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General Hospital Update Friday 8/10/07


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Elizabeth goes and meets with Alexis outside of Kelly’s and asks her if she can persuade Sam to back off from the situation that Elizabeth and Jason have betrayed both Sam and Lucky. In response to that, Alexis tells Elizabeth that she believes her daughter has good reason to be upset. But Elizabeth informs Alexis that she needs to take that out on her and Jason. But Elizabeth says Sam must leave her (Elizabeth's) husband and son alone. Right then, Sam is talking to Lucky and acting very friendly with him and Jake.

Spinelli goes to see Sonny after being called. He appears very nervous asking Sonny why he wanted to see him.  Is Sonny in need of  his cyber skills? Does Sonny need an update on Stone cold. Sonny says nothing. Spinelli is nervous and concludes that maybe he should leave. Right then, Sonny asks him to stop, turn around. And he tells Spinelli it’s about time for him to be of some use.

Maxie finds Logan and sounds like she wants him to keep scamming Lulu.  She tells him he has to do something or she will not keep up “her part of the day”. She tells him if he can bring her a daisy for her birthday, he’ll manipulate her and will get her in bed in no time. But he tells Maxie he may not want to play her game.

At Kelly’s, Lulu admits to Coop that she is concerned about Logan and realizes he has reason to have an attitude finding out that he is Scott Baldwin’s illegitimate son. But Coop tells her he still believes she needs to stay away from Logan. She is obviously not listening to his or anybody’s warning.

Alexis  admits to Elizabeth that Sam has had a pretty messed up life and Jason has been the only person who’s ever been there for her. She’s built her entire life around Jason. And Elizabeth cannot blame Sam for being a bit jealous. Elizabeth tells Alexis that this is far more than just a little jealous. She just walked into her home and saw Sam holding her baby and chatting up a storm with her husband.

Sam confides in Lucky that she and Jason wanted to have a family of their own. But she cannot have children because of somebody who intended to kill him.  And then she found out that Jason slept with Elizabeth. She tells him that it’s terrible that he has been lied to about their affair. They talk about how they both feel really betrayed by Elizabeth and Jason. She tells Lucky that she trusted Jason and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. And she could not stand the thought of the two of them together. And she tells him that sometimes when she and Jason were together, she still felt completely alone. Lucky tells her that he felt the same around Elizabeth.

Sonny tells Spinelli that he understands that Diane has asked him to  testify at Jason’s trial . And he remarks that he thinks she is out of her mind to believe that Spinelli would be of any use. Spinelli theorizes that the “savvy lawyer” has asked the jackal to embark  on this mission to prove that evil All faked his own death. In response to Spinelli’s weird communication, Sonny asks him if he plans to talk that way in court. Sonny tells Spinelli if he uses terms like stone cold or the jackal on the stand, it’s not going to help Jason. He cannot babble on the stand. He must answer all questions with yes or no. He cannot “elaborate”. Spinelli then protests that he has been called to help stone cold even if it involves looking in Evil Al’s records. And he admits to Sonny that “the valcary”, meaning Carly, asked him to hack through Lorenzo Alcazar’s records. In response to that, Sonny knows that Spinelli knows where Carly is and asks him to tell him where she went.

Meanwhile, Carly is with Jerry at the hotel. And she asks him if she is supposed to trust him with finding the evidence to help Jason. He asks her if he has not proven himself. She replies no.

In the courtroom, Ric calls a man  named MR. Mancini to the stand and asks him why he was afraid of Jason Morgan. The man replies that Jason is a stone-cold murderer. That witness does not help Ric. But his wife corroborates that they overheard Jason talking about killing Lorenzo and stuffing his body in the trunk like garbage. Diane objects that those people did not know Jason nor what he was doing or talking about. Ric asks if that was the same day that Lorenzo Alcazar was murdered. Diane objects and says nobody can prove that Lorenzo was killed. Mancini says he was too afraid to call the police. He was afraid that Jason would kill him. He noticed that Jason showed no emotion about killing somebody and it was nothing more than a job to him. The judge then calls a short recess. Jason privately informs Diane that the guy and his wife are lying. She asks how he can be sure.

In her hotel room, Kate/Connie calls the desk, asks them to prepare her bill and arrange to get her out of there. She makes calls to get out of the country and go back to Paris ASAP. She is very impatient.

Spinelli admits to Sonny that Carly is in Venezuela. And she is there to try to free Stone Cold. Sonny asks how she’d do that in Venezuela. And he concludes that she went to South America with Jerry Jax to go through Lorenzo’s holdings. He tells Spinelli that he let Carly go to South America with a mad man. And he tells him if Carly gets hurt because of this, he will send Spinelli back to cyber space.

Jerry admits to Carly that everybody believes that he is insane. And he’s a psycho maniac. She admits that he is also her only hope in getting Jason freed. She tells him she is going home. He tells her if she tries to get out, she could get killed. So she needs to trust him to protect her and protect Jason.

Ric tells the Mayor that the witness, Mancini is going to pull off a good scam to get Jason convicted. But the Mayor is not certain that it will work.

Privately, Diane asks Jason how he can be certain that Mancini is lying. Jason says he knows that nobody saw him stuff Lorenzo’s body in a trunk. And he didn’t do it. And he knows that Ric has ulterior motives to nail him at any cost.

Sam talks to Lucky about how Carly has been judging and intimidating her. He tells her that Carly has no business judging her. She talks about how she was working at the metro court. And she admits that being on Everyday Heroes was more interesting. But that had enough consequences. He tells her she did nothing wrong with Jason. She tells him she is tired of being labeled “the bad guy”. He holds her wrists and  looks closely at her and tells her that he feels the same way. Right then, Nikolas walks in to see them.

