GH Update Wednesday 8/22/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/22/07


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Anna is on stage ready to promote Noah’s rock concert. Robin comes and notices her mother and tells her that this is very cool. She tells Anna that she is a magician. She has turned Noah into Eli love. Patrick enters and Anna asks him what he thinks. Right then, Noah enters. Patrick asks his father how he feels about getting ready for his big debut. Noah does not look as enthused as they are, however. He announces that he has had a change of plans and will not be going on tour anymore.

Jason walks into his house and Spinelli is on the computer. Jason informs Spinelli that Elizabeth and her children have been threatened because of him. And he needs Spinelli to find out how it happened and who is behind it.

Sam meets with the guys whom she arranged to make it look like they threatened Elizabeth and the children and as though Sam saved the day. She tells them if they breathe a word of it to anybody, they will regret it. So they better get out of town.

After Noah announces that he is bailing, Patrick asks his father how he can do that after all of the work Anna has done, and at the last minute. Noah tells them that he cannot do this. He is a neurosurgeon and not a rock star. Patrick asks him if he is going to let everybody down. He is angry. although neither Anna nor Robin are. Noah tells his son that he is completely selfish and has no business judging his father. Patrick tells Noah that he ruined his son’s and Patrick’s mother’s life. He tells his father that he is a pompous jerk. Robin tells Patrick that is enough. Patrick tells his father that he has done just what he’s expected. He’s a pathetic coward and will have to explain to everybody. Patrick and Robin go off. Alone with Anna, Noah looks depressed. She looks disappointed.

Sonny asks Kate/Connie what she plans to do. She tells him that she will cop a plea with Ric. Maybe he will let her get by with community service and won’t send her to jail. She can accept that. But Sonny tells her she does not understand that his brother lives to ruin him and everybody he cares about. He won’t negotiate with her. But she tell shim that he does not understand. She is going to attempt to negotiate a plea bargain no matter what Sonny says.

At Lucky and Elizabeth’s home, he returns and she tells him that she knows that it may be difficult for them to rebuild what they had. But maybe if they all go away to the beach as a family with both of the kids, it can be a special moment. She tells him that maybe he can meet her half way. He tells her that all he asks from her is honesty.

Jason tells Spinelli that he must find out whom these guys were who threatened Elizabeth and the kids. He gives Spinelli a description of them. But Spinelli seems as though he has other things on his mind. But he tells Jason he will get on his computer to find the evil doers who threatened fair Elizabeth and Jason’s protégé.

After Sam’s “guys” leave, Maxie comes to visit her. She tells Sam that she can tell what she is doing. She knows who those guys are and she warns her if she can figure that out, then it won’t be difficult for Elizabeth to put 2 and 2 together.

Emily returns home from working at the hospital. Nikolas greets her warmly and it looks like they are getting back together.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that he wishes she would fight for him. He wants to know that if he invests himself in her and in them, that he will not be tripping all over Jason. Right then, she informs Lucky that Jason is no longer an issue. She is no longer considering having Jason as a part of her life because of his dangerous life style.

At Sam’s new place, Maxie tells her that she would never rat her out to Elizabeth because of what she did. She would never get anybody in trouble who wants to ruin Elisabeth’s life. But her father gave a thorough description of the guys and she knows that Sam orchestrated the whole thing and it’s a scam. Sam denies it however.

Spinelli attempts to find the mysterious guys whom Elizabeth met in the park but he tells Jason that maybe he should ask Elizabeth. In response to that, Jason is frustrated and tells Spinelli that he has to stay completely away from Elizabeth for good.

At the hospital, Patrick reveals to Robin that he must take over all of Noah’s patients because he knows that his father must have neglected them during this whole situation. He tells her that it was ridiculous of him to believe that his father could have pulled this off. He should have realized that this was all doomed from the start and that his father is too self centered to see this whole thing through.

Noah meets with Anna and tells her that he really apologies for having to bail on her. He tells her that his son is really damaged after losing his mother. And he admits to her that Patrick’s mother died on the operating table. Hearing that, she tells him she is sorry. He tells her that he was sorry about it and what he did was become a pathetic drunk. And that ruined his son even more. In response to that, she tells him that she has failed her daughter miserably. And the difference is, she refuses to accept all of the failure and disappointment that happened in the past. What she decided was to become the best mom she could be in the present. And she was able to have a relationship with her adult daughter that she could not have with Robin during her childhood.

Ric meets with Kate/Connie after she’s asked him. He tells her if she intends to bribe the DA,  that will get her into a lot of trouble and won’t motivate him to drop the charges against her. She tells Mr. Lansing that she has no intention of bribing him. But she believes that she can offer him something that would be worth his while.

Sam goes to talk to Nikolas. She tells her cousin that she is worried that Lucky might “put himself in harm’s way” to find the guys whom Elizabeth met in the park. Nikolas tells Sam that that is what cops do and he asks her why she is concerned about Lucky finding the guys.

