GH Update Monday 8/27/07

General Hospital Update Monday 8/27/07


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Jason has cornered the men who allegedly threatened Elizabeth in the park, and they have confessed to him that Sam was behind it, he is silent and sullen. Spinelli tells him that there must be some mistake in their allegations that Sam would do something like that. But Jason says nothing.  Right then, Lucky kisses Sam and she indicates that she is not angry at him.

Sonny’s abusive step father (Ric’s father) appears out of nowhere and makes his presence known to Sonny.

Spinelli tells Jason that he believes that those guys would make false accusations of Sam. He bets the DA of darkness is behind this. He wouldn’t put it past Ric to want to frame Sam. But Jason indicates that he believes that Sam would do what the guys told him she did.

Sam tells Lucky that he was not at fault for kissing her. She admits that maybe she is as much at “fault” as he is. But he tells her that maybe the reason she is asking him to be her body guard is a way to stick it to \Elizabeth. She tells him that maybe she should leave him alone and let him get back to his marriage. She tells him he’s been a really good friend to her. And maybe she should be more considerate to him. He then tells her that she needs a body guard whom she can trust. And he wants to be there for her. If Elizabeth cannot handle it, too bad.

Jerry enters the place where Irina is keeping Jax captive and pulls a gun on Carly while Irina is holding a gun on Jax. Carly tells them that she will not let anybody hurt her husband or threaten to kill him. Even though Jax asks her to leave, she tells them she refuses to abandon her husband. Jerry then points the gun at Jax. And he tells Irina that he is wondering if there is a catch. He wonders if he can trust her. Maybe she wants him to kill his brother and sister in law for her benefit. And if she does not trust him, she may shoot him.

Ric goes and finds Kate/Connie and after finding out that she knows his father. He asks how she knew Trevor. She tells him that she and Trevor have been friends for years. But she did not know that Trevor was his father. She and Trevor have had a business relationship for a long time. And she can tell that Ric has some real issues with his father.

Trevor then reveals to Sonny that he has a “relationship” with Kate Howard. Sonny tells him that Kate/Connie never mentioned him. Trevor tells Sonny that he has wanted a person like Kate in his life ever since Sonny tried to kill his mother. In response to that, Sonny tells Trevor to never mention Sonny’s mother’s name again. Trevor then tells Sonny that Adela was the kindest and most beautiful woman in the world. Sonny angrily tells Trevor that what he did to Adela is what ruined Ric. He is responsible for the sick person Ric has turned into today. Is he proud of that.? Trevor then replies to Sonny that he never knew what a real relationship with a woman was until he met Kate Howard. She is the first woman he’s met whom he feels proud to be with. And does Sonny have a problem with that?

In Kate/Connie’s room, Ric tells her that she is going to get in trouble if she trusts his father. He is nobody to mess with. But she admits that she only knows Trevor as a wonderful and heroic man. She tells Ric his father has all of the qualities that Ric lacks. And Trevor can explain to the judge that Ric’s personal vendetta with Sonny is the only reason why Ric is prosecuting her. But he does not appear to be afraid of that.

Sam admits to Lucky that she is angry at Elizabeth but doesn’t want to stir up any trouble. She tells him that he has nothing to feel guilty about and doesn’t want him to do anything that he might regret. Elizabeth will not be ok with the two of them having a “business relationship” It could ruin Lucky’s marriage. But he tells her she need not worry about ending his marriage. It’s his own problem. She tells him he is a great guy and Elizabeth should appreciate what she’s got. He tells her that he could say the same thing about Jason in regard to her.

Spinelli tells Jason that even if Sam did hire the “evil doers” to make Elizabeth think she is in danger because of Jason, Sam would never do anything that would hurt a child. And maybe if Sam would do that, she need help instead of punishment.

Jerry admits to Irina that he loved her. And the people who tried to kill him told him that she was dead. And he thought his life was over. She tells him that she doubts he cared. He tells her that ever since he believed that she died, he stopped caring about everything. And seeing her has made him feel something that he has never felt before. He looks very emotional and sincere when he tells her she is the only woman he has ever loved. Hearing that, she looks like she is ready to cry and exhibits a conscience for the first time. He then tells her she may go ahead and pull the trigger and kill him if she wants. But he will always love her. Instead of killing him, she kisses him. They hold each other. Carly and Jax watch as she falls to the floor.

At the hospital, Emily asks Elizabeth if she wants to grab some dinner. But it looks like Elizabeth has something on her mind. She admits that she went to talk to Sam about what happened with the thugs in the park. But when she got there, Lucky was there. And Sam has asked Lucky to be her body guard. Emily asks why Sam would do that. Is she coming on to Lucky? Elizabeth says she thinks that Sam is vulnerable after losing Jason. And she doesn’t know what she can do about it.

At the metro court, Amelia finds Sam and wonders why she is with Lucky. Sam informs Amelia that she has hired Lucky as her body guard. Hearing that, Amelia smirks and tells Sam she doesn’t waste any time.

Trevor goes out the door of Sonny’s office. Sonny tells him he better go back to Manhattan before he starts something he cannot finish. Trevor then tells Sonny he’s really turned into a gangster. He won’t report “this” to the police. But Sonny better never do it again. Right then, Jason appears at the door and stares at Trevor. When Trevor goes out the door, Jason asks Sonny who was that. Sonny informs Jason that that is Ric’s father and Kate’s boyfriend.

