GH Update Monday 8/13/07

General Hospital Update Monday 8/13/07


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu indicates to Spinelli that she might be considering the “unworthy one”. He demands to know why she would choose Logan. He explains that she and Logan are getting closer. He then tells her that “the jackal” is honored that she would share this with him. But he blurts out to her that there is no way that he is going to let her sleep with Logan Hayes.

Maxie and Logan kiss. Coop walks in to see them and is furious. She protests that she can explain. But he is angry.

When it looks as though cops are coming to arrest Kate/Connie, Sonny tells them that there is no way that Ms. Howard would break the law.

In the courtroom, Diane tells the judge that she can present evidence that Lorenzo Alcazar is alive and moves that all charges against her client be dropped. Carly hears that and responds gleefully.

Mac puts Kate/Connie in hand cuffs and asks her if she understands her Miranda rights. Sonny protests that Mac cannot do that. Ms. Howard is a respected high class magazine writer. And Ric just wants to get revenge upon her because she slapped him. But Mac tells him that her car looks as thought she has been engaged in reckless driving and a hit and run. In response to that, she tells them she has nothing to say without her lawyer.

Logan tells Coop that he can vilify him but one other thing he might want to consider:. His girlfriend would cheat on him. Coop looks coldly at Maxie. She pleads with him to know that she does not care for Logan. He (Coop) is the only person who matters to her. Coop storms out the door. Maxie tells him she hates him. She is not giving up on Coop. And he (Logan) can go to hell.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Spinelli that aside from his personal concern, there is no reason why she should not be with Logan. Unless, of course, there is something he knows. Spinelli then tells her that when he was looking up the “unworthy one’s” paternity, he also came up with some other startling information. He found out whom Logan’s mother is. There is a reason why the two of them can never have “intimate knowledge” of each other. It’s because they have the same mother. In response to that, Lulu tells Spinelli that she hopes he is not making up a story about Logan being her brother out of insane jealousy Spinelli has in order to prevent her from being with Logan. Right then, Spinelli admits that that would be a lie. They do not have the same mother. But he has another reason. It’s because Logan is most unworthy

Sam and Lucky talk outside of Kelly’s both agreeing that Elizabeth has no right to prevent her from being around Jake.. She informs him that Elizabeth has told her (Sam’s) mother all kinds of terrible things about her. Lucky admits that he does care about his wife and doesn’t want her to think that he would cheat. But he resents her going behind his back to Alexis.

Nikolas talks to Elizabeth in her home. She tells her brother in law that she did not tell Lucky that she slept with Jason in order to protect him. Nikolas did the same thing. Lucky is a recovering addict. And at the time it made perfect sense. He tells her he agrees but tells her that Lucky has good reason to be angry at both of them. She tells him that may be. But she will not let her children live in a house that is surrounded by anger. He then asks her just what that means. Does that mean that if Lucky behaves in a way that she does not like, that she will pack up and take the kids from him.?

After Diane surprises the court by telling the judge that she can present evidence that Lorenzo is alive, Jason asks her what on earth has happened. Viewing Carly and knowing she went to South America with Jerry, Jason demands to know how she could go anywhere with him.

Mac tells Sonny and Kate/Connie that he cannot play favorites with the fact that she is a celebrity. Right then, her agent enters and she asks her to call all of her people. But Mac tells her she has to go with him. At that point, tons of reporters are hoarding Kate/Connie, taking pictures and demanding to know if she left the scene of a crime.

Lulu tells Spinelli that she knows that everybody thinks Logan is a terrible person. But she has seen another side of him. He tells her that he is just playing her to make her think he’s nice and manipulate her. She then tells Spinelli if he thinks that she is too naïve and gullible to spot a phony, he is not only insulting Logan. He’s insulting her. She storms out the door and sees Lucky with Sam. Lucky calls to his sister. Lulu tells her brother that everybody is responsible for their own problems. Alone with Sam, Lucky knows he better get back to his wife. But Sam urges him to know that they have a lot in common and maybe should consider spending more time talking.

Nikolas tells Elizabeth that she did the same thing to Lucky with Jason that he did to her with Maxie. She tells him that there is something different. Jason is her friend who has been there for her. Maxie is a manipulative drug dealer who made Lucky and addict. He concludes that Lucky resents that Jason is her hero. She tells Nikolas she feels terrible about what happened but does not know what to do.

Carly tells Jason that she does not care what needs to be done. As long as the court believes that Lorenzo is alive and Jason can be cleared, that’s all that matters. The judge asks everybody to sit and rules that he believes Jason is a flight risk and does not believe the allegation about Lorenzo being alive. Carly protests that Ric Lansing is trying to railroad an innocent man.

