GH Update Wednesday 8/8/07

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/8/07


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The Quartermaines surprise Lulu with a cupcake and candle to mark the year anniversary of her staying with them. She wonders why they’d go to such trouble.

Carly meets Jerry at a discreet place but she tells him she is not going to cooperate with him. She did not go all this way just to help him steal Lorenzo’s money. And she does not believe that she can trust him with anything

Diane goes to see Jason in his interrogation room and tells him that he did not help his case by making his outburst in the courtroom when Ric grilled Elizabeth. He tells her he will do what she asks but he refuses to do anything that could hurt Elizabeth even if it might help his case.

At their house, Lucky asks Elizabeth just what other secrets she and Jason are keeping from him.

At the hospital, Patrick is not in a good mood. He tells Epiphany he needs some patient files. She asks him if he had a “bad night”. He admits that he is not ok with the fact that Robin is not “putting out” for him ever since their parents started seeing each other.

Carly tells Jerry that she knows he had no interest in helping her to help Jason. He only wanted to  pull off a scam in order to steal Lorenzo’s money. He tells her he wishes she would listen to him. He admits that he does not care about Jason. But he does want her to trust him. He tells her that she must stop talking about Lorenzo Alcazar in past tense. She must talk about him in present tense so it will sound as tough he is alive. He tells her that she must trust him for once.

Edward tells Lulu that they want to have a family celebration. They want to invite her two brothers. But they know that Lucky may not be comfortable after just finding out that Jason slept with his wife. And Edward and Monica both reveal to Lulu that they are pumping her for information about whether Jason could be Elizabeth’s son.

At Lucky and Elizabeth’s home, Sam waits for Elizabeth to leave and goes and talks to Lucky.

At the hospital, Noah is upset to know that Anna has not returned his calls. And the reason is because his son and her daughter are interfering in their business. He tells Patrick and Robin that they need to stay out of his business. They tell him they were just concerned.

Edward tells Lulu that he really needs her to tell him what she knows about whether Jake is Lucky’s child or not. She tells him she really does not know. But Elizabeth testified, under oath that he is. Monica realizes that she did take a paternity test that proved that he is. Lulu concludes that that should settle it. She tells them she has things to do. But they want her to join them for a birthday celebration.

In Tracy’s room at Shadybrook, Alan’s ghost visits her again. He tells her that they need to stop wasting time. They need to outsmart their father the old fashioned way. She is frustrated to be stuck in there when it’s Lulu’s birthday. Right then, she is interrupted by Logan. She asks why he would be there. Does he want money? He tells her no. He wants her “permission” to date Lulu. She laughs and Alan’s ghost laughs with her.

At the metro court, a depressed Noah runs into Bobbie. He tells her that the acting and the clothes is all phony. But she reminds him of how he used to be a charming playboy who didn’t want  to be tied down. And can’t he be the same now and still be able to maintain his sobriety? Logan protests to Tracy that he really likes Lulu Spencer. She tells him she knows he is “intrigued” by the fact that she is Luke Spencer’s daughter. And she does not believe there is anything else behind it. Right then, Lulu enters. Tracy happily greets her and wishes her a happy birthday. But Lulu demands to know what Logan is doing there.

Ric goes to see Skye and tells her she must know about Lorenzo Alcazar’s dealings and how Jason is involved in it. She tells him she really cannot help him. He tells her he believes that she might remember a lot more if he puts her on the stand. Jason tells Elizabeth that she can’t let Ric grill her on the stand. She needs to ask Diane to prevent her from testifying.  He tells her he doesn’t care what Ric does to him. And he doesn’t want her to get herself in trouble trying to help him. In response to Jason’s noble intent, Elizabeth tells him that he needs to be selfish and protect his own interests. She won’t be angry at him.

At Lucky and Elizabeth’s home, Lucky asks Sam if she has known about Jason’s involvement with Elizabeth and if that is the reason they broke up. She admits that she and Jason are through. And knowing that Jake is Jason’s child had a lot to do with it. She tells him she owes him an apology. He tells her that it’s not her fault that Jason and Elizabeth slept together. But she tells him it is. Had she not slept with Ric, it might not have happened. And she’s been keeping the secret to hang over Jason’s head. And it was very inconsiderate to him(Lucky) knowing that it would come out sooner or later when he had the right to know.

The court hearing resumes. Diane calls Elizabeth to the stand to asks her about Ric’s personal problems with Jason in regard to her marriage and divorce to Ric a few years ago.. Elizabeth  talks about Ric’s making it very obvious that he was obsessed and insanely jealous of his brother Sonny and  Sonny’s best friend Jason. She says she believes that Ric hates Jason and wanted to punish him and acted like he was Lucky’s friend only in order to hurt Jason. Ric then cross examines Elizabeth and confirms from she that she slept with Jason when she was married to Lucky and lied to Lucky about that.

Tracy tells Lulu that Logan is a lying chip off the Baldwin block. He’s only using her in order to get the Quartermaine’s money.

