GH Update Monday 8/6/07

General Hospital Update Monday 8/6/07


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Juanita

After Jerry kisses Carly after they’ve gotten to the hotel in Venezuela, she tells him she better stop pulling his stunts.

At the end of the court hearing, Sonny tells Ric that he may think he’s won this round and gotten Jason in trouble. But all it will take is one “wrench” in his plan to ruin his efforts to hurt Jason. Sonny tells Ric that he knows he is jealous of Sonny’s relationship with Jason. Ric tells Sonny that may be. But Jason is going to prison, where he belongs. And it will soon be as if Jason never existed.  Then Sonny can conveniently ignore the fact that it was he who ordered Jason to kill Lorenzo Alcazar.

Lucky tells Elizabeth that she may have lied on the stand for whatever reason. But he is her husband and has the right to know the truth. So he asks her if Jake is his son. She tells him yes. He is.

While Jason is in the interrogation room, Sam is furious. She tells him that he better make Elizabeth admits that Jake is his son. Or she will do it for him.

Carly is concerned about Jerry’s wound and demands that he cooperates. He jokes that that must mean that she has feelings for him. She tells him the only reason she could care less about his “well being” is because her husband would want it. So he better get over himself.

Ric tells Sonny that he is giving him the opportunity to live by the words which he preaches. If he cares about the man whom he calls his “real brother” (Jason), then he will admit that he ordered Jason to kill Lorenzo. And if Sonny does that, then Ric can free Jason. He asks Sonny what does he say? Sonny does not respond. Ric goes out the door.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she realizes that having him finding out that she slept with Jason in the courtroom was a shock. She didn’t want him to find out about it that way and didn’t know when or if it would be a good time to tell him. In response to that, he asks her if that was the only time she was with Jason. She protests that it just happened one night. She just needed a friend. He then tells her that when she found out that she was pregnant, it must have occurred to her that the baby could have been Jason’s. In response to that, she tells him, untruthfully, that she got a paternity test. He asks her why she kept it to herself and did not tell Jason. And he knows that she is being dishonest about the whole thing. He tells her he knew he screwed up but apologized over and over again about his affair with Maxie. And how could she have slept with Jason and lied about that? She tells him because she was trying to protect him.

Sam tells Jason that she knows he might very well turn her in for letting Jake get kidnapped. He tells her he would not hurt her. But if she reveals that he is Jake’s father, it could put his son in danger. She tells him that Maureen may have been half crazy from grief. But she could not be any worse of a mother than that lying, manipulative Elizabeth Spencer.

At the Metro Court, a young woman notices that Kate Howard does not look “like herself”. She looks like she may have been mugged. She got her hair and clothes wet. Kate/Connie admits that she was with Sonny’s children. But the young woman tells Kate she thought she could not be around children and it would ruin her image. Kate/Connie tells her she knows that in order to be a high society figure, one must bond with children from time to time. And she admits that it was kind of fun to get wet with Michael and Morgan.

After Lulu and Logan get caught in the rain and the rain stops, they resume having their lunch.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that when she found him in bed with Maxie, thought her marriage was over. He asks her is that what drove her to Jason. She admits that she did not intend to sleep with Jason. They were both the walking wounded. He discovered Sam with Ric. And she caught him with Maxie and discovered that he was lying about getting over his pill addiction. But then, there was that one time when she saw for herself, at the hospital, that he was really serious about going to NA and cleaning up his act. And she did not think it would be the right time to admit to him that she had been with Jason. And she decided at that point, to renew their marriage vows. He tells her that after he asked her to marry him, she could have said no. Wouldn’t that have been a good time for her to admit that she slept with Jason.?

Jason tells Sam that he wants for Jake to never know who his real father is. And why does she want to wreck it? She then tells him that she thought that they had both come clean from playing the “liar’s game”.  But he wants to lie again. And she tells him as much as she hates to say it, he deserves all the pain he has caused upon himself.

At the hospital, Robin tells Patrick that Dr. Noah Drake is bopping around the hospital looking like a rock star. And she is very certain that her mother is fawning over her favorite rock star. He tells her maybe they need to stay out of their parents’ business and do their jobs. But she tells him that Epiphany has informed her that Noah and Anna off the deep end and flaunting it. He tells her that he knows his father is rediscovering his adolescence. And her mom is a perfect companion Noah’s “endeavor”. Her mother is interesting, fun and very hot. In response to that, Robin asks Patrick if he is “checking out” her mother.

Carly goes and gets some medical supplies for Jerry. And the only anesthesia she has for him is booze. She plays the good nurse with him. She tells him that she cannot let him die. Jax would never forgive her if he comes and discovers his brother dead. Plus she needs Jerry to help Jason So she has no choice. And it looks as though she wants him to feel pain as she “treats” him.

