GH Update Wednesday 8/29/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/29/07


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At Kelly’s Spinelli is on his laptop. Maxie approaches him. He tells her she must be gone and refers to her as the bad blond one. She tells him that he must be mindful of Lulu who is walking nearby. And she rubs his nose in the fact that she bets that Lulu had mind blowing sex the previous night.

Carly returns from her trip and Jason goes to see her. He tells her he is a bit concerned that she left without a trace and without telling anybody. He was very worried about what could have happened when she went off with Jerry Jacks. She tells him she went off to save her husband. But she admits it did not do the way she had hoped it would. Right then, Jax goes to the hospital, after Carly has asked him to get himself “checked” for social diseases. Epiphany asks him just what he wants done. He is not comfortable with answering the question directly. But right then, Jerry appears and answers to her that his brother is concerned that he might have contracted HIV or something similar.

Nikolas tells Emily he wants her to come to Paris with him. But she tells him she cannot take off and go on vacation because of her internship. He tells her that she has worked hard enough and should have the same privileges as other interns. Especially when her boyfriend is on the hospital board. But she tells him that she cannot do it right now.

Maxie tells Spinelli that it’s obvious to see that Lulu had sex with somebody last night. He then tells her that he does not speculate what Lulu does in her personal life. What she does and with whom is none of his business. And he tells Maxie it is also none of hers. She continues to taunt him when Lulu comes and tells her that is enough. She better leave Spinelli alone or she will have hot coffee down her back. Maxie then leaves. Lulu sits down with Spinelli and asks him what that bitch has been torturing him about.

Ric goes to see Trevor in his hotel room and asks him what he wants. He tells his father that he realizes that he may be sleeping with Kate Howard. That’s not his concern. But he assumes that Trevor is joining forces with Anthony Zacchara.

Carly tells Jason that she and Jerry traveled to find Jax and a lot of things happened. He tells her he can only imagine all that happened. She informs him that Jax was held captive by Jerry’s demented ex girlfriend. Jerry thought she’d died. But she got revenge upon him by threatening to kill Jax. And apparently while getting bored waiting for Jerry, she slept with Jax. She admits that she is concerned that her husband would sleep with another woman. That’s something she’d expect from Sonny but not from Jax.

When Jerry appears at the hospital to observe Jax talking to Epiphany about his “testing”, he talks to his brother privately telling him he is going to do what he needs to do. Jerry tells Jax that he hopes he is not angry at him. Jax asks his brother to please not remind him that they are family. Especially after murdering the woman whom Jerry claims to love. Jerry expresses to Jax that he does not regret what he did.

 In response to her questions about his conversation with Maxie,  Spinelli tells Lulu that “the bad blond one” takes any and all opportunity to torment the jackal. It’s nothing new. But she seems to know that Maxie has been harassing him in regard to her (Lulu). He tells her he is not worried and doesn’t want to discuss it. But Lulu tells Spinelli he must tell her what that nasty bitch was saying to him and she will go and shut Maxie up herself. He then tells her that he is not going to let it upset him. She tells him she has a feeling that there is something Spinelli is not telling her. Right then, Logan enters. Spinelli is obviously not comfortable with that. But Lulu tells him that she is glad that Logan ahs arrived because it will give the two guys a chance to talk.

Jax tells Jerry that he does not want him anywhere near him or his family. He has washed his hands of anything and everything going on with Jerry. The brother he once had is gone. He is now James Craig or Mr. Brosnan or whomever and whatever he wants to be and which Jax does not care about.

Carly tells Jason that she believes that Irina raped Jax. She does not blame her husband for that. But what upsets her is that she begged Jax not to leave. Yet he took off and left anyway. Jason then tells her that there are some bigger problems that are going on on the home front.

Ric tells Trevor that he has some real concerns about Anthony Zacchara. Trevor then tells his son that he knows all of the inside stories about how he’s handling his job as the DA. Rumor has it that Ric is wasting the tax payer’s money on many of his investigations. And right then, Kate/Connie enters. Trevor informs her that he and Richard were talking about the plea bargain that he wants her to make.

Lulu informs Spinelli and Logan that her grandmother is taking her on a cruise. And she doesn’t want the two of them to fight when she is gone. They are both special to her in their own ways. So she wants them to reconcile their differences. In response to that, Logan talks first. He tells Spinelli he apologizes for his hostility and realizes that he is a good friend to Lulu. But Spinelli is not as gracious. He tells Logan he is the unworthy one and he is manipulating Lulu. He tells them that he has some work to do and must leave. Lulu tells him that Logan is trying here. So could he please do the same? Spinelli then tells Lulu that he accepts the decision she is making. But he does not care for Logan. He cannot lie and pretend to trust or think positively of Logan. Logan then tells Spinelli that he gets that he is jealous. Spinelli tells Logan that he hopes he is wrong. But not only does he believe that Logan is unworthy. He believes he is bad for Lulu. Spinelli leaves. She concludes to Logan that Spinelli believes what he believes. But she also hopes that he is wrong and that Logan will be good for her.

Maxie goes and finds a man whom she can hopefully scheme with to spy upon Lulu and Logan.

At the hospital, Jax finds Emily and tells her that he owes her a big apology. Not only for the terrible thing that his brother did to her family. But for defending him as well. She tells him that she cannot forgive Jerry for what he did. But she is considering a slight possibility that Jerry can be redeemed. Jax then tells her that that is astonishing. Especially since she is one of the ones whom his brother held hostage for many hours in the hotel. He tells her she is a good person and must not waste any time trying to find anything positive in Jerry. But she tells him that whatever it took, she is grateful for Jerry’s efforts to get her brother acquitted of murder charges. And she tells him that regardless of Jerry’s problems, she hopes that he will not give up on attempting to help his brother reform himself. Right then, Dr. Ford tells Emily this is a hospital and not a coffee shop and it’s time to get back to work. She immediately gets up and returns to work.

