GH Update Tuesday 8/14/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/14/07


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Ric calls Sam – he says he has a promising “proposition” for her.

Spinelli visits the PCPD posing as a “paralegal for the defense.”  He visits Jason to tell him that Lulu broke his heart.

In the Metro Court lobby, Jerry greets Carly – he comments that he doesn’t “see the usual glare of hatred” in her eyes.  She tells him she’s happy that the new evidence may help Jason.  He’s not sure if she is “truly grateful” or just acting like she is.

Jax has been beaten again – Irina’s guards bring him to her.  She says his beating is the result of his trying to escape.  The guards hit Jax again but he fights back.  Irina pulls out her gun.  She tells Jax he’s similar to Jerry – they both enjoy “playing games.”  Irina reminds Jax why she’s holding him captive.

Sonny visits Kate in jail and she’s on the phone.  It seems she’s convinced an officer to get her a phone and a latte.  She seems to be taking her arrest rather lightly.  Sonny disagrees.  He tells Kate to change her attitude and stop acting like she’s “better than everyone.”  Sonny warns Kate that she better start groveling because there are a lot of people waiting to “knock her down.”

Patrick and Robin are at Patrick’s apartment.  She brushes off his invitation for sex.  Patrick is very frustrated.  Robin says she is simply “not in the mood” and she walks out of the room.

Spinelli tells Jason what’s going on with Lulu.  He says that his hope was that Lulu would fall in love with him.  Spinelli tells Jason about Lulu and Logan.  He wants to know how to “save” Lulu.

Back at the Metro Court, Carly tells Jerry that Jason appreciates the evidence from Venezuela.  She thanks Jerry for herself and Jason.  Jerry seems skeptical of their gratitude.  Lulu comes in and asks to speak to Carly alone.  Jerry tells Lulu that Carly is an expert on giving advice because she can see past a person’s faults.

Irina scolds her guards for lying on the floor after the fight with Jax.  She talks about being in bed with Jax and wonders if Carly will appreciate the “sacrifice” that Jax made. 

Jax says that Carly will be mad but at least she will be alive.  Irina tells Jax that he will be “punished” for trying to get away.  She says that she will give him a “choice.”

At his apartment, Patrick asks Robin for permission to kiss her goodbye.  He wants to know what’s really bothering her.  She asks him for “space” and goes out the door.

Lulu talks to Carly about Spinelli and Logan.  She’s attracted to Logan but she’s afraid of hurting Spinelli.  She tells Carly that she “can’t seem to stay away from” Logan.  Carly is understanding and motherly with her cousin.  She tells Lulu to do what she wants to do, not what anyone else wants her to do.

Jason advises Spinelli to “stick by” Lulu no matter what.  Jason tells Spinelli that all he can do is be there to “pick her up when she falls.”  Spinelli wants to save Lulu from the pain he thinks she will experience.  Jason reminds Spinelli that Lulu trusts him and trust is the most important part of a relationship.

Sam goes to see Ric at the courthouse.  He says he wants to call her back to testify again.  He wants Sam to say that she remembers hearing Jason admit that he killed Alcazar, or anyone else.  Ric tells Sam it’s time for “pay back.”

Noah comes to the hospital dressed like Eli.  He talks to Epiphany at the nurse’s station.  She tells him to “get his head examined.”  Noah tells Epiphany that he’s thinking of calling himself “Dr. Love.”  She tells him he’s all talk and no action.  She walks away as Patrick and Robin walk up.  They have a petty argument in front of Noah – Robin calls Patrick a “jerk.”

Back at the PCPD, Kate is in the interrogation room.  She’s on the phone again and Mac walks in.  Sonny comes in and tells Kate that Diane managed to have her released.  The catch is Kate has been released into Sonny’s custody.  Mac removes Kate’s handcuffs but she refuses to go with Sonny.

Carly and Lulu continue to talk in the hotel lobby.  Carly tells her cousin “you can’t help who you’re attracted to.”  Sometimes what you need is different than what you want.  She tells Lulu to keep both Spinelli and Logan in her life.

