GH Update Thursday 8/30/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/30/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu and Logan are at his place.  They are on the couch Kissing and taking off their clothes when Logan sees Maxie hiding in the closet. 

Jerry barges in on Jax and Carly to tell them they are in danger.  He plans on protecting them from Anthony Zacchara (the “mob boss” from New York).  Jax is surprised when Carly says Jason already told her about the possible danger.

Sonny is at home on the phone.  Milo tells him that Ric is there to see him.  Ric comes in to “rub in” the fact that Trevor was able to get Kate out of her legal mess.  Ric calls Sonny a failure. 

In the park, Jason tells Trevor to keep Zacchara out of Port Charles.  Trevor tells Jason not to become his “enemy.”  Trevor says he can succeed against Jason unlike Ric, who failed against him.

At GH, Nikolas tells Dr. Ford to lay off Emily.  Nikolas is disrespectful and inappropriate with Dr. Ford.  Epiphany is at the desk.  She says nothing.

Back at his place, Logan convinces Lulu that they should go out.  Logan wants to prove that he’s “sensitive,” and wants more than sex.  She reluctantly agrees and they leave.  Lulu has no idea that Maxie is hiding in the closet.

At her house, Carly explains to Jax that Jason will provide them with extra protection.  Jax is mad that Carly failed to tell him about the threat.  Jerry apologizes for causing “marital friction” by presenting the news about Zacchara.  He says that Jax and Carly need his help, “like it or not.”

In the park, Jason tells Trevor to return to New York.  Trevor says he is in town for his “girlfriend,” Kate.  Jason walks away.

At Sonny’s, Ric acknowledges to Sonny that Trevor “hates’ him.  Sonny says that Ric “caved in” to his father about Kate.  Ric tells Sonny that Trevor and Kate have been “sleeping together for years.”  Kate comes over to see Sonny.  She stands outside and overhears Ric refer to her as Trevor’s “mistress.” 

At GH, Nikolas continues to reprimand Dr. Ford for his treatment of Emily.  Much to Emily’s surprise, Nikolas asks Dr. Ford if Emily can take a vacation.  Dr. Ford says that she can.  Epiphany is still at the desk – she can hear the entire conversation.  Dr. Ford apologizes to Nikolas and leaves.  Emily tells Nikolas her school and work schedules won’t allow her a vacation.  Nikolas insists that Emily take the time off.  Nikolas leaves to get to a meeting.  The two will meet later in the park.

Lulu and Logan are at the Carnival in the park.  He won her a gigantic stuffed gorilla.  Logan thinks Lulu’s family is against the two of them dating.  She tells him not to worry.  Maxie is spying on them and Coop catches her.  Coop confronts Maxie.

At Sonny’s, Ric continues to talk down about his dad.  Ric says that his dad has had many women in his life.  Ric tells Sonny that Trevor “beat” Sonny to Kate.  Kate leaves but not before Sonny sees her through the window.   Sonny says he will eliminate Trevor if necessary.  Ric says as long as either Sonny or Trevor dies, he will be happy.  Sonny says that Trevor will ruin Ric one way or another.  Sonny will enjoy watching, he says as Ric leaves.

At Carly’s, Jax tells Jerry to stay away from him.  Jerry thinks the threat is real.  He says that Jax “is not equipped to handle mob kingpins.”  Jax says that Sonny is “capable” of handling things but Jerry disagrees.  Jerry says that Zacchara will kill Carly and the boys if it will give him “leverage over Sonny.”  Jerry thinks Jax is a “fool” for not wanting his assistance in the name of “pride.”

Carly goes to Jason’s and gets upset with him for telling Jerry about the new threat.  Carly says that Jax doesn’t like it that Jason is protecting them.  Jason’s main concern is Carly’s safety.  Carly talks to Jason about her marital problems.  She says that she loves Jax and wants to make it work with him.   Jason calls Carly “complicated.”  She asks Jason how Sonny is doing, wondering what to expect when she goes to pick up the kids.   He says that, “Sonny is pretty wound up.”  Carly leaves to go pick up the kids.

In the park, Coop pulls Maxie out of the bushes.  He tells Lulu and Logan that Maxie is spying on them.  Coop is disgusted with Maxie and late for work so he leaves.  Lulu and Maxie argue.  Maxie starts to tell Lulu about her deal with Logan but he stops her.  Logan walks away to take a call from Ric.  Ric demands to see Logan in his office. 

Trevor comes to Kate’s house – she forgot that she invited him for dinner.   Kate offers to order dinner.  Trevor can tell that Kate is upset.  He asks her what she’s trying not to tell him.  Kate tells Trevor that Ric is a “loathsome worm.” 