After finding out Kate/Connie’s secret, Sonny concludes that hitting a cop’s car once might be seen as an accident. But when she’s developing a habit of it, it might not be. She then explains that she was distracted and upset and sideswiped a car. But it was so minor and the price of the entire car is less than one of her handbags. She admits that as a result of that, she got temporary suspension of her license. Her lawyer told her she should maybe keep a low profile and get out f the Hamptons for a while. So she went to Port Charles. Hearing that, Sonny indicates that he was hoping that he was the reason why she came to town.

Coop goes to find Logan. Logan asks him why he would take Maxie’s word over his. Coop gets up to leave. Logan then tells Coop he knows he did a stupid think and pleads with him not to tell Lulu

At Elizabeth and Lucky’s home, Lulu concludes that if her brother is not returning home, maybe she should go. But Elizabeth urges her sister in law to wait. They need to talk. Lulu then tells Elizabeth that when Lucky was taking pills and sleeping with Maxie, she believed that he was messing up. But she realized that he was her brother and Elizabeth abandoned him. SO she blamed Elizabeth and took that out on her. She then tells Elizabeth that she is the closest thing she has to a sister and does not want to lose that. And she knows that underneath all the hurt and anger that Lucky is feeling, he loves his wife.

The judge talks to both Ric and Diane privately and then authorizes the defense to “briefly” present the evidence. And he stresses to Diane that he demands that it is brief. She then presents exhibits about Lorenzo’s bank accounts. Ric argues. She then presents documents that have been stamped by Mr. Alcazar and observed by a surveillance camera only days ago. Ric protests but the judge rules that he will consider Diane’s evidence. And he says this court is adjourned until tomorrow.

At the station, Sonny goes to the interrogation room in an attempt to help Kate/Connie. She tells him that being handcuffed and taken to the station might just be another day in the office for him. But it’s very serious for her. Again, they are both denying their feelings for each other. She is concerned that her lawyer is running late. He then tells her he doesn’t know if she realizes this or not. But it’s more serious than she thinks. And she might have to stay here overnight.

Lulu goes to find Spinelli at Kelly’s. She tells him that she apologizes for rubbing his nose in her relationship with Logan to him. So she will make all conversations with him “Logan free’. In response to that, Spinelli tells her that she might think differently of Logan when she hears what he just overheard. Coop just walked in and caught Logan making out with Maxie.

After the judge considers Diane’s evidence, supplied by Carly and Jerry, the mayor asks Ric what he’s going to do now. Ric tells him that he can discredit Diane’s evidence. But the mayor tells Ric that it’s entirely possible that Mr. Alcazar is alive and well, Jason Morgan is getting framed, and Ric asked Mancini to lie. He also tells Ric that Scott Baldwin will not touch this case. He believes it’s unwinnable. So it will be up to Ric to prove him wrong.

Privately, Jason tells Carly she did a very stupid thing going with Jerry to Venezuela. She could have gotten herself killed. She tells him that she will stop at nothing in order to get him cleared.

Nikolas goes and sees Sam and tells her that when she goes and talks to Lucky, it’s not doing his marriage any good. It’s not benefiting either Elizabeth or Lucky. Sam then concludes to her cousin that she knows that Elizabeth has poisoned his mind against her also.

Elizabeth attempts to talk to Lucky. But he angrily demands to know where she gets off telling Alexis to get Sam to stay away from him.

Sonny tells Kate/Connie that he’s no lawyer. But his own history with the law has given him enough knowledge to know that she’s in pretty serious trouble, given that this is her 2nd offense. She argues that her tiny fender bender is nothing like the illegal behaviors he commonly does.  She wasn’t even drunk. He tells her that that is questionable. Right then, Mac walks in and Kate/Connie tries to charm him by offering to pay him off and make charity donations to the children’s fund. But he does not listen. He tells her he has a better idea. Because this is her 2nd offense, she needs to spend the night in lock up.

After Lulu tells Spinelli she does not believe him that Maxie and Logan were kissing. He tells her that it really happened. She demands to know just how low he intends to go in order to hurt her and if he keeps this up, he will ruin their friendship. Right then, Logan enters and asks her if everything is ok. She tells Logan everything is great and they go off together.

Maxie pleads with Coop to give her the benefit of the doubt just this one time.

Nikolas tells Sam that Elizabeth did not feed him full of anything. He is just a little concerned about having her hanging around Lucky. She protests that she and Lucky have some things in common and both understand betrayal. He tells her that he wouldn’t doubt that they both want to get sweet revenge.

Lucky tells Elizabeth if she has a problem with his being around Sam or having Sam around Jake, she needs to tell him directly. Not go behind his back talking to Alexis. She protests that Sam hates her. He tells her that Sam has good reason to and he walks off.

Diane talks to Jerry about how successful and brilliant he and Carly were to gather evidence that it’s entirely possible that Lorenzo is alive.

Jason confirms to Carly that he is so grateful to have her as a friend. She hugs him. The bailiff tells her she must step away from the prisoner. And they take him away. But it looks like things might turn around for Jason. They just have to wait.

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