Ric goes to see Jason in the interrogation room. Jason tells Ric that he trashed Elizabeth because he’s a spiteful jerk. Ric tells Jason that if Elizabeth was “misguided” enough to sleep with him, then maybe she could give some information about him. But Jason tells Ric that he will never give Ric what he wants.

Elizabeth protests to Lucky that he was struggled to get over his addiction, going through withdrawal symptoms, an she was very worried. So she could not let him know that she was with Jason. She was afraid it would send him right back to using. She cries and tells Lucky that she was only with Jason one night. And it is only he (Lucky) who is her future. He tells her why, in that case, is she always spending time with Jason? She claims that Jason is only a friend. But he knows there is more than that. He tells her he must ask her once again. Is she in love with Jason?

Kate/Connie is once again trying to entertain Michael and Morgan while Sonny is away. But it looks like Michael has gotten distracted and is unaware that Morgan has slipped and fell into her pool.

In response to Robin’s comments about Patrick’s observations of her mother, he tells her don’t be absurd. He knows that his father likes her. He believes that she (Robin) is the hottest woman he knows, as it sounds like she might be jealous of his “observations” of her mother. She asks if maybe he sees her as too plain and boring. He tells her that for the sake of the conversation, her mother is a catch. And he would not blame his father for wanting to attract her attention. And not far away, Noah reveals that he’s been eavesdropping on their conversation.

Lulu tells Logan that she is very impressed by how he has gotten them everything they need for camping. He tells her he knows all about camping preparation from being in Iraq. She asks him if that is why he wanted to go camping. He tells her no. He’s been into camping since he was a kid. And it sounds like he really wants her to like him. They build a fire. And he admits that he brought her out there in order to get her away from all of the “interruptions”, one of which is Spinelli always lecturing him about how he is “not worthy” of her. And it’s not just Spinelli. It’s all of the people who judge him and want to turn her against him. He tells her that when people pressure him, he has a need to “go off”. She then asks him if he knows he goes off, then why can’t he stop himself?

In response to Lucky’s question about Jason, Elizabeth tells her husband that she is not in love with Jason. He is a friend. She cares about him. They were together. But it has not been an ongoing affair. She cries and tells him she is so sorry that she has caused him all of that pain.  She tells him that she came to the realization of where she belongs which is with him. She tells him she loves him. She always has and always will. And he must believe her. But it does not look like he does.

Emily goes to see Jason in the interrogation room. She is wearing her hospital scrubs. She tells her brother that she knows that Ric is on the warpath to have everybody knowing that he (Jason) slept with Elizabeth that one night, last August. She tells him she believes Ric is abominable. She cannot believe that Elizabeth was ever married to that man. He says he knows that Ric only wants to press his buttons. He informs her that Ric offered him a plea bargain. And he has a feeling that Ric will keep it up until Jason tells him what he wants. But Emily protests to her brother that he cannot give in to that slimy toad.

Kate gets soaking wet in an attempt to save Morgan due to Michael’s negligence. But it looks like nobody is hurt nor is she angry. They are just all soaking wet. And Sonny returns to see them that way.

Lulu and Logan are enjoying being together and eating their packed food. He then tells her that she asked him a fair question about his jerky behavior. And maybe he owes her an explanation. It’s kind of how he protects himself. She then tells him that she thinks maybe she understands him better than he thinks. Her whole family is tearing their hair out not understanding who he really is nor what she understands. And she tells him if more people saw “this side” of him, he’d probably have more friends. They get into another conversation where they laugh. And they start kissing.

Assuming that Kate/Connie is furious at his sons, Sonny lectures Michael on how careless and foolish he was not to be watching his little brother. And how inconsiderate it was for him to expect Ms. Howard to save Morgan.  He owes her an apology. But Kate/Connie protests that he needn’t be angry at Michael. It was an accident. And she’s not angry even though she’s soaking wet.

Once again, Elizabeth sneaks off to see Jason. She informs him that she assured Lucky that he is Jakes’ father. Then Lucky asked her if she is in love with Jason. Jason asks her what Lucky said. She informs Jason that she told Lucky that they are just friends and that night they had together will never happen again. He tells her he knows how difficult it is to keep this secret. She tells Jason that Lucky is angry and hurt and she does not blame him. He then tells her that he is sorry that this trial has brought her so much pain. She tells him she would go through it all over again and more if it meant that he could walk out of there.

Sam goes to see Lucky. He asks her what she is doing there. She admits that she noticed that Elizabeth’s car was not in the driveway and he’d probably be alone. So she came to apologize. She admits to Lucky that she has known “all of it” for a long time but has not told anybody.

Sonny tells Kate/Connie that he had to let Michael know that he cannot go around on other people’s property. And he’s concerned that she is cold from getting all wet. He gives her his jacket and wraps it around her. And right then, it looks like she’s passed out.

While Carly “treats” Jerry, they suddenly get shot at.

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