Elizabeth admits to Emily that she did not admit to Lucky that Jason is her baby’s father. She has covered for Jason and would do that again.

Jason is hell bent on finding the guys who threatened Elizabeth in the park, especially since he has now decided he can no longer have any more contact with her.

Robin tells Patrick that maybe he should not be so hard on his father for having stage freight. Maybe it’s just temporary. He tells her that his father is too much of a coward and has no consideration for other people. He tells her that it’s pointless for him to count on his father to come through for anybody ever again. But she reminds Patrick that he has been really quick to judge his father and needs to give him a chance.

Anna tells Noah that when he gets out there and the fans are screaming, he might be able to regain the courage to play the rock star. But he tells her that it might just push him to another bottle of vodka. She tells him if he goes through with this and faces his fears, he might be able to turns things around with his son.

Kate/Connie tells Ric he may correct her if she is wrong. But is it not true that Sonny is the one whom he is after, not her? She tells him that he won’t hurt Sonny by hurting her. She does not care about Sonny nor he about her. But Ric tells her that he knows that his brother will be affected if he “fails” her. He informs her that his brother is a card carrying manic depressive. Maybe he can help her if she can help him expose Sonny.

Nikolas goes to talk to Lucky telling him that he has just recently gotten to know his cousin Sam and knows that she may be looking to fill an empty void after losing Jason. Lucky tells Nikolas that he and Elizabeth are ready to work at getting their marriage back. Nikolas suggests that maybe Lucky and Elizabeth should split and maybe he should consider Sam now that she’s done with Jason.

Elizabeth admits to Emily that Jason has done so much for her. He has saved hers and Jake’s lives and done so much more. She admits to Emily that she is in love with Jason. But she is safer without Jason in her life. She admits that she is having a real dilemma about whether to keep her children safe or admit to her feelings for Jason.

Jason goes to talk to Sonny, suspecting that it may very well be Ric who is behind this “stunt” to make Elizabeth think that she is being threatened because of him (Jason). Sonny tells Jason that he would not put it past Ric to set this whole thing up. But it’s entirely possible that Ric has nothing to do it. So they cannot assume, not knowing. Right then, Sonny gets a call from Elizabeth. He tells her that he is in a meeting with Jason. She asks Sonny not to tell Jason that she has called him.

Noah goes back to attempt to fulfill his commitment to the rock concert. Patrick finds his father and admits that he was wrong to go off on him and judge him.  He tells him that growing up, when Noah did not show up to his  game or graduation or whatever, he told the kids that this father was busy saving lives. And unknown to Noah, his son has always seen him as his super hero. He’s always been proud of him. Noah seems really touched to hear his son saying that.

Kate/Connie tells Ric that she can do community service or whatever. He tells her that he can help her if she can expose Sonny’s mental illness. But he can tell that she won’t do that.  Realizing that she is not going to help him double-cross Sonny, he tells her that he will not offer her community service or a plea bargain. And he will make her day in court a miserable one.

Sonny goes to talk to Elizabeth after she’s called him. She tells him that Jason has agreed to stay away from her. And she admits to Sonny that this is very difficult. She also admits to Sonny that Jason means more to her than she can say. She tells Sonny that she knows that he is Jason’s best friend. He then asks her why she wanted to talk to him. She tells Sonny that she knows that Jason has difficulty taking care of himself so maybe Sonny needs to look out for Jason. Sonny tells Elizabeth that Jason has made his own decisions in his life and he cannot change that.

Maxie finds Spinelli at Jason’s home and demands that he helps her hurt Lulu. Jason walks in, demands to know what she is doing in his home and tells her she better leave Spinelli alone. She leaves but tells Spinelli if he needs any favors from her, he can forget it. Jason tells Spinelli that he will stop at nothing in finding the guys who threatened Elizabeth and the kids.

Sam calls Lucky to her home. She tells him she needs his help with something.

Emily tells Nikolas that she loves Elizabeth. She is her best friend. But she really thinks Elizabeth is making a mistake by staying with Lucky and denying her feelings for Jason. She tells him as much as she loves Lucky they are both living a lie if they stay together and her brother deserves some happiness too. She believes that Elizabeth and Lucky will both be better off apart. He tells her that he doesn’t want to trash her brother but he questions how anybody would be happy with Jason. They admit that they are happy together and they both know what they want.

Sam tells Lucky that she is worried that the guys that went after Elizabeth because of Jason might also go after her. She tells him that she needs a body guard and would like for it to be him.

Spinelli tells Jason that he does not think it’s credible that these guys would show up out of nowhere in broad daylight to threaten Elizabeth and the kids because of him. That sounds to him like a scam that only the DA of darkness would do.

Sonny asks Elizabeth about her relationship with Jason. He tells her that it’s odd that she says she wants to stay away from Jason. He knows that she cannot let Jason go as easily as she says she can.

Kate meets a distinguished older man who tells her he is in town because he heard she was in trouble and had to be there for her. He kisses her.

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