Logan tells Lulu that he went to see Tracy at Shadybrook because he wanted her approval of him seeing Lulu. He doesn’t want to have to sneak around with her anymore. In response to that, Lulu tells Logan that he is wasting her time. Assuming she has said that because she has no intention of continuing to see Logan, Tracy is very happy and tells her she always hoped that Lulu would dump this no good boy. But Lulu tells Logan that the reason why it’s “unnecessary” for him to talk to Tracy is because Tracy does not rule her life. Throughout this whole conversation, Alan has remained silent. Tracy can see him and asks him why he didn’t say something.

Noah meets with an agent who tells him he might be able to pull this whole thing off. He tells him not only has he helped them raising a ton of cash, he may have saved Eli’s life. And he proposes a toast. And it looks like he wants to encourage Noah to drink.

Alan’s ghost tells Tracy that she needs to let Lulu make her own decision. She is an adult. She tells him she’s afraid that Lulu is under the same misguided fairytale in regard to Logan that her mother was in regard to Logan. Right then, Edward enters ad asks his daughter why she asked him to come to see her there. What is the big emergency? She tells him it’s Lulu. She is making a bad decision by wanting to date Logan. Tracy tells her father that Lulu needs a parental presence. Edward tells Tracy that he does not believe that she is so concerned about Lulu. What she’s afraid of is that when Luke Spencer comes back, and he finds out that Lulu is seeing Scott Baldwin’s son, there will be hell to pay. And it will start with her. She tells him if he doesn’t let her get out of there, the only person who will pay is Lulu.

Logan takes Lulu to his apartment and has balloons ready for her. She is really happy that he’d remember her on this day. And they kiss

Noah goes to see Patrick after he’s gotten a page. They talk about a pregnant woman with leukemia. And he asks his son why he would call him about that. Patrick tells his father it may come as a shock but he’d like Noah to scrub in.

Ric calls Skye to the witness stand and tells her he thanks her for testifying. This must be so difficult so shortly after her baby’s father has been murdered. Diane calls objection in that nobody can prove that Lorenzo has died.. He asks her why Lorenzo wanted to leave the country before he died. She says that Lorenzo feared for his life. He knew that Sonny ordered a hit on him. Diane calls objection and states that that was self defense and Mr. Corinthos was cleared of all charges. Ric asks Skye if Lorenzo did in fact install listening devices in his house so that he could monitor all people who entered. She admits yes. Diane then asks Skye if she and Lorenzo had a child when they were not married. She admits that they did. Diane asks her if Lorenzo has any living relatives or a will. Skye admits that Lorenzo has no living relatives. Diane then concludes that if she could establish that Lorenzo was dead, she could inherit his entire estate. Diane then asks if she saw Jason anywhere near Lorenzo’s house on the day he went missing and supposedly died. Skye has a flashback of seeing Jason. But she answers that she saw nobody and knew of nothing that happened that could have indicated foul play on the day Lorenzo went missing. Ric then cross examines Skye to establish that Lorenzo lost his brother, his niece and his son. They were all killed recently. So, does she believe that Lorenzo Alcazar would leave his last visage of family and play dead? Does she think that Lorenzo would abandon his own daughter? She admits she does not believe that he would.

Carly tells Jerry that they have all been wasting a lot of time and energy. Spinelli has worked hard to hack through Lorenzo’s information And they have found nothing  And he doesn’t realize that it’s pointless. Lorenzo was extremely cautious.

A guy enters Carly and Jerry’s hotel suite and tells them he is there to follow up on an account and some private business. Carly hears that and shakes her head, knowing that Jerry has some cover-up going on. Jerry protests that he’s done nothing illegal. Carly speaks up that Lorenzo is not dead. He’s faking his death to protect his little girl. Right then, Jerry gets on the phone and speaks Spanish to some strange woman. And that reveals to Carly that he has some secret going on and knows something about Lorenzo that nobody else knows so far.

At the hospital, Patrick wants his father to help him with the difficult surgery with the pregnant woman. But Noah tells his son he believes that he (Patrick) can handle that.

Logan gives Lulu a birthday present. She opens a box. It’s a charm bracelet. He tells her that he got it thinking that maybe they could build it together. She looks at it in awe. She looks like she’s going to cry and he assumes that she does not like it. She tells him that nobody has ever done anything like this for her before. They kiss. He pulls away and asks her if she is sure about that. She tells him that depends. She tells him that she is certain that she trusts him. And they kiss.

Ric calls a guy who is a criminologist to the witness stand. And he asks him if he recognizes a digital recorder of Lorenzo’s voice and a gunshot. The guy says it’s a perfect audio match of a 9 millimeter pistol. And Ric finds it and plays it right where Jason can hear it.

At Lucky and Elizabeth’s, Sam and Lucky are very friendly, laughing and he’s letting her hold and play with Jake. Right then, Elizabeth walks in and does not look happy.

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