GH Update Tuesday 8/21/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/21/07


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Carly doesn’t believe it when Irina says Jax is dead.  She moves toward Irina but Jerry grabs her and tries to calm her down.  He seems to be trying to protect Carly.  Carly is fearless.  Jerry says Carly should be “afraid,” as Irina is “ruthless.”

Kate comes to Sonny’s office and tells him she overheard him talking to Diane about her “crime.”  Sonny says all will be well if Kate follows his advice.

Sam is in the park talking to the men that approached Liz.  Lucky comes by and wonders who the men are.  Sam tells him they work for the TV station. 

In another part of the park, Jason promises to find the men that came after Liz.  He tells Liz he will protect her and the boys with his guards.

Back in Turkey, Jerry tells Irina she was “brilliant” at faking her death.  He tells her how much her “death” affected him.  He says that he was “inconsolable.”  Jerry thinks Jax is still alive.  Jerry wants to “resolve” his “issues” with Irina in ”private.”  She offers to kill Carly so they can be alone.

At Sonny’s office, Kate blames Sonny for causing her to hit the police car.  She says that his kiss “distracted” her.  She wants to buy her way out of her trouble.  Sonny says it won’t happen so she needs to show “remorse” for what she did.  She needs “to start acting like a regular person,” Sonny advises Kate.  Kate says Sonny couldn’t admit he was wrong in the same situation.  Diane comes in with a “compromise.”

Back in the park, Sam introduces her supposed co-workers to Lucky.  Sam dismisses the men and they leave. Lucky thanks her for saving his family.  Sam says she thought she heard the men say “something about Jason” when they threatened Liz.  Lucky says Liz would “lie to protect Jason.”

As their conversation continues, Jason tells Liz it’s safer if Liz and her boys are out of his life completely.  He can only love Jake by letting go of him.  To do that, Jason says that he must also let go of Liz.

Lulu is with Logan at his place.  He kisses her then stops to ask if she is ok and sure that she wants to be with him.  He thinks Lulu is afraid.  She says she trusts him and asks if he has “protection.”  He says that he does.  Lulu is more than willing when Logan carries her to his bed.  They finally make love.

Still in the park, Jason and Liz agree to stay out of each other’s lives.  He doesn’t want to let go of Jake.  Jason tells Liz to call him if Jake ever needs anything.  Liz and Jason apologize to each other.  He tells her that he loves her.  She says she returns his feelings.  They kiss goodbye.  It gets very emotional for both of them.  Jason tells her to go but Liz literally finds it difficult to let go of Jason.  She walks away from him after a long embrace.  Jason stays put – his eyes fill with tears.

Lulu and Logan talk in his bed after their romantic union is over.  She is happy that she still feels comfortable with him.  She feels like they are “closer” than they were before.  Lulu apologizes for her lack of experience with men.

At the hotel, Jerry tries to talk Irina out of killing Carly.  Carly thinks Irina is “bluffing” but Jerry dares her to pull the trigger.  She doesn’t.  Jerry says he and Irina both need “closure.”  He says they should talk alone.  Irina orders Carly out of the room.  Irina tells Jerry she will take pleasure in her revenge against him. 

At Logan’s Lulu is in a hurry to leave.  She is unsure of what to say or do.  Logan says he feels close to her.  He asks her to stay.  She wants to stay but doesn’t want to “pressure” him.  Logan says Lulu is a chance for him to “do something good” with his life.  She kisses him.

Liz runs into Sam in the park.  Sam asks if the men mentioned Jason.  Ric comes by.  He’s surprised to see Liz and Sam together.  Sam tells him it’s his fault that Liz was threatened because he made Liz testify about spending the night with Jason.

Jason goes to Sonny’s office and tells him what happened to Liz.  Sonny says Jason should let the police handle it for now.  Jason tells Sonny that he won’t be “seeing” Liz and her kids anymore.

Carly is on the boat – she sees the guards come out of a room and goes in to look around.  Carly finds Jax on the floor – he is badly beaten but conscious.  Carly holds Jax and promises to save him. 

