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General Hospital Update Friday 8/17/07


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At the coffee shop, Sonny has a meal with Diane and tells her he is profoundly impressed by how excellently she has done her job. She got Jason exonerated. And she cleared Kate of all charges. Diane modestly tells Sonny she is only doing the job he pays her to do. But the situation with Kate might be complicated. Right then, Kate/Connie walks in assuming that she can escape the law and all of her plans will have to be in order for her to return to Paris. Sonny and Diane both seem to know that she is unaware that what she wants to do will be easier said than done.

Right then, it looks like Carly suspects that Jax is cheating on her and needs to track him down

Meanwhile, Jax is tied to a chair, after being assaulted and has blood all over his face and clothes. And he is at the desperate mercy of the woman who is keeping him captive. She informs him that she is expecting Jerry today.

Jason returns home to his empty apartment and observes a tiny snapshot of Elizabeth and baby Jake. He puts it in his safe box where it is not visible. Right then, Lucky enters his home and tells Jason he better stay the hell away from Lucky’s family.

In response to Kate/Connie telling Sonny and Diane that she is returning to Paris, Sonny asks her if she is nuts. He asks her if she is unaware of the very serious consequences of her actions. Diane explains to her that if she flees to Paris tonight, she can be accused of jumping bail. Kate/Connie explains to Diane that she must understand that her business deals in Paris are very important. And because Diane is a lawyer, she must find a way to enable Kate/Connie to get away with doing that. It’s a major fashion expose’ and there will be parties and dinners, Kate/Connie explains. Diane tells Kate/Connie that she might be able to pull some strings. She says that somewhat facetiously. Sonny then tells Kate/Connie that she can have all the fashion opportunities and publicity she wants when she gets hauled to jail, and the media publicizes how great she looks in her bright orange prison jumpsuit. And he asks her if it is really worth it to risk legal consequences just so that she can attend a fashion meeting.

Jax explains to his captor (Jerry’s ex girlfriend, Arena, is her name) that when Jerry first told him about her, he told Jax how much they were in love. And he told Jax that he was afraid that she might have died and that he (Jerry) was responsible for her death. He tells her that Jerry has been walking through a self-made hell every since. And it got worse. Jerry drove their mother away. She does not want to see or talk to him. And he also lost Jax. Arena then tells Jax that he is going to bat for Jerry now. Jax explains that it is his nature to protect his family. But Jerry has lost far too much. And he tells her that in spite of everything, in a way, she has already won. In response to that, she tells him that he possesses something that Jerry does not. He has a true and pure heart. And she has concluded that she is going to make Jerry pay for what he did to her.

Carly goes to talk to a special agent in Venezuela and tells him that she has to find her husband and make him pay for what he did to her. He tells her that he has more important things to do than be concerned about her private domestic affairs. But she sounds as though she is willing to bribe him to give her information that he cannot give. In response to that, he tells her if she attempts to bribe him, she won’t get what she wants. All she’ll get is prevented from leaving his office

When Elizabeth and Jake are in the park, Sam visits them and acts all friendly to Jake. She talks about how big and strong Jake is becoming, just like his daddy. Elizabeth tells Sam she has to go to work and will not talk to her.

Meanwhile, Lucky tells Jason he better stay away from Elizabeth and their kid. Jason tells Lucky that he and Elizabeth only slept together one night. And he will not apologize for his friendship with Elizabeth. He tells Lucky he is justified but does not tell him the reason why. Lucky then asks Jason how he can justify seducing a married woman.

Carly is able to convince the man in customs that she needs for him to check for Jerry Jacks. He gets on the phone but cannot find Jerry. He is, however, able to find Jax for Carly. He gives her a hotel address and she leaves.

Right then, Jerry gets a knock on the door. It’s his contact whom he is paying to lure Jax away from the United States, to keep him out of communication and out of harms way. And it looks like the guy has failed to do what Jerry requires him to do. The guy informs Jerry that the mysterious woman is holding Jax. Jerry says he cannot believe that that could be the case and when he finds out what is going on, he will make them pay.

At Sonny’s office, Max is on the phone trying and failing to find Carly. Milo observes his brother and concludes that he is very worried about Carly. He tells Milo that he is not worried about her flight so much as the destination. And she’s off with Jerry in a desperate attempt to find Jax. And he doesn’t know what might have happened. He is very worried.

Jason attempts to assure Lucky that he and Elizabeth are only friends. Lucky tells Jason that he doesn’t buy that and Jason better stay away form his wife and kids. Lulu enters and asks her brother and Jason what is going on. He asks her why she is in Jason’s home. She tells him she is looking for Spinelli. He tells her that she better stay away from Spinelli, since he’s a friend of Jason’s.

Jerry tells his contact that he considers that it could be possible that his ex girlfriend, Arena, is holding Jax captive. He remembers that Carly got an anonymous call from a woman who alleged that Jax was sleeping with her. Right then, the man shows him a picture of Arena and Jax on the ship. And Jerry concludes that all the while, the joke has been on him. Arena betrayed him and is holding his brother hostage.

