GH Update Tuesday 8/28/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/28/07


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Jax and Carly are on an airplane – they are on their way home.  Carly asks Jax if he slept with Irina.  He says that he did.

Sonny goes to the Metro Court to see Kate.  Sonny says that Trevor is telling Kate lies.

Ric and Trevor are in the hotel restaurant at the bar.  Trevor tells Ric what a “disappointment” he is.  Ric tells his dad he is going to prosecute Kate.  Trevor won’t be silenced – he tells Ric to “listen” to him.

Lucky and Amelia are in the dining area of the restaurant.  When Amelia sees that Emily and Liz are also there, she calls Liz over and explains the reason for the meeting.  As Liz walks away from his table, Lucky stops her and wonders why his wife is in the restaurant.

Sam has come home to find Jason waiting for her.  Jason tells Sam he knows that she was behind the threat on Liz in the park. 

Back on the plane, Carly is devastated by Jax’s admission.  He apologizes.  Carly wants to know the details.  Jax tells her that he was beaten and drugged and forced to have sex with his crazy captor.  Jax says he was convinced that Irina would kill Carly and the kids if he failed to cooperate. 

At Kate’s room, Sonny questions Kate’s relationship with Trevor.  Kate says Trevor is “caring and thoughtful.”  Sonny tells Kate how Trevor hurt his mother.

At the bar, Trevor demands that Ric drop the charges against Kate.  Ric refuses at first.  Trevor threatens to ruin his son’s career.

Liz and Emily are still standing at Lucky’s table.  Emily says that she invited Liz to the hotel for dinner.  The girls go back to their table.  Amelia notices the tension between the Spencers – she asks Lucky if he’s sleeping with Sam.

At Sam’s, Jason continues to confront his ex.  Sam says she paid the men to scare Liz – she says she did Liz a favor by saving her from the “real danger.”  According to Sam, that danger is Jason.  An angry Jason throws a glass across the room.

Jax and Carly argue about his sleeping with Irina.  He says he did it to keep everyone safe.  Carly is mad because Jax left her in the first place.  Jax says he was “forced into cheating” but Carly willingly slept with Sonny.

At Kate’s, Sonny tells Kate about his mom’s relationship with Trevor.  Sonny relives his mom’s fall down the stairs.  He tells Kate about the accident.  Trevor wanted to resolve things by putting Sonny up for adoption.  Sonny’s mom refused to give him up so her relationship with Trevor ended.

Ric and Trevor continue their heated discussion at the bar.  Trevor calls Ric a “disappointment.”  Trevor brings up Ric’s daughter.  He says he will make sure that Ric loses his daughter unless the charges against Kate are dropped.

Lucky and Amelia are still at their table.  He tells her his relationship with Liz is personal.  Amelia warns Lucky about Sam before she gets up and leaves.  Lucky gets up and leaves a minute later.  He doesn’t stop to talk to Liz and Emily.

Emily tells Liz to let Lucky get over things his own way.  Liz wonders if that will happen.

At Sam’s, Jason listens to Sam’s ridiculous argument.  He reminds her that she “stood by while Jake was kidnapped.”  Jason tells Sam to be mad at him, not Liz.  Sam whines about being unable to have a baby.  Jason tells her not to hurt Liz again.  He threatens to kill Sam if she does.  Sam says nothing and Jason leaves.

Jax and Carly continue to argue on the plane.  She says she only cheated once and he did it more than once.  He says he was “forced,” to cheat but Carly did so willingly.  Jax says Carly is the real “cheater.’ 

At Kate’s, Sonny continues to explain his side of the story.  Kate says that Sonny went from a “haunted boy” to a “dangerous man.”  In his defense, Sonny says he’s “a coffee importer.”  Kate reminds Sonny of his threat on Jerry that she witnessed.  Kate asks Sonny if he would “kill Trevor” but he doesn’t answer.  Instead he tells Kate that Trevor works for a New York “mob boss.”  That’s the reason Trevor is in town.

