GH Update Thursday 8/23/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/23/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Kate walks in to her room at the Metro Court to find Trevor, an old friend, there waiting.  He kisses her but sheís not thrilled to see him.

Sonny goes to the Spencerís to see Liz.  She wants him to look out for Jason.  Sonny thinks Liz should have moved in with Jason.  He thinks Liz should ďrespectĒ Jasonís decision.

At Jasonís, Spinelli access security footage on a building across from the park.   They see two men on the tape.

Sam is drinking at her apartment having a talk with Lucky.  They talk about her needing a bodyguard.  Lucky asks Sam if she wants ďto be safe or get revenge.Ē

Anna, Robin, Noah, and Patrick are at the concert site.  Noah can hardly talk after the fall he took.  He thinks he can go on with the show.  Anna has a back up plan.

Back at the hotel, Kate talks to Trevor.  She wonders why he is in town.  Trevor tells Kate that Warren (her boss) called on him to help Kate.  Trevor says he can help Kate with her legal problems.

Lucky tells Sam that he and Liz are going to try again.  He tells her heís not available for her revenge.  Sam says she just needs Luckyís help.  She wants Lucky to be her bodyguard.

At Jasonís, Spinelli continues to zero in on the two men that match Lizís description.  The men go into the bank as Spinelli and Jason watch them.  Spinelli looks at the bank parking lot to see if the men get into a car.  They do, so Spinelli is able to get the plate number. 

Nikolas and Emily are in his den.  They just visited with Spencer.  Emilyís hospital schedule leaves her little time with Nikolas.  They leave the den and head upstairs.

At the Spencerís, Sonny tells Liz she should have known that Jason wanted a life with her.  Liz says she canít change the past.  She thinks itís safer to stay away from Jason.  Sonny says Liz should respect Jasonís wishes.  She says she wonít call Sonny again.  Sonny leaves.

At Samís, both Lucky and Sam say they want a fresh start.  She blames Liz for her breakup with Jason.  Sam says her whole life revolved around Jason.  Sheís become ďthe enemy,Ē Sam says.  Sam upsets Lucky when she says Jason may be having Liz watched.  Lucky says heíll check around for a bodyguard for Sam.  Lucky leaves the apartment.

At Jasonís place, Spinelli looks for a name to go with the license plate number.  He asks if Jason will reconsider a life with Liz if it turns out that Ric is behind the incident in the park.  There is a knock at the door Ė itís Ric.

At GH, Epiphany wheels Eli out into the hall.  He canít walk or stand yet.  Anna and Robin run off the elevator.  Anna kisses Eli.  Anna reminds Eli that she once got on stage with him at a concert.  Anna tells Eli whatís going on with Noah.  Eli thinks he can save the day but Epiphany disagrees.

At the Metro Court, Trevor and Kate have a drink.  They reminisce Ė they obviously have a past.  They knew each other years ago when Kate was starting out in the publishing business.

Maxie goes to Samís.  She canít get Sam to admit that she is behind the park incident.

Lucky comes home.  He and Liz try to make small talk.  Liz tells Lucky that Sonny came over and she told him sheís cut her ties with Jason.  Lucky gets defensive.

At Jasonís, Ric says heís ďfollowing upĒ on the park incident.  He thinks Liz is covering for Jason.  Spinelli gets in the middle of Jason and Ric.  Sonny comes in.  He thinks Ric is harassing Jason to get to him.  As he leaves, Ric promises to keep Kate in jail for six months.  Jason sends Spinelli upstairs.  He tells Sonny about the license plate.

Kate and Trevor talk about all the help heís given to her in the past.  He compliments her. 

Nikolas gets a phone call in his study.  Emily comes downstairs.  Nikolas is frustrated with business but Emily calms him.  They plan a dinner out. 

At GH, Anna tells Epiphany they need Eliís help at the concert.  She says she canít ďriskĒ it.  Robin says she will release Eli temporarily.  Eli is able to stand for a few seconds.

Patrick is back stage at the concert.  The audience is calling for Eli.  Patrick goes on stage and talks to the audience.  He talks about Life Beat and their fight against AIDS.  Eli (Noah) comes on stage.  Patrick leaves the stage. 

Kate tells Trevor about Ricís grudge with Sonny and how he plans to use it against her.  She says the DA and Trevor have the same last name.  Trevor tells Kate that Ric is his son. 

Still in his apartment, Jason tells Sonny that he thinks Ric is behind the incident in the park.  Sonny isnít so sure.  Jason thinks it was a ďpersonalĒ attack on him.  Sonny thinks Jason is being too emotional. 

Maxie and Sam have coffee and talk at Samís place.  Maxie understands how Sam feels.  She tells Sam about her revenge on Lulu.  Sam tells Maxie not to ďuse sex as revenge.Ē  Maxie leaves as Lucky comes to Samís door.  Sam is surprised to see Lucky.

At the concert, Noah walks offstage without singing.   He goes backstage with Patrick.  Noah can hardly talk.  Epiphany, Robin, Anna, and Eli show up and tell Noah they have it under control.

Nikolas and Emily get ready for their date.  The phone rings Ė the call frustrates Nikolas.  He doesnít share it with Emily.

At the hotel, Kate is surprised that Ric and Trevor are father and son.  She doesnít recall Trevor ever mentioning a son.  Trevor is not happy with Ric.  He promises to get Ric off of Kateís back.  Trevor gives Kate the impression that he wants to rekindle their relationship.  He kisses her.

Ric comes to Sonnyís office to tell him that Kate offered to sever ties with him in order to save herself.  Ric tells Sonny that Kate offered to make Sonnyís mental state public knowledge.  Sonny gets a call from Max.  Max says that a New York mob bossís attorney has been with Kate in her hotel room for over an hour. 

At Jasonís, Spinelli comes downstairs.  Jason is annoyed.  Spinelli says he was able to find a name, address, and phone number to go with the license plate.  Jason gets his gun.

At Samís, Lucky says he should act as Samís bodyguard.  Sam wonders what Liz will think.  Lucky answers a knock on Samís door Ė itís Liz.

At the concert, Noah goes out on stage.  Eli is in a wheelchair on a microphone Ė heís going to sing and Noah will lip sync.  They lose power to the microphone so nobody can hear Eliís vocals.

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