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General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/15/07


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At the hospital Robin informs Patrick that it’s possible that she is pregnant. She is late with her menstrual cycle and that is not normal for her.

At the Quartermaine’s house, Edward, Monica and Alice know that Lulu is going out and they demand to know where she is going. She makes a sarcastic comment to Edward that she’s gong out clubbing and seeing male strippers at a strip joint. Hearing that, Alice laughs. Edward tells her that is not funny. And he reminds Lulu that with her father gone and her stepmother in Shadybrook, it is their responsibility to look out for her. Right then, Logan appears and answers the question of where Lulu is going and whom she will be with.

In the court room, they are about to find out the verdict on Jason’s murder charge.

Carly gets a phone call from the woman who is holding Jax captive. She informs Carly that she just had sex with Carly’s husband.

Robin notices Patrick’s panicked expression and tells him she is not so certain that she is pregnant. Not far away, Epiphany and Elizabeth watch them and observe. Epiphany tells Elizabeth that this will test whether Patrick is a responsible adult or a teenager who says it’s her problem and not his.

Patrick tells Robin that he doesn’t know how this could happen. They have been careful. They are using both condoms and the pill. He questions if she might have gone off the pill. She asks him if he thinks that she would do that without telling him hoping to get pregnant.

Scott Baldwin goes to visit Tracy in Shadybrook. Alan’s ghost is adding his two cents in. Tracy confronts Scott telling him that she knows he is encouraging his son to date Lulu in order to stick it to Luke.

When Edward sees Logan, he tells him that he does not want him in his house nor taking Lulu anywhere. He is Scott Baldwin’s son and Scott Baldwin is trash. Logan tells Edward that he agrees. But there is one positive thing that Scott did. He led Logan to come to Port Charles so that he could meet Lulu. Edward reminds the others that Logan works for Sonny. Logan assures them that his business relationship with Sonny won’t put Lulu in any danger. Monica informs him that her son has worked for Sonny for a long time. And it may have cost him his life and his freedom.

In court, Diane calls Mac Scorpio to the witness stand and asks him how many times Jason has been arrested. Mac admits that Jason has been arrested more times than he can count. She then asks if Jason has ever been convicted. Mac admits never. She concludes that Mac has subjected her client to all of this harassment for all this while and yet could never prove that he was guilty. Mac protests that it does not mean that Jason was not guilty and the reason he has never been convicted is because Jason can afford high priced lawyers like her.

When Jerry overhears Carly’s phone call, he asks her who that was. Carly replies that it was a woman with a Russian sounding accent who informs Carly that she is sleeping with Jax. She seems to know that Jerry has something to do with that. And she demands that Jerry tells her where her husband is.

Edward tells Lulu that he thinks very highly of Carly. And yet, getting involved with Sonny put her in a mental institution and has gotten her into lots of trouble throughout the years. So she might want to take a good look at what happens to women who get mixed up with Sonny and his associates.

Sam goes and talks to Lucky in Kelly’s. She admits that she was called to the witness stand by Ric and asked if she could tell him that she has first hand knowledge of Jason killing people. And she admits that although she is angry at Jason, she wasn’t about to get him in trouble.

Robin asks Patrick if he would actually believe that she would flush her birth control pills down the toilet. She tells him she would never do that. He then concludes to her that he is worried that it would not be the right time for either of them to have a child. They are both young and have busy careers. In response to that, she tells him that they may have conceived a child. And all he cares about is how it could affect his swinging singles’ life.

Carly tells Jerry that he keeps telling her that he wants to win her over and protect Jax. And then he pulls this stunt with her. He leaves. And she asks her clerk to pull up the caller ID and find out who the anonymous caller is. She dials. Jax’s cell phone rings. The woman has Jax bound and gagged and unable to answer.

At Shadybrook, Alan observes as Tracy tells Scott that when he admitted in court that Luke raped Laura and Lulu walked in and heard, it was cruel and exploitative to her. He then asks her since when has she started to play mother goose and act as though she cares about Lulu. And he tells her that he will not let that punk(Logan) hurt Lulu.

Robin tells Elizabeth that she needs to take a test to find out if she is really pregnant. And already, Patrick is totally freaking. He talks privately to Epiphany who observes that he sounds completely selfish, considering only the consequences for him and having no compassion for the mother. She tells him that Robin is very capable of taking care of herself and him and could raise a child on her own if she had to. He tells her he just doesn’t know if he is ready to be a father.  He tells her that many men can have surprise pregnancies shortly after marrying or having a relationship. And he admits that that is not whom he is. The thought of having a child scares him. At that point, Robin decides she better take a pregnancy test.

Lucky asks Sam if she is certain that Jason and Elizabeth slept together only that one night. She tells him she really doesn’t know and doesn’t want to accuse her ex fiancé of anything. She feels that Jason has been emotionally unfaithful to her. And she admits that maybe she has been wrongfully vilifying him. He asks her why everybody believes that Jason can do no wrong.

Lulu confronts Maxie and tells her she better keep her skanky self away from Lulu’s boyfriend.