Kate/Connie tells Sonny that she only committed a small fender bender. It’s no big deal. There’s no reason why she should have to stay in Port Charles nor any reason for him to want her to except that maybe he has feelings for her. She protests to Sonny and to Diane that she has to go to Paris. Diane tells her that she deeply regrets her unfortunate situation. But Sonny is right. Kate/Connie absolutely cannot go to Paris. Kate/Connie then says they may just try and stop her.

At the hospital, Emily asks Elizabeth if she and Lucky are getting their marriage back. Elizabeth tells Emily that Lucky was not ok noticing her hugging Jason in court after he got acquitted. It’s no big deal. And why is Lucky suspecting her with Jason? Emily then tells Elizabeth that Lucky will come around. Elizabeth reveals that she is beginning to have doubts of her own and is afraid that her marriage is over.

After Lucky leaves Jason’s home and Jason and Lulu are alone, she tells him that she has found out that there are no “good” or “bad” people. Everybody ends up making mistakes and inadvertently hurting the people they love. She realizes that he and Elizabeth had a reason to sleep together. And when Elizabeth testified, under oath, that Lucky is Jake’s father, she had her reasons. He concludes that admitting that he (himself) is Jake’s father was probably not what Elizabeth wanted to do when Jason was being tried for murder.. She then concludes that in situations like this, somebody is going to end up getting hurt.

One again, Sam goes to visit Lucky in his home. He admits to her that he wasn’t going to sleep in the same house as Elizabeth last night. He tells her that love dies a terrible death. What kind of a fool was he to think his marriage could be salvaged after what has happened? Sam responds to what Lucky says by telling him that she has done the same thing dragging it out this long with Jason.

At the hospital, Epiphany can tell that Elizabeth has a lot of personal stuff on her mind. Elizabeth goes off with Emily and tells her that she hates that she has caused Lucky so much pain and confusion and does not know if there is any point in their trying any longer. Emily confirms to Elizabeth that she must really be serious about ending her marriage with Lucky. And she asks Elizabeth if she is falling in love with Jason.

Lulu tells Jason that she has had some insightful conversations with Carly about some things. Carly knows a lot of things about him. And she has observed that Jason shuts down his feelings about a lot of things. He has feelings about Elizabeth and his son. She admits that her brother has good reason to be furious. But Elizabeth has good reason to be done with him. And it may not be a happy home for a baby when his parents are not getting along. She tells Jason that that leads her to a personal question that she wants to ask him. He tells her she may “shoot”. She then asks him if he loves Elizabeth. Jason does not answer that question. Lulu tells Jason that she believes that Elizabeth is in love with him. Right then Spinelli enters and fumbles in his conversation to them about how he also has sensitivity for the fact that Jason is Jake’s father. Jason then tells Lulu and Spinelli that he appreciates both of their concerns. But he believes that he has to handle his situation with Jake and find a way to deal with it.

Sam tells Lucky that she felt so guilty, knowing all this while that Jason and Elizabeth slept together and she did not tell him. He tells her she mustn’t blame herself. She admits that her selfishness played a part in it. She thought that perhaps, if he found out, he would walk out on Elizabeth and that would free her up for Jason. She tells Lucky she is really sorry and he must think she is the biggest loser. He tells her she is not a loser and has done nothing wrong.

Elizabeth tells Emily that she needs to be honest and look at what direction she wants her life to take. She has to wonder what could have or would have happened with her and Jason if she’d been giving it more of a chance. And maybe now is the time to find out.

At Jason’s, Spinelli remarks that there is a lot of room in his home without fair Samantha’s things. And maybe that empty room should not go to waste. It’s just a thought. But maybe there would be room in his home for Elizabeth and her two boys.

Max tells Milo that he knew that Carly was going off to Venezuela with Jerry Jacks in search of Jax.  And he never told Sonny. He feels responsible since Sonny is the father of her kids. But on the other hand, Carly has the right to do as she chooses and does not owe Sonny or him any explanation.

Kate/Connie tells Sonny and Diane that they may not think that what she is doing is unimportant. But her work can benefit many people. And she is not going to prevent doing it because some provincial bureaucrat wants to stop her. Diane tells her that this is the very attitude that is going to get her in trouble. Sonny then tells Kate/Connie that he needs to teach her a lesson in humility and respect.

Arena tells Jax that she might have to kill him.

Jerry is noticing the video footage of Arena and his brother. And he is worried that they are both in danger. At that point, Carly walks in and he pulls a gun on her.

Sam tells Lucky that he has done everything he could to preserve his family. And Elizabeth screwed it all away. And that makes her the biggest loser. And she tells him that she cannot express how much she wishes that somebody in her life could make her a priority. He tells her that he is in the same boat as she is. They move closer and look like they are going to kiss. But they turn away. She then walks out the door, telling him that she cannot do this. But she stands outside the door, revealing that she may be more confident than she is letting on to him.

Spinelli asks Jason why Elizabeth should have to raise her children alone. He tells Jason that he knows that Jason loves “the small stone cold one” and he bets that Jason would be a good dad for Cameron. So why not take this chance to raise his child now that Elizabeth could be free. Jason then concludes IF Elizabeth could handle the danger and if she would want to try, then he could possibly consider that.

In the park, Elizabeth tells her kids that they are going to visit Jason in a little while. And right then, two guys appear with guns and tell her she better keep quiet. They know that she and her kids are linked to Jason Morgan.

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