GH Update Thursday 8/9/07

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/9/07


Written By Laurie
Pictures by Juanita

At Logan’s apartment, he and Lulu are kissing.  She puts a stop to it.

In Venezuela, Jerry lets the bank manager speak to Alcazar on the phone.  The man speaks to Lorenzo then hands the phone to Jerry.  Jerry tells an astonished Carly that Alcazar wants to talk to her.  She takes the phone and a person that sounds like Alcazar asks her how she is.

At the courthouse, Sky talks to Sonny.  She tells him that Ric may recall her to the stand.  Sonny gives her some advice – her next testimony better help Jason.

In the courtroom, Ric asks for permission to play the audiotape again.  Diane objects.  The judge allows Ric to play the tape.  Jason has a blank look on his face.

Liz comes home to find Sam there with Lucky watching the kids.  Sam is holding the baby. Liz is unhappy to find Sam in her home.  She asks Sam to hand over the baby.

At Logan’s, Lulu feels stupid that she can’t explain her behavior to him.  Logan seems to understand that she is hesitant about moving their relationship forward.  He says he won’t push her. 

At General Hospital, Epiphany yells at an orderly.  He is pushing racks of clothing to Kate’s room.

In Venezuela, Carly talks to Lorenzo on the phone.  She tells him that they will see him in Taiwan and hangs up.  Jerry gets rid of the bank manager.  The banker promises to arrange for the money to be transferred in a few hours.  He leaves.  Instead of commending Jerry for his help, Carly throws a vase at him.  Jerry is surprised that Carly thinks Alcazar is alive.  She believes the two of them are working together.

At the Spencer house, Sam hands Jake to Liz.  Sam makes a point of stressing how “big and strong” Jake will be some day, just like “his daddy.”  Sam asks if Liz was any help to Jason in court.  Liz says Ric made her look bad because she lied to Lucky about her night with Jason.  Lucky leaves the room to check on Cam.  Liz calls Sam out on her manipulation of the situation.  Sam leaves.

Back at the courthouse, Skye tells Sonny that she can tell Ric she saw Jason kill Alcazar. Sonny tells her she’s an accomplice.  He also tells Skye that he doesn’t like to be threatened.  She says she feels the same and is tired of living in fear.  She won’t be “intimidated,” Skye says to Sonny.  Sonny blames her for Jason’s situation.  He says it’s her fault because she convinced him to delay the “hit” on Alcazar.  Sonny thinks Skye owes him and Jason.  He wonders if she made a deal with Ric.  “Don’t see me so much as a threat, just see me like a better business option,” Sonny tells Skye.  Side with Ric and he’ll backstab you eventually, Sonny warns Skye.

Back at Logan’s, Lulu gives him the “it’s not you, it’s me” routine.  She explains that she has issues with men and love.  Lulu tells Logan what happened with Dillon last summer.

At GH, Kate makes more demands on the orderly – she wants bottled water and special food.  Epiphany calls Kate out and sends the orderly to radiology.  He can’t get out of the room fast enough.  Epiphany calls Kate “frivolous.”  She “dogs” Kate’s magazine.  Kate offers to leave a free copy for Epiphany.  Epiphany tells Kate that the hospital staff is there to take care of the ill, “not run fools errands for high and mighty fashionistas.”  Sonny comes in and Epiphany tells him that Kate’s ego is “over inflated.”  After Epiphany leaves, Kate talks down about the hospital “help.”  Sonny tells Kate he’s come to take her home.  Kate wonders out loud who’s home he’s taking her to.

In the courtroom, Ric asks Skye about the last time she saw Alcazar.  Diane asks if Skye heard or found evidence of a struggle in the house.  She says she didn’t.  Nothing was damaged and no blood was found.  Skye admits that Alcazar sometimes left town without telling her.  She says that he has been gone for over a month in the past without so much as a phone call.  Skye admits that she has seen no evidence proving that Alcazar is dead.

