GH Update Thursday 8/16/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/16/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

Carly and Jerry argue over Jax in the Metro Court lobby.  Carly demands to know what happened to Jax and how Jerry lost track of him.

Jax is still being held captive – he is handcuffed to a chair.  Irina comes in and kisses him.  Jax somehow frees himself from the handcuffs.  Jax puts his hand on Irina’s neck and chokes her.  He tells her that there’s a “change of plans.”

Coop is in Sonny’s office.  Sonny plans to free Jason if he is found guilty.  He wants Coop to “let it happen.”

Liz and Sam are waiting outside the courtroom for the verdict.  Liz says she is there for friendly support.

The jury finds Jason “not guilty.”  Diane hugs Jason, who sighs with relief.  The judge thanks the jury.  Ric looks like he’s going to cry.  Court is adjourned.  Jason thanks Diane.  She glares at Ric.  The mayor reminds Ric that Jason can’t be tried for the same crime again.  He tells Ric he’ll say that Alcazar framed Jason (and left the country) and a warrant for Lorenzo’s arrest will be issued.  Ric says Alcazar is dead.  The mayor says that if everyone finds out that Ric failed to put away a murderer (Jason), he will look like an incompetent DA.  The mayor leaves the courtroom but doesn’t give a statement to the press.  He walks away.  Jason walks outside of the courtroom to find the media and Liz waiting.  Liz hugs Jason as the camera roll.  Sam glares at them. 

At the coffee house, Coop tells Sonny that he won’t be transferring Jason to prison since he’s merely a cadet.   Sonny tells Coop he can put the cadet in prison.  “Either do what I say, or you’re dead,” Sonny assures Coop.  Spinelli rushes in and tells Sonny the verdict.  Lulu comes in – she wonders why Coop is there.

At the 7th floor nurse’s station, Emily is preoccupied – she drops a stack of files.  She almost drops some blood samples but Epiphany catches them.  Emily is anxious about the verdict.  Patrick and Robin come off the elevator and tell Epiphany the pregnancy scare was a “false alarm.”  They walk away.

Jerry tells Carly that he had people watching Jax until he “dropped out of sight” a week ago.  Carly is really mad.  Jerry assures her that Jax can take care of himself.  He says there is no way Irina is involved as she is dead.  Carly doesn’t trust Jerry.  Jerry promises to rectify the situation but Carly insists on helping.

Using Irina as a shield, Jax tries to escape.  One of the guards shoots him in the shoulder.

Jerry and Carly continue to argue in the hotel lobby.  She wants to go look for Jax with Jerry.  He says it’s too dangerous and she will slow him down.  Max comes in and tells Carly he has “great news.”

At Sonny’s office, Sonny yells at Coop – he tries to make it look like Coop came there on Ric’s orders.  Coop isn’t even “a real cop,” Sonny taunts.   He tells Coop to get out and Coop leaves quietly.  Spinelli tells Lulu that Jason was found “not guilty.”  She hugs him.

Back at GH, Robin tells Patrick she wants to start Eli on a more aggressive treatment.  She thinks his recovery should have progressed more than it has.  The two doctors disagree about their parents.  Patrick says, “it’s a good thing” they’re not pregnant.

Emily comes off the elevator and Epiphany tells her the verdict.  Em is so happy she hugs Epiphany. An unemotional Epiphany tells Emily that Liz is at the courthouse.

Back at the courthouse, Diane takes the press away from Jason so she can give them a statement.  Jason and Liz break their hug and he tells her how much he appreciates her.  Jason looks at Sam – she gives him an angry stare then rolls her eyes.  Liz and Sam walk away but Sam corners Liz and says, “don’t think for a second that this is over.”  Liz walks away from Sam.

Max tells Carly about the verdict then leaves the hotel.   Jerry makes a sarcastic comment.  He tells Carly to “go celebrate.”  Jerry tells Carly he’s leaving in the morning to find Jax and she can come with him.  He says he has to go and make arrangements.  Carly thinks he’s lying and that he plans to leave without her.   Carly walks away after she tells Jerry she can find Jax on her own.

Irina tells Jax he was shot with a tranquilizer gun.  Next time they’ll use a real gun, she promises.  Irina tells Jax to save his energy.  She’s angry that Jax rejected her.  She promises to cause him a lot of pain.

At Kelly’s, Lulu asks Coop why he was trying to intimidate Sonny.  She warns Coop not to mess with Sonny. She doesn’t want Coop to get hurt.   Lulu tells Coop that she likes him and that he’s different from Logan.  She doesn’t want to take sides between him and Logan.

Back in his office, Sonny tells Spinelli he doesn’t like him.  He thinks Spinelli is too weird and he talks too much.  They both agree that Jason should claim Jake.  Sonny tells Spinelli to “shut up” and Jason comes in.