Sonny calls Kate from his house, he gets her voicemail.  He starts to walk over to Kate’s house when Carly shows up.  Sonny yells at Carly for taking off with Jerry.  He’s mad that she put herself at risk.  Sonny carries on about Jax and his bad judgment.  Sonny says that Jerry has no concern for Carly.  Carly says that Sonny is upset about Trevor, not Jerry.  She hugs Sonny.

Jax goes to see Jason at his apartment.  Jax says he can protect his family.  Jason won’t call his extra guards off.  Jason says Jax has nothing to say in the matter.  Jason stresses that Carly “trusts” him.  He blasts Jax for leaving Carly and “sleeping around” on her.  Jason questions Jax’s “love” for Carly.

In the park, Lulu calls Maxie a “desperate slut.”  Maxie calls Logan a “lowlife creep’ and Lulu starts to take a swing at her.  Spinelli shows up in time to stop her.  He does his best to keep the girls from fighting.  Maxie announces that Lulu and Logan are sleeping together.  She tells Spinelli to stop “wasting” time on Lulu.  Maxie leaves.  Spinelli looks hurt but he wants no explanation from Lulu.  He leaves too.

Logan goes to Ric’s office.  Ric tells Logan about Zacchara.  Ric wants Logan to find out when Sonny plans to kill Zacchara so he can arrest Sonny.

At her house, Kate tells Trevor what Ric said about her.  She says that Ric made Trevor and Kate’s “relationship” “sound ugly.” Trevor says that Ric “hates” him.  Trevor says Ric just wanted to upset Sonny.  Trevor says Ric is “obsessed” with Sonny.  Trevor apologizes to Kate.  Trevor wonders why Kate is so bothered that Sonny knows about their past.  She denies that Sonny’s opinion matters.  Trevor stresses that Sonny is a “dangerous’ man.

At Sonny’s, Carly listens as Sonny talks to her about Trevor.  He tells her how Trevor ruined his mom’s life.  Sonny is unable to talk to Carly about Trevor’s relationship with Kate.  Carly offers Sonny her support.  He tells her to be careful, as things may get crazy.  The boys run in and greet their mom.  Carly is happy to see her sons – they fill her in on their time with Sonny. 

At Jason’s, Jax wonders if Carly tells Jason “everything.”  Jason says that she does.  Jason says Carly should come before Jerry.  He says that Jax made a bad decision and he may never regain Carly’s “trust.” 

Emily meets Nikolas in the park.  She tells him he was inappropriate with Dr. Ford.  Nikolas thinks he was in the right.  Nikolas insists that Emily take the time off to leave the country with him.  Emily says she can’t take the trip with Nikolas.  She asks if they can postpone the trip.  Nikolas agrees – Emily hugs him but she has a look of worry on her face.

Carly and the boys get home to find Lulu on the porch.  They go inside and Carly sends the kids upstairs.  Lulu tells Carly about her relationship with Logan.

Logan is at home – he calls Sonny and asks to meet with him about Zacchara.  Maxie comes to Logan’s door.  Logan calls Maxie a “stalker,” and asks her to leave.  Logan tells Maxie to lay off Lulu.  Maxie says that Logan is falling “in love” with Lulu.

A sad and broken-hearted Spinelli goes home.  Jason is there so Spinelli spills his problems.  He tells Jason about Lulu and Logan.  Spinelli says that Lulu can’t see how evil Logan really is.  He tells Jason that Logan “hurt” Lulu.  Spinelli says that Logan has disrespected Lulu.  Jason wants details.  Spinelli tells Jason that Logan hit him at the coffee house.  He tells Jason that Logan then “forced” an unwanted kiss on Lulu. 

Lulu confides in Carly about Logan.  Lulu says she’s glad she “trusted” her “instincts.” Carly is happy that Lulu seems happy with her “decision.”  She questions “how well” Lulu knows Logan.

At Logan’s, Logan denies being “in love” with Lulu.  Maxie doesn’t buy it.  Logan tells Maxie to keep quiet about their deal.  Maxie says she will as long as Logan still agrees to sleep with her.  Maxie kisses Logan and Logan doesn’t resist her.

Coop goes to Ric’s office.  Ric says that Sonny plans to “commit murder.”  Coop questions Ric’s source.  Ric says Sonny is preoccupied so his security isn’t up to par.

Ric says that Sonny isn’t “thinking clearly’ due to some “personal problems.”

At Kate’s, Miss Howard insists that she is just a neighbor to Sonny.  Trevor tells Kate to ignore Ric.  Kate credits Trevor for getting her as far as she is in her career.  Kate says she hates being referred to as Trevor’s “mistress.”  Trevor is glad to be back in Kate’s life.  Sonny walks in unnoticed just as Trevor and Kate kiss.

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