Outside of his apartment, Logan asks Lulu to go to dinner or a movie.  He wants their relationship to be more than physical.  As Lulu kisses Logan, Maxie walks up.  She tells Lulu that Spinelli is broken hearted.  A concerned Lulu goes to find Spinelli.  Maxie is all smiles as she accuses Logan of doing “the deed” with Lulu.

Back in the park, Ric disagrees that he is to blame for Liz’s attack.  He reiterates his feelings of hatred for Jason.  Ric tells Liz she is like Carly.  She will do anything to “benefit” Jason.  He says he can now “walk away” from Liz.

At his office, Sonny tells Jason that Liz and the kids should be with him for protection.  Jason says that although Sonny’s kids are protected, they are still a “target.”  Sonny says Jason should claim Jake.  Jason says ‘walking away” from Jake is “the hardest thing” he’s ever done.  He never wants to discuss it again.

On the boat, Jax asks how Carly found him.  The guards come back so Carly hides.  One of them kicks Jax and tells him that Irina is on her way back to kill him.

In Jerry’s hotel room, Irina says she wants Jerry to “suffer.”  He says they both have suffered enough.  She disagrees and promises to cause Jax “all sorts of pain.”  Jerry wonders why Irina didn’t run when he was held prisoner. She says she wanted to save Jerry.  Irina says Jerry didn’t care when he thought that she was dead.   Jerry says he cared and was happy to find his former love alive.  He pulls Irina into a kiss.  Irina hits Jerry on the back of his head with her gun.  He falls to the floor, unconscious.

Lulu goes to see Spinelli at Jason’s.  He’s thrilled to see her.  He says he’s been concentrating on “rescuing” her in the video game he created.  She tells him that Logan isn’t evil.  Lulu says she now knows the “real Logan.” Spinelli says he wants no “details.”  Spinelli says he won’t argue with her about Logan.

At Logan’s, Maxie asks for proof that Logan slept with Lulu.  She wonders where the video camera is.  Logan lies and says nothing happened.  He says they never got past the kissing stage.  Lulu has too many hang-ups about men.  He tells Maxie that it never will happen and says that their deal is off.  Logan shows Maxie to the door.

Jason is in the park looking for clues.  He runs into Sam.  Jason thanks Sam for her help.  She asks him if it makes up for her watching as Jake was kidnapped.  Jason says he’s “sorry” that they didn’t “work out.”  Sam says she won’t ask what’s bothering Jason because she doesn’t care.  Jason walks away.

Sonny is in his office looking at a photo of his kids when Diane and Kate come in – they are in good spirits.  Diane and Kate act like two old friends.  Diane tells Sonny that she “cut a deal’ for Kate with the ADA.  Kate thanks Diane by offering her a fitting with a top designer.  Diane and Kate bond over their love and appreciation for fashion.  Diane leaves the office, laughing.   Sonny comments on the “effect” that Kate has on the usually “tough” Diane.  Kate says that Diane has great respect for style.  Sonny is glad that Kate will be staying in town for now.  Sonny flirts with Kate, and then they kiss.  Ric walks in unannounced and interrupts.  Ric advises them not to “celebrate” just yet.

Liz and Lucky talk in the park.  He asks Liz if the men that “threatened” her mentioned Jason.  She admits that they did.  Lucky asks if Liz “wants to be” with Jason. Liz says she will never be with Jason.  Liz says that she understands Lucky’s anger.  Lucky wonders if their marriage is worth saving.  He’s angry and doesn’t trust his wife.  She says it’s up to him.  Liz wonders if Lucky has “reached his limit.”  He says he wants to try again.

Jason stands alone in another part of the park thinking.   He’s obviously emotional.

At Sonny’s office, Ric says he wants to “go for the maximum sentence” to punish Kate.  Ric says Kate “needs to be taught a lesson.”  He says Kate should blame Sonny for the eventual demise of her reputation.  Pleased with himself, Ric leaves Sonny’s office. 

Jerry wakes up in the hotel room alone.  He calls out for Carly. Jerry goes to the window and looks out with binoculars.  He’s upset by what he sees (or doesn’t see).

On the boat, Carly is trying to untie Jax.  Irina walks in with her guards.  She says that she plans to kill both Carly and Jax while Jerry watches.

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