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General Hospital Update Friday 8/24/07


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Noah’s rock concert is ready to start. Patrick is very worried that his father will fail and everybody will know that it’s a scam. Anna then comes out, notices that Noah looks nervous and introduces him to the screaming crowds.

Jason drives to find the alleged “thugs” who threatened Elizabeth and his child. Spinelli is in the car with him, telling him that he may be acting in haste.

Ric goes to talk to Sonny and asks him how it feels to know that the woman he is so desperate to protect, came to him (Ric) ready to save her own skin and help Ric’s case  by exposing Sonny’s mental illness. He tells Sonny that that could really work in his favor. In response to that, Sonny tells Ric that he has bigger problems than that. He asks Ric if he remember Anthony Zacchara. Ric says he remembers that name. Sonny tells Ric that that guy is about to declare war on Port Charles. Ric tells Sonny he is not concerned about that. His focus is on his big brother. Sonny then tells Ric that he is more of an ass than he thought.

Irina puts Carly in the place where Jax is being held hostage and makes it look like she has been sleeping with Jax.

Anna kisses Noah on the stage, so that crowd will get excited and believe that he is Eli and so that he will get motivated to perform. She announces how incredible he is. And she announces that as a mother of a daughter with HIV, she knows how devastating this disease is. It turns one’s life upside down. She loves her daughter more than anything. And she believes that there is hope. She is very grateful for all of the organizations and all of the entertainers who work hard and give of their time. And this journey that they are all on will end in a cure. The crowd cheers.

Sonny tells Ric that he is so hung up on crap that happened so many years ago, that he cannot even see what is right in front of him. This guy, Anthony Zacchara makes their current rivals look very unimportant. Ric is so busy with this vendetta he has against Sonny that he will not even pay attention. Ric tells Sonny that his priorities are very clear. He is not concerned about this Zacchara dude. He hasn’t done anything to him. Sonny, on the other hand, has. He loves how Sonny talks about racketeering scum as if he is better than they are. Sonny then tells his brother that there is one difference between himself and Anthony Zacchara . He (himself) will let Ric live. But Zacchara won’t.

Carly tells Irina that she knows she wants to scare everybody. Irina tells Carly for a rich, spoiled little housewife, she has a lot of nerve. Irina snuggles up to the bound up and assaulted Jax, making it look like she’s sleeping with him. Jax is cut up, bloody, unable to stand up and not in any position to argue with anything she says. And he confirms to Carly that he had sex with Irina.

Elizabeth goes to find Lucky at Sam’s new place and asks if either of them remember anything about the men who threatened her. She asks Sam if she remembers anything. Sam tells her that the reason she contacted Lucky has nothing to do with that.  She tells her that the reason she asked Lucky to come and talk to her is because she knows how dangerous it is to be connected to Jason. She was with him for 3 years. And that is why

Carly tells Jax that she knows that he slept with Irina. She could care less. She is only concerned about Jax bringing home disgusting diseases home to her. In response to that, Irina smacks Carly really hard. She seems like she knows that her husband would never sleep with Irina when she tells her that she is a female rapist. How desperate and how pitiful. And no wonder Jerry dumped her.

The rock concert is under way. Noah gets up and sings. He looks like a  real rock star. He is really there. He has the perfect stage presence. He sings a song about who killed Rock n Roll. The crowd cheers . He is really dynamic on stage. He looks just like a real , live performer. This is the real Rick Springfield. Anna, Robin and Patrick are all cheering him on and no longer afraid of anything going wrong. He sings his song: “Who Killed Rock n Roll”

Sonny goes and knocks on Kate/Connie’s door. She tells him she doesn’t want to see him. She assumes that he knows nothing about her recent guest. But he tells her that he knows all about the man whom she has been entertaining. She asks if he has been spying on her.

In Jason’s car, he demands that Spinelli gets on his GPS and tracks the “evil doers”. But Spinelli tells him that it’s entirely possible that these guys are innocent. Jason may just be really impassioned about saving the fair Elizabeth that he cannot see that these guys have not endangered him and he is going after the wrong suspect.

Lucky tells Elizabeth if she has a problem with his “working with” Sam, why doesn’t she just say it? She tells him that Sam is only asking him to be her body guard in order to get back at Jason and to get back at her.

Ric comes to see Sam. She tells him he is wasting his time. He asks her if either of those guys in the park mentioned the name of Anthony Zacchara . She tells Ric she did hear one of those creeps mention that name.

Sonny tells Kate/Connie that she has had some body guards watching her for her own protection. Ric wants to get her in trouble. And is this Anthony Zacchara dude is going after many people. She tells him about her friend, Trevor and tells Sonny he must realize that Trevor has nothing to do with these dirty dealings.