Jason tells Carly that she and the boys could be potential targets of Anthony Zacchara. She tells him she’s heard that Zacchara has been a rival of Sonny’s but she is not assuming that there is any special cause for alarm.  Jason then informs her that Trevor Lansing has shown up out of nowhere. And it doesn’t stop there. Trevor apparently has a “relationship” with Kate Howard. Carly concludes that Sonny’s snotty girlfriend is doing Ric’s father. And she admits that that is too much to take.

Kate/Connie and Trevor make arrangements to see each other later that night. Right when she leaves Trevor’s room, Jerry comes down the hallway and goes to see Trevor. It sounds as though they know each other and have been doing business together. Trevor tells Jerry that his “new client”, Anthony Zacchara has some big plans that might involve Jerry.

Logan and Lulu go back to his home and he tells her that he bets that Spinelli got to her. He has convinced her that Logan is trash. She then tells him that she is not judging him. She has her own problems. She goes on about all of her faults. He then tells her she must stop insulting his girlfriend. In response to that, she is in awe that he would use that word. She tells him that thinking of the two of them in a relationship is mind blowing. He then tells her in that case, he will back off. But it looks like neither of them want that.

Spinelli is back at Jason’s apartment. Right then, Ric enters and demands that he lets him  talk to Jason. Spinelli tells the “DA of darkness” to be gone. Ric tells Spinelli he better keep his mouth shut or he will arrest him along with Jason. Spinelli emotionally talks about how despicable he is. And it looks like what he really has is Lulu on the brain. He is very upset and babbles.  He tells Ric that he may arrest the jackal for insubordination of he wants. Or else, Ric must go away. Ric goes out the door, not understanding a word that Spinelli just said.

Jax wonders why Carly is not speaking to him. She tells him that she has been telling herself to be reasonable and not let the best thing that has ever happened to her get away because of the circumstances. But she did not sign up for this and does not want to live that way.

Jerry goes and talks to Jason and reminds him that he helped Carly get him cleared. Jason admits to Jerry that he is grateful for that. But he put Carly in harms way in order to do that. And he tells Jerry that he is going to disappear. Jerry asks if it will be like the way Alcazar disappeared. Jason replies it will not be that fast or painless.

Nikolas tells Emily that he can pull rank and find a way for the hospital to let her go on vacation with him. But Dr. Ford notices that Emily has been spending a lot of time with non-work-related conversations and has been wasting time.

Logan tells Lulu that he does not want her to be doubting them nor assuming that she has made a mistake. She tells him that she does not want him to worry nor believe he must save her from herself. She tells him she is very clear about what she wants. They kiss. And right then, he carries her into his room. It looks like they both know what they want. From outside the door, Maxie watches them unseen.

Kate/Connie goes to Kelly’s looking like she wants to talk to Mike. Ric finds her and tells her if she wants Mike to shed some light on Sonny’s history, she won’t find out what she needs to know about him. When Sonny found out that their mutual mother was dating Trevor and they were going to have another baby, he was too jealous to accept the fact that his mother’s life did not revolve around him. So he tried to kill her and her unborn baby. She tells him that maybe his mother accidentally slipped and it is he who has been spending his life being bitter and hateful and out for revenge against Sonny.

Carly tells Jax that she has been trying and failing to forgive and understand what he did. She remembers how she made it very clear to him that she did not want him to leave and how it would affect her if he did. But he seemed like he could care less. So maybe they should just end it. He tells her that this cannot be over. He loves her. She tells him that she loves him. But he left her. She cannot trust him not to leave her. She cannot trust him not to put his brother before her. But he promises her that that will never happen again.

Jason tells Jerry that there are ways he can prove his good faith. Jerry tells Jason that he is listening. Jason tells him what he can do is be aware of the threat of Anthony Zacchara. Maybe Jerry can protect Sonny’s family and the boys. Jerry then asks Jason if he is asking to form an alliance with him.

At the hospital, Dr. Ford confronts Nikolas for distracting Emily from her work. But Nikolas is not intimidated by that. He tells Dr. Ford that Emily will talk to whomever whenever she wants. And if Dr. Ford gives her any grief, Nikolas can fire him, remove him from the hospital and have him changing bed pans.

Right then, Spinelli is having a fantasy of many hot women  drooling all over him. They are all fighting over him when Lulu appears. They fight her and tell her that they want the jackal all to themselves. Lulu assumes that Spinelli has dumped her for the others.  But he tells her that she is the only woman who holds the key to his heart.

Right then, Lulu is with Logan. She tells him that sometimes it scares her to be with him. She is sometimes waiting for the other shoe to drop. But he assures her that that will never happen. She is the only girl for him. Maxie pokes her head in the door and watches them, still unseen.

Jason goes and finds Trevor in the park on his cell phone, takes it out of his hand and terminates his call. Trevor tells Jason he knows whom he is. He’s Sonny’s watch dog. Jason tells Trevor he better get out of Port Charles and take Zacchara with him.

Jax tells Carly that he has made a lot of mistakes but has finally learned his lesson. Nothing is more important than their life together. He is committed to her and will do whatever it takes. She tells him she wants to trust him. He is the best thing that ever happened to her. Right then, Jerry walks in and interrupts them. He tells them that he has found out that they are at risk. And nothing will prevent him from protecting his brother and sister in law, whether they like it or not.

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