Maxie continues to help Logan “scam” being interested in Lulu. She tells him that Lulu is falling for that “Bad boy” routine. But he tells her that Lulu is going to get suspicious and he stopped taking orders when he got out of the Army. And he tells her that she might take Coop away from her when he (Logan) dumps Lulu.

At Kelly’s, Lulu tells Coop that she does not suspect Logan the way he thinks she should.

Alexis meets with Sam. Sam can tell that her mother has something on her mind. She admits that she heard Elizabeth’s testimony on the witness stand. Yes. She is angry and humiliated. But she feels relieved that she need no longer protect Jason. Alexis tells her daughter that she is justifiably upset. And she is not alone. So is Lucky. They are going through the same thing. And she asks Sam if it is wise to go by their house and act so friendly to Lucky and Jake.

After Sam leaves, and he notices that Nikolas has seen him talking and acting friendly to her, Lucky explains to his brother that Sam just came by because she left her phone there. She helped him with the baby once when Elizabeth was out. But Nikolas is suspicious that it may lead to more than that. Lucky asks his brother if he is assuming that he’s going to cheat on his wife again and/or become the drug user. And he asks Nikolas just how long he’s known the secret about Elizabeth and Jason sleeping together without telling him. And right then, Elizabeth walks in to hear their conversation.

Privately, Diane tells Jason that she would like more than anything to nail Ric Lansing. And then curl up with a martini. But that may be easier said than done. Right then, Spinelli walks in and informs them that Carly and Jerry have gone to Venezuela. And he tells them that Mr. Corinthos-sir, is upset about Carly’s sojourn. And he’s afraid that Sonny will kill him for encouraging Carly to leave the country.

Right then, Sonny goes and finds Kate/Connie in her hotel room ready to leave. He tells her that’s interesting. She was never a coward. And that may be one of the ways in which she has changed. She tells him she does not have time to argue. She is now selling her house. And he can buy it if he chooses. He can just call her business manager. He tells her that he remembers how she has been bonding with his kids. She took a risk by jumping into the pond to save Morgan. And he remembers the same way she dealt with being afraid all those years ago on Coney Island. He seems to know that he is very much the reason why she wants to flee.

Spinelli tells Jason that he thought he could save him from the Evil D.A. He refers to himself as the grasshopper and the jackal. He talks about Carly  and the Unhinged One going to Venezuela. Diane tells Spinelli that he cannot help with this. Carly made her own decision. And she tells him that he may have really screwed up  by going through with this scheme in his misguided attempt to help Jason.

Lucky and Nikolas are arguing about Lucky’s present situation.

Alexis tells Sam that she knows about some of the things that she does when she feels betrayed by her man. Knowing that Alexis remembers her daughter sleeping with Ric that one time and realizing that Elizabeth judges her, Sam asks Alexis if Elizabeth put her up to this.

Right when Logan and Maxie are arguing and she keeps assuming that his main goal is to sleep with her, he grab hold of her and kisses her.

Kate/Connie rationalizes that it’s purely for business reasons that she is leaving. And now they can just move on and get on with their lives. But he knows that she is not ok. Her life is not complete. She is alone and all she does is work. She tells him that she can see that they are both buried in their work. She is not going to give up her business life for him. SO hopefully he can understand that. He then tells her that that was just like Coney Island many years ago when she was afraid she got in too deep with him.

Lulu finds Spinelli and knows that he is upset about something.  She asks what happened. He tells her that the Valcari has gone to Venezuela with the Unhinged one. Mr. Corinthos and many  others are angry at him. And his time on this earth might be limited. But he has not forgotten what is important. He shows her that he’s burned many CDs for her. He’ compiled many of her favorite writings and music. And he writes her a sonnet poem. He indicates that he knows that she has been “taken” by Logan. She interrupts him. But he has to finish his romantic Shakespearian poem. She tells him that is beautiful. But she has to tell him something that he may not want to hear. And it’s about Logan.

Alexis tells Sam that she is concerned and wants to be a good mother. If Sam does something on an impulse, she may wind up doing something that she will regret for the rest of her life.

Diane calls Mr. Mancini to the witness stand and asks him if he has a clue what happened to Lorenzo. Mancini says he knows that Lorenzo is dead. But she tells him that he testifies that he saw Lorenzo’s’ dead body being put into the trunk of a vehicle that was not identified. Yet he did nothing to notify the police. She then asks him exactly what Lorenzo was wearing and how he looked. And she establishes that he’s had different stories about what he remembers and does not remember about Lorenzo. And she asks him just what his personal vendetta is with Jason Morgan.

Elizabeth talks to Nikolas about what Lucky has been doing. He tells her that he realizes that Lucky might not be doing the right thing by her. But she must ask herself whether she’s willing to stick it out with Lucky and see him through this situation.

Maxie and Logan are kissing and ready to go at it when Coop walks in and sees them.

Sonny tells Kate/Connie that he knows what she is doing. She tells him he has to leave and escorts him to the door. But right then, Mac Scorpio shows up at the door and tells Katherine Howard that she is under arrest.

In the court room, Mancini protests that he knows that Jason killed Lorenzo Alcazar. But she tells him that he has no proof and is lying. Ric then asks him if he has told the truth. Mancini says absolutely. Lorenzo is dead and can no longer speak for himself and deserves justice. Right then, Diane asks the judge for permission to present new evidence. The judge asks her what kind of evidence. She says proof that Lorenzo Alcazar is alive.

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