Ric tells Kate/Connie that his father may like her. But only he can see her for whom she really is. She tells him that it’s obvious that he and his father have had real problems. Many people have problems with their families. But he has not gotten over his. He tells her she would be well advised not to get on Trevor’s bad side. She indicates to him that she has no fear of Trevor. It’s Ric she suspects.

After it looks like Irina has died, Jerry tells Jax and Carly they better leave while it’s still safe. Carly unties Jax. And right then, Jax stands up and points a gun on Jerry, telling him he is tired of his stupid games. He won’t let him get away with it anymore.

At the metro court, Lucky asks Amelia what she intends to do with Sam. He can obviously tell that the two women hate each other’s guts. They both admit to him that they have a “special relationship” where they are professional partners in spite of their personal issues. Sam then asks if Amelia hired some thugs to threaten Elizabeth and her children in order to set her (Sam) up?

Emily asks Elizabeth if she is really sincere about her commitment to Lucky. Elizabeth explains that she and Lucky have marriage vows and a family and she only slept with Jason once. Emily tells her she may be faithful with her actions but not in her heart. As for the kids, they grow up. And it won’t do them any good if she lives a lie pretending to love their father when her heart is somewhere else.

After Sonny has informed Jason that Trevor is back in town and seeing Kate, he also informs him that there’s more than that. Trevor is representing Anthony Zacchara. He went and warned Kate. And right then, she kept talking about Trevor. He had no clue that she meant his step father, Trevor. And as soon as he got back to his office, Trevor walks into his office and talks about his girlfriend, Kate. Jason tells Sonny that he does not believe for a moment that Trevor has any reason to be there except to represent Zacchara. Sonny admits to Jason that Trevor is ready to organize a takeover with Zacchara because he hates Sonny.

Right then, Trevor comes to see Kate/Connie. He tells her about all of the nights when he waited on her doorstep and how enamored he was by her. Right then, she informs him that his son, Ric just came by and found out about them. He tells her that his only son is an emotionally damaged loser. They can forget about him. And he asks her if she is in love with Sonny Corinthos.

Carly and Jax are on the plane going back to Port Charles. She tells him she missed him. She admits that she had dreams that he was dead. Then, she’d wake up and he was not there. And she is so angry at him. She wants to yell and scream. But she cannot do that right now. She wanted to see him with her safe and ok. He tells her he was an idiot thinking he had to rescue Jerry again. When all that matters was her and the boys. Every day, he was a prisoner. She looks angry. But he promises her that he will never leave her again. He kisses her.

Amelia tells Sam and Lucky that she had absolutely nothing to do with the men who threatened Elizabeth and the kids in the park. She would never cause anything to endanger a child. She may personally dislike Sam. But she would not do anything to ruin their contract. This show is her livelihood. It’s her career. And she would not jeopardize it just to hurt Sam. Sam then says she will let Lucky and Amelia work out the details of their conversation and she will go home. Of course, he does not want her leaving by herself. She tells him she’s parked downstairs and there’s a valet and she will be fine. She departs.

Trevor informs Kate/Connie that he was “involved” with Sonny’s mother Adela when Sonny was only 6 years old. And he got her pregnant with Ric. When Sonny found out that his mother would have another child, he pushed his pregnant mother down the stairs. Kate/Connie tells Trevor she cannot believe that. There must be a misunderstanding. Trevor tells her that Sonny wanted to kill his baby brother before he was even born. And just recently Sonny tried to kill him (Trevor).

Sonny admits to Jason that he has some very serious issues with Trevor. He has not seen him since he was a child. Trevor is joining forces with Zacchara. And now he is seeing Kate. He tells Jason that Kate is now tied to him with Trevor and Ric. And he knows that Trevor knew about this. He asks Jason what he thinks they should do. Jason then admits that he is not certain what they are going to do with Ric’s father and Zacchara.

Jerry has Irina in a body bag and kisses her goodbye. He tells her he loves her and zips it shut. And right then, he pushes her off the boat and into the sea.

While on the plane back to Port Charles with Jax, Carly admits to him that a lot has happened since he’s been gone. But he tells her he doesn’t want to know about all the people she’s dealt with and all the drama. He just wants to know about her. She cries and asks him if she should stare at him or touch him and wonder if he is real. She realizes that in a few weeks, things will be back to normal. But she cannot stop thinking about how close she came to losing him and not knowing if she would ever see him again. And she admits to him that she now knows that he would never really sleep with Irina.

Sonny goes to Kate/Connie’s hotel room and tells her they need to talk. She opens the door and tells him they have nothing to discuss. He tells her that he needs to know how close she is to Trevor Lansing. She tells him that’s really none of his business. He tells her he will not leave until she tells him. She asks what he will do if she does not. Kill her?

Trevor is right then, in the metro court on the phone plotting against Sonny.  When Ric enters, Trevor asks his son what took him so long.

Amelia and Lucky sit at a table and talk about what it is that Sam is trying to do. He tells her he knows exactly what Sam is trying to do.

Sam goes home and is surprised to see Jason waiting for her. He tells her they need to talk.

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