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General Hospital Update Friday 8/3/07


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While Jerry is with Carly he gets a call from Jax but does not recognize the call. The woman who is holding Jax captive has “let” Jax attempt to call his brother.

Sonny is with the boys and Kate/Connie. And it looks like they are getting along with her. Sonny admits to Michael that she is getting to be a good friend to him.

Outside the courtroom, Nikolas tells Sam that he cannot believe how Ric could be grilling Elizabeth. He pretends to care about her and about Lucky but he’s grilling her to make it sound like she’s cheating on him. In the courtroom, Ric figures out that Jake was conceived right about the time that Elizabeth slept with Jason. So he asks her if Jason Morgan is her baby’s father. She replies that her baby’s father is her husband, Lucky Spencer.

Logan takes Lulu to a place she’s never been to by a bridge. She tells him she’s been in Port Charles her entire life but has never been there. She seems to enjoy being with him. She notices that  he has no water and wishes she brought him some. But he tells her that he knew what he needed to do in order to be with her.

While Carly and Jerry are on the private jet, he admits to her that there is no benefit for him to free Jason Morgan. Jason could come after him and kill him. He’d be better off letting Jason go away for murder. She reminds him of all of the people he endangered at the metro court when they first “met”. And she tells him if Jax is in danger, she demands to know.

The woman pulls a gun on Jax. She tells him she wants to kill him while Jerry watches. He tells her that he knows her brother was pretty mean to her. But would killing him in front of Jerry be the only option? He tells her that he can give her money. But she tells him what she wants is for Jerry to watch his precious little brother die. But she has another idea. He tells her she is not looking at the big picture. He tells her he can buy her a big palace in Paris and in Rome and in many other places. She tells him she is too young to retire. He tells her that there is more to life than payback and he can show her. She tells him he sounds very sure of himself.

In the courtroom, Ric asks Elizabeth if she took a paternity test and established that Lucky was her son’s father. She replies yes. He asks her why, then, she has still maintained this “friendship” with Jason. Elizabeth replies to Ric that Jason saved her son’s life. Jason also saved Ric’s stepdaughter and lover, Samantha McCall. Ric asks Elizabeth if her testimony is accurate about Jason visiting her in the hospital after giving birth and getting a phone call. She replies that she heard Jason get a phone call and then leave. But that’s all she knows. She tells Ric that no matter how many people he hurts or what he wants to say or imply, that is her testimony. And nothing he can do can change it.

The woman tells Jax that he won’t be able to save himself nor his brother. Jerry sold her out. He protests to her that Jerry has had terrible things happen to him. And he tells her that revenge is no way to live. It doesn’t pay the bills. And it doesn’t accomplish anything. She tells him, however, that she disagrees.

Lulu talks to Logan about all the places she moved to with her parents when she was a child. And they used to talk about all of the places her parents took her brother Lucky. They went camping all over the world and had some great stories. Her dad promised to take her camping when she got older. But that never happened. And she now knows that that was something that she never got back. She looks like she realizes, however, that maybe Logan is offering her what she may have missed out on.

Sonny tells Kate/Connie that he is a bit worried about Carly. He knows that Carly can take care of herself. But in her attempt to save Jason, it might cause more problems. He tells her that her testimony really helped Jason and he is grateful. She tells him she did not do anything special. He tells her she shut down Ric in style. She tells him that maybe he is starting to appreciate Kate Howard, just a little bit. He then tells her that she doesn’t need to be so ice cold all the time. Maybe she should let her true self shine through. Maybe she should be like she is now. She’s good with his kids and laughing and having fun. He remembers the way she was in Benson Hurst. She did not care what anybody thought. She knew how to have fun and there was nothing wrong with that.

Diane asks Elizabeth if she has seen Jason getting any calls and if she remembers anything specifically about Lorenzo Alcazar. Elizabeth replies no. The judge then asks Elizabeth to step down and adjourns the hearing until the next morning.

When Carly and Jerry arrive at the hotel, she tells him she refuses to sleep in the same room as him. He tells her he could easily find her a private room. But she will need a body guard. He suspects that many of Lorenzo’s men might be after her. And he knows his brother would never forgive him if something happened to her.

Logan reveals to Lulu that he’s packed a lunch. He admits to her that he likes salsa. Living in Texas, it was a religion. She tells him she is very used to hit and spicy food. She is a Spencer. But when she tastes it, she finds out it’s too much for her.

Lucky enters his home very angry and hurt. He notices his and Elizabeth’s wedding picture. Somebody comes to the door and he’s ready to yell at them. But he notices that it’s Nikolas. Nikolas asks his brother if he’s expecting somebody else. Lucky tells Nikolas that he is not expecting anything anymore. He does not know what to tell the kids. They are too young to understand. He admits that he doesn’t even understand anymore. Knowing that Nikolas appeared at the courtroom, Lucky realizes that his brother knows that Elizabeth has been cheating on him with Jason.

