GH Update Monday 8/20/07

General Hospital Update Monday 8/20/07


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Jerry tells Carly that he does not trust her to help him find his brother and he may be just as suspicious of her as she is with him.

Maxie meets with Logan, assuming that he won’t have an easy time getting Lulu in bed. But he assures her that he knows that Lulu is interested in him and does not need anybody’s help getting her in bed.

Spinelli asks Jason if it would be such a bad idea for him to consider having Elizabeth and her two kids in his home now that Sam has moved out. Jason concludes that if and only if Elizabeth feels safe with him, he might consider that.

When Elizabeth is in the park with her children, two guys corner her and tell her they are going to take her hostage because of her involvement with Jason. And right then, out of nowhere, Sam comes, pulls a gun on them and demands that they leave Elizabeth alone.

At the hospital, Robin is relieved to know that she is not pregnant. She and Epiphany notice Patrick once again interested in all of the attractive women all over the hospital and question his willingness to commit to anybody.

At Kelly’s, Lulu finds Logan and he tells her hat Maxie has a problem about his interest in her (Lulu). She tells him that that sounds just like Maxie. And she tells him that he has more important things to think about. He asks her just what that would be. She tells him like finding out whether Scott Baldwin really is his biological father.

Diane talks to Kate/ Connie in Sonny’s office and coaches her on how she is supposed to answer questions in the courtroom after she’s been charged with hit and run driving. But no matter what Kate/Connie says, she sounds like a rich woman who believes she can get away with anything. She then tells Sonny that they are wasting a lot of time with this. All he has to do is call in a favor. Unless, of course, he is enjoying her getting grilled.

Sam is completely unafraid of the guys who almost hurt Elizabeth and the kids. They assume she will go away. But she demands that they drop their guns or she will shoot them. And they go away. She then goes over to Elizabeth to ask if she is ok and inquires what they wanted. Elizabeth is not ready to answer that question to Sam.

Spinelli tells Jason that he does not believe that kids who are in the care of him or of Sonny are in danger. He’s observed Kristina and Michael and Morgan. And they seem to be ok. In response to that, Jason tells Spinelli it’s because Carly knows how to protect the kids and is unafraid of many things. And he’s not certain that Elizabeth is as unafraid as Carly. He tells Spinelli that Carly has a problem of always being unafraid even when maybe she is making bad judgment.

Carly tells Jerry that he is the reason why Jax was captured. He tells her that regardless of this, she is not capable of doing what needs to be done in order to find Jax. She does not have the experience. She then demands to know where her husband is and when Jerry refuses to answer, she tells him she will find Jax herself. He then tells her that Jax is being held hostage by Irina.

Emily goes to Jason’s and hugs her brother so happy that he has been acquitted. She also knows that he might be seriously considering hooking up with Elizabeth. She admits that Lucky is her good friend but is not infallible. She tells him that Lucky and Elizabeth might be done. She has talked at great lengths with her best friend and she believes that it may be entirely possible that what is right for Elizabeth in her life right now is him (Jason).

After the thugs leave Elisabeth, the kids and Sam alone, Sam asks if they should not call the police. She is a bit surprised that Elizabeth would not think of that first. And Sam gets on her cell phone.

Logan tells Lulu that he knows he could easily take the test to prove whether Scot Baldwin is his father and rub Scott’s nose in it. But he could care less and he knows that Scott does not care about him. He tells her that he would not take water if he was dying of thirst from that man. Right then, Mike observes that Logan is drinking too much coffee and looks like he is suspecting him of causing trouble. Logan tells Mike he will leave if he is not wanted there. Lulu then follows Logan outside and tells him that she may be partly responsible for getting him riled up and causing him to raise his voice. And maybe they should go somewhere together.

Patrick talks to the attractive new nurse at the hospital. He arranges to go out running with her. Robin is watching over him and very mindful of what he is doing.

Lucky and Detective Rodriguez meet Elizabeth, Sam and the kids in the park after the thugs have left. Elizabeth is a bit embarrassed and does not seem to want her husband to know what happened. He asks her why she would be all alone in the park with the kids. Elizabeth admits that Sam may have saved her life. And Lucky acknowledges that Sam has saved his kids’ lives and he is very grateful to her.

Emily tells Jason that Lucky has been so angry at Elizabeth for such a long time. She was wrong to have slept with him (Jason) and not told Lucky. But he has made mistakes also. And maybe they are right now at the point, where they need to let go and split up once and for all. She then asks Jason just what he would do or think or feel if Elizabeth wanted to commit to him. In response to that, Jason tells his sister that she knows he loves her. But this whole situation is a big mess and it would be best if she stayed out of it.

Lulu goes with Logan to his home. She tells him that they now have their privacy without any people in their way judging him. He tells her that he is furious with Scott Baldwin for what Scott did to his mom. She indicates to Logan that she wants to see the good in him Hearing that, he is a bit uncomfortable and guarded about that.

In response to Sonny and Diane telling her she has to change her intent in court, Kate/Connie tells them that they are belittling her and she can get her own lawyer. Diane then turns to face her and tells her that she is very sorry that she feels that way. But she tells Kate/Connie that she must realize that if she cannot trust them (herself and Sonny), then Kate/Connie cannot trust anybody else. They seem very sincere in only wanting to help Kate/Connie beat the charges.