At the bar, Ric is upset by his dad’s threat.  Trevor promises to follow through with his threat unless the charges against Kate are dropped.

Liz tells Emily she’s made a mess of things.  Emily says Lucky needs “time.”  Liz is afraid that he might need something (or someone) more.

Lucky goes to Sam’s to check on her.  The door is unlocked and he walks in after knocking.  Sam is crying on the couch.  Lucky comforts her. 

Jason comes home – Spinelli is waiting.  He says he hopes Jason’s gun is “cold and unused.”  Jason tells Spinelli to advise Sam to keep her distance from Liz.  Spinelli worries that Sam may choose “not to listen.”

Sam continues to cry on Lucky’s shoulder.  She doesn’t tell him about Jason’s visit.  She says that she broke the glass.  Sam says she was upset to know that she is “alone.” 

At Jason’s, Spinelli says he’ll talk to Sam.  He tells Jason to tell Liz the truth but Jason refuses.

At Kate’s, Sonny insists Trevor is in town to take over Sonny’s “territory.”  Kate doesn’t believe Sonny.  She says she needs Trevor’s help.  Sonny doesn’t want Kate to be “caught in the middle.”  He wonders what kind of relationship Kate has with Trevor.  Kate won’t answer Sonny’s inquiry and she asks him to leave.  He does. 

Max and Diane are in Sonny’s office playing Gin.  Diane says Kate shouldn’t get “personally involved with Sonny.”  While Diane rambles about fashion and her designer dress fitting, Max rambles about Carly.  Max says he doesn’t know where Carly is but Diane doesn’t buy it. 

Jax and Carly continue to argue on the plane.  He says it’s getting “petty” and they should stop.  When Carly wonders if Jax will ever get over her night with Sonny, he answers her with a kiss.

Sonny returns to his office and interrupts the card game.  He startles Diane and Max who don’t let on that they were playing cards.  Diane wonders about the status of her dress.  Sonny tells her about Trevor.  Diane can’t believe that Sonny broke up with Kate before she got her dress. 

Trevor returns to Kate’s room to tell her the charges will be dropped.  Trevor reminds Kate of their past.  He clearly wants more than friendship but Kate doesn’t seem to. 

Spinelli goes to Sam’s – he brings her a lava lamp for “soothing contemplation.”  Spinelli is sympathetic to Sam’s sadness.  Sam says that Jason is cold an uncaring.

Jason is at home looking at Jake’s tiny hat.  Amelia is at his door to tell him that Lucky is Sam’s new bodyguard.  Amelia says that when Sam beds Lucky, Liz will need a friend. 

Carly pulls away from Jax.  She wonders if Jax contracted any STDs from Irina.  Jax says they used “protection” – Carly doesn’t want to hear it.  She says there will be no sex until Jax “gets a clean bill of health.”  Jax agrees but wonders if “kissing is out of the question.”

At Sonny’s office, Diane is angry about losing her designer dress.  When Max tells Diane not to be so upset over a “dress,” she jumps down his throat.  Max actually seems to be a bit afraid of Diane.  Sonny tells Diane to run a check on Trevor’s life.  Diane can’t get her mind off the dress.  Sonny tells her to focus. 

At Kate’s, Trevor wants to stay the night.  Kate says she’s “tired” and needs more “time.”  Trevor says he’ll be in town for a while.  He leaves the room without an argument.

Lucky comes home to find Liz in the yard.  He says he wants to work out their problems. 

Spinelli is still at Sam’s.  She cleans up the broken glass.  Sam says Jason is incapable of “emotion.”  Sam says her devotion to Jason got her nothing.  Spinelli doesn’t want to hear anything negative about Jason. 

Amelia is still at Jason’s door.   Amelia says she’ll keep Jake’s paternity to herself.  She warns Jason that Sam may not be so generous.  Amelia leaves.

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