Jason goes to talk to Sonny in the interrogation room and admits that Ric grilled Elizabeth and got her to admit that she slept with him. Sonny tells Jason that Ric did not do that in order to torture Elizabeth. He wanted to see if he could rattle Jason. And Sonny admits that he is curious that Elizabeth lied that Jake was not Jason’s son.

After court is adjourned and Elizabeth and Ric are alone in the empty courtroom, he tells her he apologizes if he hurt her. She tells him that she does not believe that he is anything more than a hateful, spiteful vindictive nasty man who is still jealous of his brother. And she tells him that she now knows why everybody she’s ever met in her life warned her to stay away from him. He’s pathetic. He tells her she cannot blame him. She can only blame herself.

Lulu and Logan are outside have a salsa eating contest. And it looks like it’s too hot for either of them. They wash it down with what looks like beer. And then it starts raining on them,

Carly bangs on Jerry’s door and demands he answers. He tells her she cannot yell and make herself known when they are being watched. But she can tell that he has been injured and something has happened to him. He doesn’t want her to know that and only wants to distract her talking about Jason. But she can tell that he’s been stabbed

Sonny tells Jason that he should not assume that he will be stuck in prison. He believes that Diane will set him free. And even if she cannot, Sonny can get Jason sprung. And he tells Jason if he wants to beat the charges, he has to admit in the court that he is Jake’s father.

After Elizabeth rips into Ric, he tells her she must realize that Jason murdered Lorenzo Alcazar. He is a professional killer. She tells Ric that he cannot turn this around and put it on Jason. She now knows that Ric is not “damaged”. He’s vindictive. He has no soul. Hearing that, Ric admits to Elizabeth that she was his one shot at a happy life and a stable marriage. He loved her and wanted only to help her. But she tells him that she does not believe that he cares about anybody except himself. He’d sleep with his own step daughter. He is trash. And he and Sam deserve each other.

The woman who is holding Jax captive admits that she wants him. She kisses him. But he tells her he is a married man and would rather go back to the hole than cheat on his wife. He has made promises to the woman he loves. If he’s going to die anyway, he doesn’t care if she endangers him.

Carly attempts to treat Jerry’s stab wound. He tells her he watched her great “nursing” ability with Robin. She admits that nobody would have forgiven her if she let “St. Robin” die. But nobody would care if she wasted him. He tells her that she is a real challenge and he knows why his brother married her.

Nikolas tells Lucky that he happens to know the night of the black-out, Elizabeth comes home and discovers her husband sleeping with Maxie. Lucky was drugged out and lying to her. Nikolas tells his brother that he really should not be judging her so harshly. But Lucky tells Nikoals that he thought that he and Elizabeth got back everything they lost. And now how could this have happened?  He demands that Nikolas explains why he did not tell him that he knew that Elizabeth cheated on him with Jason. Nikolas explains that he did not want to cause Lucky to relapse and start his pill addiction all over again. Lucky was in rehab when it happened and he was afraid of Lucky found out about Elizabeth and Jason, then it would have ruined everything for Lucky.

Elizabeth finds Jason and admits to him that she could have told the truth about Jake on the stand. But she was not able to. She saw Lucky staring at her. And she knew how upset he was. So she could not take away his child from him. And she admits that even if Lucky leaves her after this, Jake is still safer as a Spencer. She has been lying for so long, she cannot live with herself any longer. She cries. He tells her that everything she has done has all been for Jake. He tells her that whatever she decides to do, he will support her. And he hugs her.

When Carly is treating Jerry’s wound, he draws her to him and kisses her.

The woman who holds Jax hostage tells him that she intends to kill Jerry. And she can also get Carly killed. And right then,, he knows he better let her seduce him in order for that not to happen.

Logan and Lulu take cover in the rain. They are drenched. They joke about how the rain ruined everything. And he kisses her. It looks like they like each other.

Sonny finds Ric in the empty court room and tells him he’s heard all about his “performance” today. He ripped into Elizabeth in open court. A woman he was married to and who loved and trusted him. Ric tells Sonny he hates what Jason has turned Elizabeth into. Sonny tells Ric that he has no business judging Elizabeth.  Sam is the one who should be judged.

Sam finds Jason and tells him that Elizabeth lied in court today and prevented him from ever being able to claim his son.  He has no reason to ever forgive her, Sam tells him.

Elizabeth returns home to Lucky and says she is sorry. She tells him she knows he must have a million questions. He tells her he only has one. Who is Jake’s father? Is it Jason or him?

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