At the courthouse, Diane tells Jason that Sam is testifying again.  Spinelli is waiting in the hall and he sees Sam.  She tells Spinelli that she’s there to testify.  Spinelli tells Sam that Jason never meant to hurt her.  He says he knows Sam won’t hurt Jason either.  She’s not so sure, she answers and walks away.

Irina throws a glass at Jax.  She rips his shirt and slaps him.  She tries to kiss him and he turns away.  Then she threatens Michael and Morgan.  Jax returns her advances to save his family.

Carly tells Lulu what a dream of a man Jax is.  She says it’s really hard to find a man like him.  Carly says Jax looks at her like she’s “the only person in the room.”  Spinelli comes into the hotel lobby.  Lulu says she “knows that look,” as she gets it from Spinelli.  Carly tells her she must “hold on to” Spinelli “for dear life.”

Kate says she can’t leave the building with Sonny because the reporters will see her.  Mac says, “either leave with Sonny or go back into solitary.”  Kate tries to reason with Mac.  She says leaving with Sonny “will cause the wrong kind of scandal.”

At the nurse’s station, Patrick and Robin argue about their lack of a sex life.  Patrick can’t understand her behavior.  Robin walks away.  Patrick asks his father what to do. Noah tells his son that he is on his own.  He walks away. 

In the courtroom, Sam is called to the stand.  Diane is worried.  Ric asks Sam about Jason’s guns.  Ric asks if Sam ever heard or saw Jason “actively plan to kill anyone.”  Sam says that she hasn’t.  She says that she has never heard of such arrangements.  Ric dismisses Sam and she leaves the courtroom.  Diane tells Jason that he “owes” Sam for her testimony.

Sonny takes Kate to his house.  She’s wearing a tacky disguise.  She traded clothes with an undesirable woman at the police station.  Kate looks like a cross between a Catholic school- girl and a prostitute.  Max is there and Kate asks him to get her some clothes from the hotel.  Sonny wants Kate to own up to the crime she committed.  He tells her that it’s possible she may have to spend some time in jail.

At the hotel, Spinelli tells Lulu he’s sorry to invade her “space.”  He says that he’s not “stalking” her but seeking advice from Carly.  Carly walks up and tells the two of them to talk to each other.  She leaves them alone.  Spinelli apologizes on his knees and asks for Lulu’s forgiveness.  She too gets down on her knees and pledges her friendship to Spinelli.

Jerry is still in the lobby – he’s on the phone trying to track down Jax.  Carly approaches him.  She asks Jerry when Jax is coming home.

Jax is in bed with Irina.  She seems pleased with herself and with him.  He’s handcuffed to the bed.  Irina says that it’s time to move forward with her revenge on Jerry.

At GH, Robin and Patrick continue to bicker.  Patrick suggests that they go for a ride so they can talk.  Robin yells at him then tells him she may be pregnant.  Epiphany overhears.

Kate changes her clothes and tells Sonny she’s going back to Manhattan.  Sonny tells Kate she can’t leave town.  He wants Kate to stay with him.  He doesn’t want Kate to be alone.  Kate refuses to believe she may go to jail.  Sonny comforts Kate when she cries and tells him she has no idea “what to do.”

In the courtroom, Diane calls the Port Charles coroner to the stand.  She asks him if he performed an autopsy on Lorenzo Alcazar.  The coroner says he didn’t and that he has no proof that Alcazar was killed.

At the hotel, Jerry accuses Carly of only being nice to him to get Jax back.  She says that too much time has passes since Jax left town.  When Jerry says that Carly still hates him, she says he is “stalling.”  Carly accuses Jerry of not knowing Jax’s whereabouts.  The look on Jerry’s face tells Carly she’s right.  Marty interrupts and tells Carly she has an urgent call regarding Jax.  Carly takes the call – it’s Irina.  She tells Carly that she just had sex with Jax. 

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