closer than he thought.

Maxie is concerned that Logan regrets sleeping with her.. She asks him if he has Lulu on the brain. But he denies it. They believe they are alone. But right then, Carly knocks on the door, tells Logan it’s Carly Corinthos, reminding him that she is Lulu’s cousin and would like him to open the door and talk to him. Right then, they know that Maxie must hide. Logan puts on his shirt and rushes to get the door. He asks Carly what he can do for her. She tells him they need to talk. She asks him if this is a bad time. He tells her no. He tells her he was just doing some pushups. One must “stay in shape” to work for Sonny. She tells him this is about Lulu. He bluffs to Carly that he is unworthy of Lulu. She tells him that she knows Lulu disagrees. She is interested in him. Logan tells Carly that he has made a lot of mistakes. But Lulu sees the good in him and has given him a chance when nobody else has. He tells Carly he does not want to blow it with her cousin. Carly can tells that Logan is merely saying the right words and she warns him that if Lulu gets hurt, he will get hurt. He will have to deal with her, with Sonny and with her uncle, Lulu’s father. She goes out the door and flippantly wishes Logan a nice night.

Jax returns home and sees Lulu alone in his house after Carly is gone. She informs him that Carly asked her to watch the boys while she went out to do some errands. And Lulu seems as protective of her cousin as Carly is of her. She coldly tells Jax that he ran off and abandoned Carly and is completely devoid of understanding responsibilities. Right then, Michael runs down the stairs, hugs Jax, revealing how happy he is to see him and that he has not forgotten him.

Sam and Spinelli run into each other in the park. She can see that he is upset and asks him what is wrong. He tells her that he feels like such a loser to not be able to make the person he loves love him. He tells her that he wanted to make somebody die but knows he should not actually make it happen. She asks him if he could make it clearer to her just what he is talking about.

Elizabeth makes it clear to Lucky that she believes that Sam wants to seduce him in order to stick it to her (Elizabeth) and Jason. And it looks like Lucky does not want to make any effort to reassure Elizabeth that he does not want Sam to successfully do that.

Jason tells Sonny that he is very worried what a threat Logan could be to Spinelli and to Lulu. But Sonny tells Jason he has much more important concerns about a man hurting a woman. Jason asks him what, specifically, he is concerned about. Sonny tells Jason that he just saw Ric’s father sticking his tongue down Kate/Connie’s throat. Jason expresses that he can tell that Sonny has some really strong feelings about that. Sonny admits to Jason that it has meant a lot since Kate/Connie came back into his life. She convinced him that she was not that girl he knew back in Bensonhurst. But he thought that, deep down, she would have shown him that she was that same girl that he knew all those years ago. But he’s now found out that she is not Connie Falconeri. She’s not even Kate Howard. Who she is is Trevor Lansing’s mistress.

Carly returns home to see Jax with her boys and doesn’t know how to react to the fact that they are very fond of him and are not angry at him.

Lucky meets Sam in the park. She tells him that she feels guilty that she antagonized Elizabeth. He tells her that she does not need to apologize. She has not ruined his marriage. They both know that Elizabeth thinks that something is going on between the two of them. Right then, Sam kisses Lucky. And Jason appears to see them. They turn and see him. Lucky tells Jason he may take Lucky’s wife but will never take Lucky’s sons. Lucky tells them he has to get back to his boys. Alone with Jason, Sam sarcastically tells him that she is surprised that he had a chance to warn Lucky about her but has not. She tells Jason that since he and Elizabeth ruined her life, she and Lucky have the same right to “return the favor”. Unless, she adds, that Jason intends to kill her first.

Lulu goes to see Spinelli at Jason’s home He trips on his words in an attempt to warn her that Jason may be on the warpath to kill Logan.

Right then, at Logan’s, Maxie tells him he did a good job in playing Carly into believing that he has noble intent with Lulu. He then tells her that she better keep her mouth shut about the whole thing or she will be in worse trouble than he is. He pushes her out the door. He appears depressed and like he regrets cheating on Lulu.

Sonny is alone in his house, very depressed and drinking. Kate/Connie then appears and tells him he should not do that. He asks her what specifically she means that he should not do. She replies drinking alone. She asks if she can join him. He tells her that “Kate Howard” should not do that. She has obviously been convinced that he is a dangerous man. Maybe she should sell out and go back to Manhattan. In response to that, she asks him whom he thinks he is demanding that she gets out of town.

Jax makes plans with the boys to go sailing. They can sense that Carly might not be entirely on board. But she reluctantly agrees. The boys leave them alone and she admits that she tells him she does not appreciate his promising her boys a future when she is not certain that they have one.

In response to Spinelli’s warning that Jason might kill Logan, Lulu asks him what would cause that. He admits to her that he shared with Jason that he does not like Logan and told him about the time when Logan assaulted him and kissed her when she didn’t want it. She angrily tells Spinelli that he has no business going behind her back and telling Jason about these things. He protests that Logan is the unworthy one. But she tells him that he must stop calling Logan that. He must realize that Logan is her boyfriend and stop doing things that could endanger him. He better stop or she will never forgive him.

Sam tells Jason he must answer the question if she is going to die. He answers to her that as he said before, if anybody does anything to hurt Elizabeth or the children, they will pay. She then tells him that she never thought that they could hate each other that much.

Elizabeth asks Lucky if he thinks there is a chance that they could finish talking without raising their voices. He tells her he is still listening. She tells him she apologizes for lying to him. She realizes that it will take a while for him to get over that. But he must realize that she had her reasons. He was in recovery. She could not take any chances of having him relapse and put himself in danger. Their boys need him. But she now knows if he cannot let go of his anger, then they need to end their marriage.

Jax tells Carly that she really went over the top to be traveling with Jerry. She tells him he has a lot of gall telling her she did not have the right to attempt to save his life. It would not have happened if he had not disappeared. He tells her that he wants to get past that and nothing is more important than their life together. She just tells him she needs to go and check on the boys. And she terminates the conversation as she goes upstairs.

Sonny asks Kate/Connie if it is really true that she has had an affair with Trevor. She admits that she did. But it was long ago. She was young and naïve. It ended long ago. But they are still friends. And she does not apologize. She tells Sonny they are not that different. They both wanted something better for themselves when they moved out of Benson hurt. But the difference is she did it legally. He tells her she should not be there. She tells him that she is concerned about his drowning his rage in the bottom of a bottle. He asks her why she would care. She looks at him revealing that he is important to her and she does not want to abandon him when he is hurting.

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