Diane calls a man to the witness stand who confirms that there was a withdrawal in Lorenzo Alcazar’s account that could not have been made unless Lorenzo was alive. Right then, Ric tells the man that there are many criminals who could illegally withdraw money and make it look like Lorenzo did when he did not do. The man says he highly doubts it but confirms that it is not impossible. Diane then calls Amelia to the stand to ask her how Ric orchestrated and asked for her help in having Jason in a televised shoot out for everybody to see.  Amelia confirms that she did notice Ric indicating to her that this case was personal. She admits that Mr. Lansing told her that he wanted to be the one to send Jason Morgan to prison and she wanted to document every step of the publicity.

When Jax’s phone keeps ringing, Jax cannot answer it, and the woman chooses not to answer, she tells him too bad there is no future for him and his beloved. Right then, Carly gives up and the phone stops ringing.

When Carly dials Jax’s phone and gets no answer but discovers that the woman called her from his phone, she concludes that it may not be a crank call after all.

Patrick tells Robin that he knows he did not react well to the news. She asks him if he thinks she tricked him into this. He tells her no. He does not think that way. But she must have been as freaked out as he was when she suspected that she could be pregnant. He admits that he knows his first words should have been to ask her how she is feeling. But his first response was only how it would affect him. That was very selfish and insensitive. She tells him apology accepted. He then tells her whatever happens with that, they will stumble through that together. She says ok and leaves.

Lulu tells Maxie if Coop is finally getting wise to her, she should not blame Lulu. She knows that Maxie is very desperate and clinging. Maxie tells Lulu that she is desperate the way she has used Dillon, now believes she has a future with Logan and has been  dragging Spinelli around. Lulu tells Maxie that she knows that Coop will dump her and find out what kind of a low life person she is.

Diane tells the court that the prosecution is overlooking one very important fact. Lorenzo Alcazar is alive. Ric then says that the defense has all of these unfounded speculations that Lorenzo is making transactions. But there is no evidence. It sounds like the work of a criminal which would explain Jason’s very life style. She reflects that the prosecution rushed to judgment in assuming that Jason would have to be the killer. They did not seek any other leads nor even prove that Lorenzo is dead in the first place. He tells the court that Jason has been getting away with too many crimes for too long. And a witness swore under oath that he saw Jason admit that he stuffed Lorenzo Alcazar’s body into a dumpster. She says that everybody has heard the testimony of Lorenzo Alcazar’s hatred of Jason Morgan. They have heard about Lorenzo’s life of crime and deception. So then why wouldn’t Lorenzo flee the country and leave a trail of evidence to make it look like he’s been killed and get Jason falsely accused of murder. Ric then admits that Jason has lead of life of crime. And he wonders who will be the next victim. Will it be his daughter? Will it be the jury’s children?  He says that Jason Morgan has to stop making a mockery of the law and getting away with it. It must end today. Jason Morgan must get convicted of murder. Diane then says that the DA speaks so eloquently about these charges against Jason. But there is no evidence that Lorenzo Alcazar is dead nor that Jason killed him. So Mr. Lansing needs to seek revenge elsewhere and the jury needs to find Jason Morgan not guilty.

Epiphany tells Elizabeth that she has just found out Jason’s verdict has come in. She knows that Elizabeth will be completely distracted and want to help Jason. She won’t be able to do her job. She will be of no use to Epiphany and might endanger a patient. So she may get down to the courthouse and do  what she needs to do. But Elizabeth tells Epiphany she cannot go. She cannot do that to Lucky.

Right then, Carly rushes to the courtroom to talk to Jason, telling him that she is very concerned about that anonymous phone call from the woman alleging that she is sleeping with Jax. He tells her she needs to think before she acts with her next move.

Alan’s ghost tells Tracy that she needs to think before having Logan take the blood test to confirm whether he is Scott’s son.. Scott hears Tracy talking to her deceased brother and asks Alan to go away like all the other ghosts. She tells them both that she is going to find out once and for all if Scott and Logan are in fact father and son. Logan enters and she tells him that she wants to order a blood test in order to find that out.

Patrick and Robin are both panic stricken while waiting for the results of her pregnancy test. She confirms to him that she wants to have a family some day. But not now. He tells her that nobody is ready to be a parent the moment it happens. And right then, his watch beeps. The time is up. And she looks at the stick.

Jerry tells Carly he needs to leave, find Jax and bring him home. She asks him why he would suddenly do that. He must have lost Jax and has no clue where he is.

At Shadybrook, Logan tells Scott that he does not have to prove anything. But Tracy asks Logan if he does not want to find out. After that man walked out on his mother and abandoned him, doesn’t Logan want to expose him for the filthy rat he is, she asks?? Lulu then walks in and Tracy informs her what is going on. She asks Logan if he wants to go through with the blood test and find out once and for all if Scott is his father.

Robin looks at the stick and confirms that it’s negative.  They both conclude that they are very relieved and are not meant to be parents

Amelia goes to the hospital and finds Elizabeth. She tells her that she did not want to hurt Jason on the stand. He saved her life and she doesn’t want to get him in trouble. And she tells Elizabeth that she might want to protect Jason from what Sam might do to him if she gets called to testify again.

In the courtroom, the jury has reached their decision and is about to read it to the judge and the court.

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