At the courthouse, Sam asks Ric if he’s hiding from the press.  Ric is disappointed that Sam failed to pay Jason back on the stand.  He wonders if Sam is bothered by Jason’s constant betrayal.  Ric accuses Sam of wanting Jason back.  He says that she is “pathetic.”   Sam says she has her “own ideas of revenge.”

Spinelli is thrilled that Jason is free and at the coffee house.  He offers everyone a celebration smoothie.  Jason says he needs some time alone with Sonny.  Spinelli leaves the office.  Sonny says Diane did a great job.  Jason gives Carly credit for bringing in the new evidence.  Sonny says he was planning to break Jason out if he was convicted.  Carly bursts in just as Sonny tells Jason to claim Jake.  Carly hugs Jason and he thanks her for her help.  She credits Jerry for getting the evidence.

At Kelly’s, Coop tells Lulu she doesn’t know Logan.  He says that Logan is very angry.   Lulu tells Coop about the DNA test.  The test results will help Logan “move forward,” Lulu says.  She hopes that Scott isn’t Logan’s father.  Coop warns Lulu that Logan really isn’t a good person.  Meanwhile outside Nikolas and Lucky meet.  Lucky is angry about the verdict. 

Liz returns to the hospital and tells Emily about the verdict.  Em says she knows and asks how Lucky fits in with the Jason situation.  Liz isn’t sure Lucky will forgive her.  Liz calls Jason “more than just a one night stand,” unlike Maxie.  Epiphany comes up to the girls and gives Liz her orders.  Em reminds Liz that they are meeting Nikolas and Lucky for dinner.

Sam and Ric continue to talk inside the courtroom. She says she was unwilling to lie on the stand.  He accuses Sam of being angry.  Ric says that Jason dumped Sam “like so much garbage.”  Sam says that Jason and Liz will surely “pay” but it will be on her terms, not Ric’s.  

At GH, Robin tells Patrick that she started Eli on the “new protocol.”  She tells Patrick he was right – they aren’t ready for a child.  They agree not to speak of it again.  Epiphany comes to get Patrick for a consultation.  He kisses Robin’s cheek and leaves.  A young couple with a baby gets off the elevator.  Robin walks over and admires the baby. 

Carly meets with Max at the hotel.  He followed Jerry for her.  It seems Jerry went to the airport and flew to Turkey.  Carly says she’s heading there too.  Max says Sonny will have his head if she leaves town.  Carly kisses Max for his help.

Spinelli runs into Lulu at Kelly’s.  Spinelli tells Lulu that Sonny has yet to “embrace” him as a “member of the inner circle.”   He also tells her that he and Sonny want Jason to claim Jake.

Nikolas tells Lucky that Liz might stay away from Jason now.  Lucky lied about Maxie and the pills and Liz forgave him, Nikolas stresses.  Nikolas thinks Lucky should be as forgiving of Liz.  The girls walk up. Nikolas gives Em a warm greeting.  Lucky and Liz don’t make eye contact.

Jason comes home to an empty apartment.  He sees Sam’s star necklace on the desk. Sam is a few minutes behind him. She’s come to pick up some things.  Jason offers Sam the necklace.   Sam tells Jason she wants no reminders of the past.  She tells him to keep the necklace.  Sam tells Jason she’s glad he’s free but sorry he had to give up his son for his freedom.

Ric is still in the courtroom talking to his daughter’s nanny on the phone.  Sonny comes in and tells Ric to leave things alone.  Sonny warns Ric to stay out of his life.  Ric says his next move will be against Sonny.

Max tells Carly she can’t go to Turkey alone.  Carly charms Max into seeing her side of the situation.  She holds Max’s hand when she talks to him, which he totally enjoys.  Carly convinces Max to see things her way.  He promises against his better judgment not to tell Sonny.

Irina’s guards bring a badly beaten Jax to her.  She tells him that Jerry will arrive soon.

Mike watches a news story about Jason at Kelly’s.  Nikolas, Emily, Liz and Lucky come in for dinner.  Liz says they’ve been short handed at work.  Lucky says she should go to work instead of going to court so much for her “friend” Jason.   Lulu and Spinelli are still at the counter talking about Jake, Jason, and Liz.

Lulu reminds Spinelli that Liz lied under oath about Jake’s paternity.  She says that Jake is safer with her brother.  Lucky walks up to Lulu just as the news story shows Liz and Jason embracing at the courthouse.  Liz walks up and Lucky accuses her of not being able to “stay away from” Jason.

At his apartment, Jason and Sam argue about Jake.  Sam calls Jason a liar.  She says Liz “is a lying bitch.”  He takes Liz’s side.  Sam says her next move might be to have sex with Lucky.  Jason looks at Sam with disbelief.  Sam tells Jason he’ll end up alone and she walks out.

In the courtroom, Sonny tells Ric he’s a loser.  He dares Ric to file charges against him.  Ric tells Sonny he’ll bring him down or see him dead.

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