Jerry tells Carly that Irina, the person he loved and was forced to betray is ready to get revenge upon him and upon Jax. And right then, when Carly is ready to go and take action against Irina with Jerry, Irina suddenly barges into their room and pulls a gun on them. She tells Carly she knows whom she is. Carly is a very foolish woman to follow this man. Carly remarks to Irina that she is supposed to be dead. Her death has been staged and she betrayed Jerry. She tells Irina that she did terrible things to Jerry and should not be vilifying him. Irina then asks Carly what she has to say about the man whom she gave her heart and soul to only to betray him.

Jason calls Max to his house telling him that he needs his help getting the most beefed up security in his house that they can have. Max asks Jason what is up. Jason has never wanted or needed this much security before. Right then, Jason gets a call from Elizabeth. She tells him she needs to see him and talk about something very important.

At the hospital, Epiphany takes the new nurse aside and tells her that she needs to think more about her job and less about Dr. Drake. She also informs her that Dr. Scorpio is not going to let Dr. Drake go without a fight.

Robin goes into Patrick’s office and clearly expresses that she is jealous of his interest in the new nurse.

At Kelly’s, Mike tells Spinelli that he is so impressed by his (Spinelli’s) technological expertise. But he can tell that Spinellli has something on his mind. Maxie comes and asks Spinelli why he is so blue. She can tell that he is upset because of Lulu. He tells her that Lulu is blinded to the bleak and baron. She knows he is talking about Lulu’s interest in Logan. And she informs him that they are going to “do it” if they have not already.

Logan tells Lulu that maybe she has no clue what kind of person he is. She tells him if he thinks he must protect her from him, she finds that insulting. And he must realize that her interest in him is not because she feels sorry for him nor that she is unaware of his issues. She tells him that everybody has done some things that they are not proud of and everybody deserves a second chance. In response to that, he tells her that maybe she should go. She tells Logan that she realizes that in the past she has let a lot of bad choices mess up her life. She has her suspicions about him. But she doesn’t want to live like a coward. She admits she is scared. But who isn’t? He then tells her that she deserves better than him. She tells him that maybe she does not want “better”. And he kisses her.

Robin coldly regards the new nurse whom has been talking to Patrick. Epiphany notices her and acknowledges that doctors are allowed to give orders to the student nurses. But why take Patrick’s bad behavior out on her? Why not be a better person than that? Patrick goes and finds Robin and asks her if she is angry at him. He tells her that maybe they should plan on going somewhere together when they get done with their shift.

Kate/Connie rehearses her speech to the judge and sounds a little more convincing to Diane and to Sonny. He admits to her that she needs to get on the phone and call her people in Paris. She leaves. Alone with Sonny, Diane tells him that that woman is going to jail. She shows no remorse and has no concept of what she did. He asks Diane what she believes that Kate/Connie is facing. Diane answer that Kate/Connie can expect at least 6 months in jail. Kate/Connie is right then outside the door overhearing.

Irina points the gun at Jerry telling him that she loved, dreamed and wanted her future with him. But now, after what has happened, she wants to see him suffer. He protests that he got kidnapped and tortured for days during the time when he thought she was killed. She sounds like she either does not buy that or does not care. She tells him that he killed her love and her faith. And for that he is going to pay. Carly is ready to pick up a bottle to knock Irina out. But before she can do that, a guy comes through the door with a gun. She tells the guy that he will pay also for attempting to help this bastard.

Jason meets with Elizabeth and tells her that he loves Jake more than anything. He tells her that he knows how dangerous his life is and he cannot change the things he’s done or the choices he’s made. But he swears to her that he will protect her and her kids. And he believes that they can make a home together. He will not let his business affect their home. He trusts her and believes that she trusts him and they can build on that trust. He believes that they can have a life together. She cries and says nothing. He tells her that he just wants to ask her if she wants to try. In response to that, Elizabeth sadly informs Jason that when she was in the park with the kids, two men stopped her, pulled a gun on her and told her that they would use her and the kids as leverage against Jason. Hearing that, Jason asks her if she and the kids are alright. She admits that luckily they are. And she informs Jason that Sam showed up and scared the guys off. She admits to Jason she does not know what she would have done without Sam. Hearing that, Jason concludes that maybe it’s too late for them.

And right then, we see that Sam has set this whole thing up. She meets with the guys whom she has asked to “act”. She congratulates them for their good work and is so happy that Elizabeth, Lucky and the cops totally bought that they were going to kill them because of Jason and that Sam saved the day. But right then, Lucky appears to see Sam all friendly with the guys whom she supposedly protected Elizabeth from. And he demands to know what this is about.

Spinelli tells Maxie that he believes that Lulu is beautiful and sweet and not a hostile jerk like Maxie is. He knows that Lulu sincerely wants to be his friend. Maxie then tells him that Lulu is shallow and spoiled. She will mess around with Logan and she will only use Spinelli and string him along and dump him when she no longer has any use for him.

Lulu and Logan are kissing and enjoying being together.

Irina is ready to get revenge upon Jerry and upon Carly. Carly tells her she wants to see Jax. She will pay or do whatever she has to do. Irina tells them she has to kill Jerry first.

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