When Carly confronts Irina, Jerry tells Carly she cannot engage. But she does not listen. Carly tells Irina that Jerry dumped her. She reminds Jerry of the moment he made a terrible mistake. And now that Jerry knows she is alive, he will find out where she is and he will kill her. Outside the door, Jerry overhears their conversation unseen. Jerry enters, knocks out Irina’s body guard and makes his presence known. Irina pulls a gun on him. He tells her if she plans to kill Jax, she is making a big mistake. He asks her if she has ever done her homework. Does she know how much his little brother is worth? The money will only go into Carly’s hand. He tells her that she is not the only one with a plan. He asks her if she thinks he has been hanging around dreary Port Charles for his own pleasure. He has investment options. She asks him if he thinks he can buy his way out of her revenge. He tells her that he was thinking of buying a future for them to have together.

After Noah has pulled off the dynamic rock concert as Eli Love, everybody is ecstatic including the real Eli. He is very grateful the Noah filled in for him and bailed him out of having to disappoint his fans when he was in the hospital.

Sonny asks Kate/Connie just how long she has known this Trevor guy. She tells him he does not have the right to interrogate her. Her relationship with Trevor is none of his business. She asks him if he will please leave now. She is tired. He leaves but urges her to be careful. As soon as Sonny is gone, Kate/Connie stands by the door revealing that she may have feelings for Sonny.

In Jason’s car, Spinelli tells Jason that maybe instead of going after these guys single handedly, maybe he should call the cops. He reminds Jason that he almost got sent away and it would not benefit, Elizabeth, the wee one or himself, if Jason gets nailed for taking the law into his own hands. Jason tells Spinelli he knows what he is doing. He won’t endanger anybody. He just wants to make certain that Elizabeth and his children don’t have to be afraid to walk in the park.

Lucky protests to Elizabeth that Sam did not have any ulterior motive in asking him to be her bodyguard. She tells him that he must realize what she is up to. They argue about her secrets with Jason and his secrets with popping pills and sleeping with Maxie.

Sonny is drinking in his office and having a flashback of a childhood altercation where he pushed his mother down the stairs. Max enters and Sonny tells him he needs to do some work for him.

The two guys who supposedly threatened Elizabeth and the kids are in a motel room talking about how they will hopefully collect their money, keep themselves scarce and get out of dodge. Jason runs into the room ready to kill them if they do not tell him why they threatened Elizabeth Spencer. They protest that they do not know any Elizabeth. Spinelli watches through the window.

After Noah has successfully done his rock concert, Anna asks her daughter if she is angry at her. Robin tells her mother that she was just worried about the pregnancy thing. Anna admits that maybe she should not have been relieved that Robin is not pregnant. She tells her that she still wonders if she has this “mother thing” down. And the thought of being a grandmother might be too much for her. They look like they are happy with each other and happy with how the concert went.

Jerry asks Irina what she hopes to accomplish by torturing and threatening Jax. At that point, he sounds like he might want to protect his brother and sister in law. But he pulls a gun on Carly and admits that killing her might be a good start.

Anna kisses Noah. He tells her that now that he’s done, he’s not certain whether to say good bye to the music business. But he will tell her next time. Patrick approaches his father and tells him he never fails to surprise him. Noah tells his son he’s learned a lot walking in Eli Love’s shoes for the last few weeks. Living his life Eli Love style has been really interesting. He hugs his son. Robin admits she is going to miss her mother. Anna tells her daughter she loves her and she hugs her. She tells her she must look after herself. And she’s been thinking about the grandmother thing and has concluded if she can do the espionage thing, maybe she can pull it off when the time comes.

Ric goes to Kate/Connie’s hotel room and tells her that maybe he can work something out with her. But she tells him she is not worried. She knows he will drop the charges. He asks her why that would be. She tells him it’s because his father is in town and Ric will do what Daddy wants him to do.

Trevor Lansing enters Sonny’s office and asks his step son if he is still a manic depressive drunk.

Sam tells Lucky that she is re-thinking this whole arrangement. After seeing Elizabeth and the tension between then, she doesn’t want to cause any more problems between him and his wife. He tells her he is absolutely not going to bail on their agreement and refuse to be her bodyguard. He refuses to play into Elizabeth’s emotional blackmail. She tells him maybe she should just go. But he asks her if this is really what she wants. She admits no. And he kisses her.

After Jason pulls a gun on the two guys in question, they admit to him that they never had any intention of hurting Elizabeth or the kids. They just wanted to scare her and make her think she was in danger because of Jason. They just did what this other woman paid them to do. In response to that, Jason demands to know who it was that asked them to do this. They guy replies that her name was Sam McCall.

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