GH Update Tuesday 8/7/07

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/7/07


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Robin walks in on her mom and Noah in a compromising position.  Patrick is right behind Robin.

Liz is visiting Jason at the PCPD.  He tells her that he feels bad about what came out during her testimony.

Carly is cleaning up the mess from patching Jerry’s wound.  She accuses him of faking his delirium so he can get a rise out of her and steal a kiss.  Just then, an armed gunman bursts into the room and starts shooting.  Jerry throws himself on top of Carly to protect her.

Kate passes out and Sonny calls an ambulance.

Noah and Anna resent that their children are treating them like children.  Robin and Patrick are against their parents having a personal relationship. 

Sam and Lucky lick each other’s wounds.  She apologizes to him for not telling him about Liz and Jason.  Sam tells Lucky about the night she spent with Ric.

Liz tells Jason she’s sorry she hurt her husband.  Jason wonders if Lucky will “get past” the night that he and Liz spent together.  Liz thinks Jake is safer if he remains a Spencer.

Jerry tells the gunman that they surrender.  The man says they are asking too many questions about Alcazar.  He plans to take them to his unidentified boss.  Jerry takes a pen and stabs the man to death in the neck.  Carly is stunned.  Jerry wants to dispose of the body.  Carly warns him that the gunman’s boss will kill him.  She calls the police.

Kate is taken to General Hospital.  Dr. Julian asks Sonny if Kate has a drug problem.  Soon, the doctor discovers that a snake bit Kate.  He puts a rush on her blood work.

Lucky tells Sam that the two of them deserve better.  Sam tries to make Lucky doubt Liz.  She says that Liz always goes out of her way to see Jason.

Lucky asks Sam if Jason and Liz only spent one night together.  She says she’s not sure.  Jason sometimes went out at night without saying where he was going.  Liz comes home to find Sam talking to Lucky.  She asks Sam to leave.  Liz says Sam is trying to make the situation worse.  Lucky seems to side with Sam.  He storms off when Liz admits that she was visiting Jason.

Robin reminds Anna that she is in love with Eli, not Noah.  Both Robin and Patrick take their parent off for a private talk.

Robin tells Ana she’s afraid that Anna and Noah will end up getting hurt.  Anna tells Robin not to worry – she’s not looking for love.  Robin doesn’t buy it.  She thinks both Anna and Noah are in danger.

Noah and Patrick talk – Patrick thinks his dad is “getting carried away by the fantasy.”  Noah thinks his son is over reacting.  Patrick thinks Noah is drinking again.  Noah denies that he’s drinking.  He credits Patrick for his sobriety.  Patrick warns his dad not to get too “sucked in” by all the Eli Love attention.  Noah says he’s having a good time and he understands that he and Anna have no shot at a future together.

The police question Carly.  She tells them she is in Venezuela to prove that her former husband is still alive.  She claims to have seen him.  Carly tells the police that Alcazar wants to kill her because she can prove he is alive and in hiding.  Her story is very convincing and the police treat the gunman’s death as an act of self-defense.  Jerry says nothing – he lets Carly do all the talking.  After the police leave, Jerry tells Carly how impressed he was with her performance. 

Dr. Julian gives Kate something to counteract the poison and she begins to respond.  Sonny talks to Epiphany while Kate sleeps.  He tells her a story about his past with Kate.  Sonny says Kate was afraid of the water and she couldn’t swim.  Epiphany says she will not “gossip” about Kate and Sonny’s past.  Kate wakes up and Sonny tells her about the snakebite.  She wonders if she should return to the city.  Sonny tells Kate to stay in Port Charles. 

Patrick and Robin meet up at his place.  He asks her if Anna knows the difference between his dad and Eli Love.  The two promise to stay out of their parent’s situation. 

Noah goes to see Anna.  He’s surprised and a little turned on to find her cleaning her gun.  They talk about Robin and Patrick, and then Noah kisses her.

Diane reminds Jason that Liz perjured herself.  Jason says that Jake’s paternity is not a relevant issue.  Diane is afraid that Ric will order a paternity test.  The results will make Liz a liar and put Jason closer to a prison sentence.

Kate says she’s staying in town “for now.”  She tells Sonny that she never learned to swim.  He’s touched that she saved Morgan.  As Sonny is about to reveal something about their breakup, Kate falls asleep.  Sonny strokes her hair.

In the middle of kissing Patrick, Robin has a panic attack about her mom.  She can’t concentrate on anything, even Patrick, so she leaves.

Anna breaks away from Noah because she can’t stop thinking about Robin.  Noah wonders if they need Robin’s permission to sleep together.  Anna bids Noah goodnight.

Carly patches Jerry’s wound again.  She is disgusted about the way he killed the intruder with a pen.  He seems proud of himself.  Jerry calls Carly “brilliant.”   He says the next step in his plan is even more dangerous.

Diane fears the video of Jason shooting the attackers in front of the PCPD will hurt his case.  She reminds him that Ric also has evidence on an audiotape.  Diane says that Jason may have to accept a plea bargain.  If he refuses, Jason may spend the rest of his life in prison.

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