At Logan’s, Lulu continues to talk about her guilt over the Dillon situation.  Logan seems very understanding.  Logan says he thinks Lulu was brave and courageous when she decided to have the abortion.  He says he feels like a “burden” to his own mom.  We actually see some emotion in Logan.  He seems genuinely affected by Lulu.  He advises her not to “shut down” either emotionally or physically.  He seems to really care for Lulu.

Sonny brings Kate to the Corinthos compound.  He carries her to the couch as she objects.  Kate thinks she can take care of herself.  Max calls Sonny to the hall.  He tells his boss that per Michael, Carly has been checking in regularly.  She’s been vague about where she is.  Max tells Sonny that Jerry disappeared the same day Carly left town.  Sonny looks angry and worried.

Back in Venezuela, Jerry warns Carly to stop physically attacking him.  He assures her that the man on the phone was not Alcazar.  He was “an associate in the covert ops business,” impersonating Alcazar.  Why not have the guy call Ric so he will think Alcazar is alive wonders Carly.  Jerry says that if Alcazar were alive he wouldn’t call Ric in order to save Jason.  He also says that the “mimic” could be exposed if he calls Ric.  Jerry and Carly head to the Alcazar compound.

The courtroom battle continues.  Skye admits that Alcazar hated Sonny and Jason.  Diane brings up past issues including the time that Alcazar hired the Lily look alike to drive Sonny insane.  Diane proposes that Alcazar created the taped evidence.  She says he could have said Jason’s name, fired the gun, and fell on the floor in order to frame Jason.  Skye agrees that Diane’s scenario is possible and probable.

Liz literally runs into Sam at the courthouse.  Sam taunts Liz for being at the courthouse instead of being with her family.  Liz accuses Sam of wanting revenge and orders her to stay away from Lucky and the boys.

Ric questions Skye.  He asks her what her relationship was like with Alcazar before he “went missing.”  Skye is offended when Ric accuses her of fearing Alcazar enough to let a killer into their home.  Ric wonders if Skye has any evidence that shows Alcazar is alive.  She says she doesn’t.

At Kelly’s, Georgie is bussing tables.  Lulu shows up and offers to help.  Georgie asks why the birthday girl isn’t with Spinelli.  Lulu says, “birthdays are for kids.”  She admits her fear of intimacy to Georgie.

Back at Sonny’s, Kate wants to go home.  Sonny again thanks her for saving Morgan.  He offers her late night swimming lessons.  Max and Morgan come in.  Morgan gives Kate flowers and a hug for saving him.  Alexis comes in and is impressed with the “family” vibe in the room.  Max and Morgan leave.  Alexis needs Sonny to sign camp papers for their daughter.  Alexis tells Kate she should have kids, even step kids.  She leaves and Kate tells Sonny they need to talk.

In court, Amelia is on the stand.  Ric asks her to explain about the night the armed men came and attacked her and Sam at the TV station.  She does – she also says that Jason defended her and Sam.  Ric comments that for a coffee importer, Jason sure has a lot of ties with criminals.  Amelia says Jason saved her life but she is there to “tell the truth.”  Amelia is excused.

At Sonny’s, Kate says she is letting Sonny take down her “guard.’  She has to leave town to save herself.  Sonny tells Kate she is hiding behind her made up identity.  She tells him she’s selling her house and moving back to the city.  Sonny says Kate is afraid of Connie, and then he kisses her.  She pulls away and runs out the door.

Liz and Alexis meet at Kelly’s.  Liz asks Alexis to call Sam off.

Sam goes to the Spencer house to find her phone.  She puts on a “damsel in distress” act for Lucky and he helps her find the phone.  The two of them stand really close together.

Jerry and Carly return to their Venezuelan hotel room.  They were only able to take some old security tapes and photograph cars (with tinted windows) driving in and out of the compound.  Carly is disappointed.  Jerry says the above along with the bank transfers will help create “reasonable doubt” that Alcazar is dead.  He says that the information has to come from “the right source.”  When Carly asks what’s next, Jerry says, “nothing.”

In the courtroom, Alcazar’s gardener takes the stand.  He says he saw Jason put Alcazar’s “dead body” in a SUV.

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